Songs Behind Fanfics (my Masterlist) *21/2: updated*

Guys, i'm sure many who write share this feeling as mine that music play crucial role in inspiring your writing...maybe not all, but i's probably common thing for since i'm so self centered and having this urge to waste my time on this....i'm going to compile ALL(almost all) songs that have been used in inspiring my entire fanfic writing in AFF...and i've been here for 10 years though writing had stopped without continuation since 2017 or list will be verrrryyyy longggggg. My objective is to get more people to listen to these beautiful songs....which i'm sure yall had never listen to like....maybe...50% of the songs? i underestimating or overestimating? i feel like i don't want to know. BUT....the links are already provided so go listen to songs that inspired me...even i feel like i am rediscovering some of these songs that i have forgotten their existence over the years...and it feels great when i still love listening to them...ahh....dem feels. lol. although not all songs are songs i love, some just match the feels/plot/characters but i guess, i love about above 80% maybe(i didn't really count btw) Also....i'm listing the songs by the order of fics created from oldest to newest...because there are certain trends that can be seen in song at one time, there would be more nonmainstream songs, and at some point, there were many produce101 songs/fics....ahh...i wish i'm still'd be a fun way to document songs that are impacting me in recent times...but i guess...i just easily forget songs i like these days....maybe i'm just getting old n tired...or the songs are becoming more forgettable...or both. lol. anyway, without further ado...


Also, most of the stories were incomplete/hardly updated so there could be more songs...but even these are a lot so...i regretted not doing this list earlier or rather, not always putting song names and just leaving links inside the fics since links can be broken when videos get removed etc. over the years....but anyway, they're here now. my masterlist for songs behind my fics. you don't even need to know/read the fics. just check out the songs if you're in need of some good music. ;)


Do share with me if you discover any song you end up loving from this list, if you try out any.


And though it's irrelevant info...just for record, the ** is added to main theme song whenever relevant.


Wow...after completing the list....listening back to the songs...relating them to each n every story, feelings...i'm starting to feel like i should at least write some fics for songs that had enough impact on me for the last couple years...but of course...saying is easier...not like it matters.


Anyway, doing this masterlist thingy wasted my i had 'fun'. i might start to do other in depth rambling/analisys of my own old fics to celebrate my 10 years and to show my self centeredness lol and to waste more time :x since i can't seem to write no matter how many ideas i have...



After The Rain, Be Happy

  1. I'm Sorry I Love You OST - Snow Flower Instrumental **
  2. Kim Ji Soo - 너무 그리워(Miss You So)
  3. Kim Dong Ryul - 다시사랑한다말할까 (Should I Say I Love You Again)
  4. RANIA - Goodbye **
  5. Eunhyuk & Donghae (Super Junior) - I Wanna Love You (i have forgotten of this song's existence, now my random first thought upon listening to it again is...i need Kevin Kim(ZE:A) to cover this song...i would even pay some money if i have to xD...not that i don't like the original, i do...but anyone who has heard Kevin's voice n singing would understand what i'm talkin...n he's not even my ult fav voice in ZE:A but he's definitely the best and this sound like something that would fit his voice so.damn.much. in fact, so much that it might even be too much to handle lol. If anyone curious go search on youtube ZE:A Immortal Song2 stages. see i already get the links for you? just click 'em..i think any stage would do...but maybe Destiny / Step by Step / Hot Stuff...though i'm pretty sure he has solo intros in other perfs too. Here's another one...but it's more towards ballad in the beginning but you still get his voice n whenever i watch their Immortal Song2 stages i'm just emotional..they're never that popular but they could always make the audience super hyped. definitely way more impactful than some popular idols i've randomly watched on that show. and worth to note they never had any music show win which's all bout crazy fandom power BUT they had their first win on Immortal Song 2...the class ;)
  6. Siwan(Violin) & Hyungsik(Vocals) [ZE:A] - 雪の華 (Snow Flower) live cover **
  7. KARA - Missing
  8. Broccoli, You Too - 유자차 (Citron Tea)
  9. ZE:A - Single live cover
  10. Loveholic - Rainy Day **
  11. KARA - 今、贈りたい 「ありがとう」(Right Now, I Want To Tell You "Thank You") 


i can't believe i forgot the last three songs until i rewatch my trailer....why didn't i list them in the fic?....oh well...



