RP partner wanted. Message me~


I have RP'd on and off for close to ten years now. Coming back to try again. 

Roleplaying Preferences

-Action roleplay. 1st person.  Don't send dead sentences that can't be replied to. 

-I prefer yuri. I will only roleplay women. I'm not against straight but I am more comfortable with yuri. I don't know boy groups well at all. 

- is okay but I don't want only

-kinks are okay but i'm not into pain or bodily fluids. can talk about our kinks

Who I RP (these are my mains but I am a bit flexible with forming ships or working with your muse)

Dreamcatcher's Gahyeon

Dreamcatcher's Jiu

Twice's Nayeon

Twice's Chaeyoung

Loona's Chuu

Momoland's Ahin

(G)-Idle's Yuqi

Mamamoo's Wheein

Viviz/Gfriend's Eunha


Yuri Ships I Love

Gahyeon x Siyeon

Sana x Dahyun

Yves x Chuu

Eunha x SinB

Ahin x Nayun

Yuqi x Miyeon


mid 20s

in between jobs = so much free time

avid video gamer. usually gaming when not rping or sleeping

Available Platforms


Facebook (can try might get DC'd)

Instagram (can try might get DC'd)



Some rules
*I am basing the information I'm giving off of past experiences. Which I have a lot of and have had many, many negative experiences. Do not take these as an attack on you personally*

-I understand if you are busy and people treat roleplay as such a chore with replies. I'm not okay with this. I want real time messaging when doing major tasks like going on a date or doing or things like that. If you want to do slower texting throughout the day that's fine, but I refuse to spend 1 week of real life messaging one date to go get a sandwich. Take 30 minutes to an hour of your day and let's actually enjoy roleplaying these events.

-Keep me updated on when you can RP. I have a lot of free time. I can be on almost always. I am the type to check my messsages often to reply quickly. If you tell me you're busy, I won't check. I don't want to waste time checking for messages that won't be there. Just tell me when to expect you.

-Please be creative and have ideas with your messaging. If you want to do something, bring it up in character like a normal person would. Please do not rely on me to do everything. I would like it to be as close to 50-50 as possible. Have a personality and contribute.

-If you are going to give up after 1 day or 1 week don't bother messaging me. Don't waste my time. It always ends up with me being ghosted. If you are willing to give it a quality try, message me. If we don't match together well it's fine. But don't just disappear. It's rude and childish and embarrassing.

-Mixing ooc and rp is okay to an extent but don't just act like some 18 year old wearing someone elses face. try and be at least a little like them if you can. you don't have to be perfect and people treat this like "oh no that means all i can do is talk about work" no that's not what i mean. if your muse is a bit cutesy be cutesy. if your muse is a bit serious be serious that's all i mean. 



Message if interested. 



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Hi! I'm interested, but what's your timezone?