LF: Longterm rp partners




So as it says im looking for longterm. 

Basic info about me; 

  • 20y/o gmt+2. different timezones dont bother me
  • they/them
  • i have job so i cant always reply right away. 
  • a lot of my basic hobbies revolve around art; such as writing. 

Roleplay info: 

  • 3rd pov literate/novella 
  • i dont do basic plots. we build plots together and actually put effort into it. doing a basic plot always gets boring. 
  • not easily triggered so any dark or nsfw will most likely not bother me. both parties need to agree/consent to everything before it happens in writing. 
  • my favorite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, horror, psychological, slice of life plus fantasy or sci-fi can be fun. medieval, kings and queens and stuff. 

I do have a carrd i can send when we start talking and what not but i'm excited to meet you ^^ 

my platforms are discord, line, kakao, and im happy to download an app if need be. dm your preferred platform and userID and i will get to you

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