So there was a sequel planned for this fic, but i scraped off the idea before start though i already made the trailer so...i'll just add the song used here:



Who Do You Think You Are

  1. LEDApple - 니가 뭔데 (How Dare You/Who Do You Think You Are) **
  2. Kim Jungmin(Storm) - 눈을 뜨면 (Open Your Eyes)
  3. Yoon Jong Shin(ft Swings) - 본능적으로 (Instinctively)
  4. Siwan & Heecheol(ZE:A) live cover ver. - 본능적으로
  5. Sechskies - 예감 (Feeling)



Girly, NOT Gay (Honestly i don't think i set up any ost/songs that inspire me for this fic maybe except for one(the one marked as main theme), but i'm just including all songs i used in the fanfic trailer, sans the intro i end up putting up all the links i think)

  1. ZE:A - Here I Am
  2. T-MAX - Paradise
  3. ZE:A - Again
  4. T-MAX - 충치 (Cavity) 
  5. Lady Collection - Ladysh
  6. KARA - Honey
  7. ZE:A - MAN 2 MAN
  8. Storm - Boy (honestly Storm is the real definition of girlcrush/badass, the entire album had lyrics that just scream girlcrush...the meaning of girlcrush has been watered down so much over the years that now it's just y concept with annoying vibe)
  9. Moon Child - 태양은 가득히 (Summer Couple) **
  10. Girl's Day - 나어때 (How About Me) (i had a bit of difficulty finding this song title because i forgot what song it was in the trailer but i know it's Girl's Day...and i vaguely remember it might be from the time Jihae was still around, i miss Jihae my fav member T^T even though i never really follow the group much)
  11. BATTLE - LUV U

i can't believe i listed soooo many songs despite being sure not many of them actually inspired the events in this fic...darn it..t....



Love Coach Marriage Agency

  1. Seo Young Eun - 좋아 좋아 (I Like You) (remake of Weather Forecast song)
  2. K.Will - 가슴이 뛴다 (My Heart is Beating)
  3. Shin Hye Sung - Stay
  4. ZE:A - Love Coach **

** There are more songs used in the trailer...but mostly just these three and i'm lazy to get to each one like previous fic so....xD


  • RANIA - What You Do (live cover) (i'm pretty sure this song would end up inside this ost if i had continued writing because...dem feels...i love Riko's voice >< and she's one of the main character so...)



"She's cute." "No, she's annoying." 

  1. - 키스해줄래 (Kiss Me)
  2. 가시찔레 Wild Rose Thorn - Only You
  3. Seo In Young (Feat. 낯선 da YEIZON) - Magical Radio (Elly Mhz.)


PS: i love how the 3rd song contrast so much with the first's like...symbolizing the twist that would be brought by the female lead's secret n change it to thriller xD watch the trailer to understand what i'm sayin. not like you need to....listening to the songs are good enough for me. and please don't bother check out the fic...i stopped writing before getting to the fun crazy parts i planned so lalala...

Am i the only one who love Magical Radio though? if i can represent genre with a song i'd say Thriller or Fantasy Thriller would be Magical Radio...some of yall might disagree based on concept...but for me..i look for the feelings evoked by the song's structure and just as a whole.



Heart for 2

  1. ZE:A - Heart for 2

duh. this oneshot was even solely inspired by a particular point about the line distribution in this song.



Ballad Prince

  1. Sweet Sorrow - Good Night **
  2. This Clip of Kwanghee Singing (i couldn't find the clip on youtube so i had to link my compilation of Kwanghee singing, but i link at the exact timer)
  3. Kwanghee(ZE:A) & Yewon(Jewelry) - I Can Only See You




  1. ZE:A - Someday
  2. ZE:A - Never End
  3. ZE:A - Love Is Gone
  4. ZE:A - Coy Girl
  5. ZE:A - Hunter
  6. ZE:A -Dirty Cat
  7. ZE:A -Daily Daily
  8. ZE:A - S.A.D (Something In A Dream)
  9. ZE:A - Begin With Kiss
  10. ZE:A - 후유증(Aftermath)
  11. ZE:A - Body to Body
  12. ZE:A - Phoenix
  13. ZE:A - Step by Step

in other words, all songs in Spectacular album, plus Step by Step and Phoenix...because the fic itself was made to celebrate n promote the album.


Begin & End With Kiss

  1. ZE:A - Begin With Kiss





1. ZE:A - S.A.D (Something in A Dream)



Mr Romantic & Miss Popular


For this one some links were lost and i don't really remember what song they're especially the instrumentals...i'll get back if i could remember them...


