LF: writing partners . Mdni


I'll cut to the chase, I'm looking for someone to write with on discord that's fine with getting .


I'll cut to the chase, I'm a full time worker so I'm not the kind of partner who's available to stream and do things that'll take up a bunch of my ooc time. I'm not saying it's not an option but if you're looking for someone to watch a bunch of things with you all the time, I don't really have time for that I'm sorry I will be busy during my work hours so I need someone who has patience. With that outta the way let me explain what I'm looking for and go from there.


My fc: Johnny NCT (discord main) , however I've nitro so if you wanna suggest someone else then go ahead. I use Jihyo on Mewe and on KKT I'm also open to suggestions, male or female.


Yours: Preferably females for my Johnny but if you've a male FC let me know and we can discuss.


Kinks: Open to most things, might be easier to send me yours and I'll tell you what's possible.

Limits: , piss play, vomit, , pregnancy, a/b/o, pet play, age play

I'm fine with fwb, one night stands and darker plots just let me know your ideas! Message me with your age, kinks, fc and preferred platform.


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