RAINBOW - 슬퍼도 로맨틱 (Sad But Romantic) -MAIN/OPENING THEME-

  1. SPICA - Lonely
  2. The Nuts - 쩜쩜쩜 (Dot Dot Dot)
  3. Bi/Rain - Sad Tango
  4. ZE:A - 왜요? (Wait Yo!/Why?)
  5. Roh/Noh Jihoon - 벌 받나 봐 (Punishment)
  6. SS501 - Sometime
  7. 4minute - What a Girl Wants
  8. RAINBOW - I'll Hold It In
  9. M-tiful - All Right
  10. Urban Zakapa - 우리 처음 만난날 (The First Day We Met)
  11. Urban Zakapa - 니가 싫어 (I Hate You)
  12. Loveholic - Rainy Day
  13. Melody Day - 다 너로 보인다 (Everything Looks Like You)
  14. Kim Wansun - 삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지(The Pierrot Laughs at Us)
  15. MI - 어디에 (Where)
  16. Kim Jongkook - 사랑스러워 (Loveable)
  17. MBLAQ - Beautiful
  18. Jungyeop - Nothing Better
  19. Vodka Rain - Difference
  20. G.O.D - 2Love
  21. Broccoli,You Too - 앵콜요청금지 (No Request for Encore)
  22. K.Will - Butterfly
  23. Park Gyuri (KARA) - 백일몽 (Daydream)
  24. Rottyful Sky - Bluebird
  25. RAINBOW - I Believe
  26. Shinhwa - 놓아요 (Set Free)
  27. KARA - Love Is...
  28. Urban Zakapa - Cafe Latte
  29. Uhm Junghwa - 몰라 (I Don't Know) (though i'm pretty sure it's TEENTOP cover i watched that led to this song addition)
  30. JJ Project - 꽂혔어 (Hooked)
  31. MBLAQ GO & Mir - 천국이니까 (Winter Rain)
  32. Boyfriend - I YAH
  33. RAINBOW - 너뿐이라고 (I Said You're the One)
  34. Broccoli,You Too - 안녕 (Bye)
  35. Two Months - The Romantic **
  36. Dalmatian - The Romantic-acoustic ver **




Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6



Tweet Me

1. Urban Zakapa - Sweety You



The Secret Life of a Diva

There is a song but the link is deleted and no matter how i tried to remember by rereading the fic...i couldn't find any clue so....i'll edit back if it gets back to my head



That Final Year of School

  1. Girl's Day - Don't Forget Me **
  2. RAINBOW - Tell Me Tell Me
  3. A'ST1 - Dynamite



Why Wouldn't You Tweet Me?

1 - Subway - She Doesn't Know



Accidental Soulmates

  1. Daybreak - 좋다 (Good) **
  2. ZE:A FIVE - Fiancee **
  3. ZE:A Junyoung/Siwan/Minwoo/Hyungsik/Dongjun - 瞳をとじて(Close My Eyes) Live Cover **
  4. ZE:A(Kevin/Junyoung/Minwoo/Hyungsik/Dongjun) - Run This Way Live
  5. SS501 - Fighter
  6. Hara(KARA) - Secret Love
  7. B1A4 - Sunshine
  8. ATTACK - Hello Hello
  9. Shinhwa - Venus
  10. Sunha - Chantey Chantey
  12. Shin Hye Sung - 중심 (The Center)
  13. KARA - Pandora
  14. Yoon Jongshin with Kim Bumsoo - 너에게 간다 (Going to You)
  15. Yoon Jongshin with Yangpa - 나에게 온다 (Coming To Me)


Also, there's a Japanese song Heecheol crossdressed and danced to but i could't find the original clip other than in the trailer...



Floral Rain

This is probably my most thematic set of OST...maybe that's why i'm a little more proud of this collection...even if there's lack of variety in the mood/tone of the's the most cohesive collection...and not just using songs from idols i use as characters in the fic like i did with many fics. if there's one song you tried n loved from the list, i can guarantee(kinda, maybe? logically) you'll find more songs that you love if you try more....


  1. K.Will - Spring Memories
  2. TETE - 밤의 연인들 (Night Lovers)
  3. Jang Jaein - 0
  4. Sweet Sorrow - Sunshine
  5. Broccoli, You Too - 사랑한다는 말로도 위로가 되지 않는 (Cannot Be Comforted Even by the words 'I Love You')
  6. ByeBye Sea - 야광별 (Luminous Star)
  7. Broccoli,You Too - Hide & Seek
  8. TETE - Sunshine
  9. TETE feat Fromm - Blind
  10. TETE feat Han Heejeong - Eclipse
  11. Subway - Reality (remake)
  12. Handsome People - You
  13. TETE - Midnight Picnic(remastered)
  14. KARA - 둘 중에 하나 (Runaway)
  15. Loveholic - 그대만 있다면 If Only You're Here (remake)
  16. Seo Do Young - Flower
  17. As One - 미안해야 하는거니 (Do I Have To Feel Sorry)
  18. Loveholic - One Love
  19. TETE - Floral Rain (Acid Punk Dynamite Remix) **
  20. Jung In - 장마 (Rainy Season)
  21. Instrumental - Memory of Childhood
  22. Sunmin thanX Hyesung- Keep Holding U
  23. Lee Wan - 이별 없는 곳에서 (Where There is No Separation)
  24. Shin Hyesung feat Kang Suji - Buen Camino
  25. TETE - Floral Rain **




(This is kinda cheating because i never started writing this story outside of my head...and apart of some prologue but who cares...i want to promote the songs so xD....this story would've had representatives from Rainbow, 9Muses and ZE:A as main characters hence the songs that were prechosen to set their characteristics xD)

  1. RAINBOW - 두 눈을 감고(Close My Eyes)
  2. NINE MUSES - 사는 사람 (Living Person)
  3. ZE:A - Step by Step



Two Dads & a Gift

(also kinda cheating since i just wrote the intro before going on endless hiatus but's the songs that count xD)

  1. Oksang Dalbit - 선물할게 (I Will Give You a Gift)
  2. Loveholic - My Dear

^ honestly....these two songs are among the most endearing songs ever with such warm lyrics...though idk why for the second song...i can no longer see the subtitles.


One Less Lonely Night

  1. Air Supply - Two Less Lonely People In The World



Of Beautiful Accidents & Hideous Fortunes

  1. NINE MUSES - Gun
  2. * There are other ZE:A songs per chapter...but since these weren't organic inspiration and merely songs i put on shuffle to fulfill my rules of this story writing...i won't include them...if you're interested you may view at the fic itself.



Good Night, Sleep Tight (like the title above, there are more ZE:A songs that forced-inspired my writing because of my own rule to shuffle their songs to be used for main theme so it's inorganic inspiration and thus i won't include because i'm lazy haa)

  1. Coffee Boy - Good Night
  2. Sweet Sorrow - Good Night
  3. bonus: DBSK - Hug (simply because this song was very crucial for the 3rd oneshot)
  4. TETE - Emerald Sky (i forgot to include this earlier, now that i reread the fic only did i noticed this was inlcuded as inspiration)



More Than Words

  1. A'ST1 - More Than Words (live cover)

duh...obviously i'm inpsired by this cover from the title....they sound soooooo good. especially Jungjin Jangmoon Hanbyul ><



Tell Me, Why Did Step by Step We Crashed

  1. Battle Shinhwa Top12 Finalists - Soar (this song is so stupid good i'm so mad they never released it as an actual track for the winners, even until now i'm not sick of it and this was from 2005....a year before their debut)
  2. Shinhwa - Once In a Lifetime

And the other songs haven't been officially added because as usual i lost inspiration and stopped writing...but since this was the only fic i dedicated to my ult fav Battle in AFF n judging from the title, i most likely would end up using all their songs:



He Loves The Rain

Sadly, for this fic too....2 links were broken and i couldn't exactly remember what songs...i have my guess for 1 but not completely sure...just would fit in the plot/vibe...

  1. TETE - Instant
  2. TETE - 야상곡 (Nocturne)
  3. Ta-Fam - Make Love
  4. TETE feat FROMM - 달콤한 비밀 (Sweet Secret) (this is one of the songs i wasn't sure if it really is one of the broken links, but i'll assume it is)
  5. FROMM - 너와나의 (You And I)
  6. Oksang Dalbit - 수고했어, 오늘도 (You Did Well Today Too) - ok i'm not sure about this one because it doesn't have the romance vibe other songs have...but i feel like it could fit in the plot too, i'll assume this was the other song...ahh...i'm really unsure about this one...who cares, just listen to the song xD



Silhouette of A

(i also lost one song and i'm torn between the two songs that i possibly used so i'll just include both...and even though the title/premise might look vulgar i swear the story is not exactly just stemmed from my anger at that time at how fangirls of some boygroups treated my girls nastily)

  1. Rainbow Blaxx - Silhouette
  2. Rainbow Blaxx - One Word
  3. RAINBOW - Don't Touch
  4. RAINBOW - Touch me, Feel me, Love me
  5. RAINBOW - Energy



Unlock The Devil Fourever

  1. ROMEO - Give Me Your Heart **
  2. Park Jung Min - Not Alone **
  3. ROMEO/Inst - Act I (The Awakening)
  4. Park Jung Min with Zuwan - 있잖아요 (Tender)
  5. NINE MUSES - Action
  6. ROMEO - Devil
  7. RAINBOW - 두 눈을 감고 (Close My Eyes)
  8. ROMEO - Sin
  9. Shinhwa - Chaos
  10. SS501 - Unlock
  11. Rainbow Pixie - Hoi Hoi
  12. NINE MUSES - Ping
  13. ZE:A - No.1
  14. BATTLE - Crash (Crazy in Love)
  15. Shin Hye Sung - 悲의 비(Gloomy Rain)
  16. BATTLE - 고장난 가슴 (Broken Heart)
  17. ROMEO - Taste The Fever
  18. 3Peace☆Lovers - Arcadia (i couldn't find link of recorded ver anymore but isn't live stage better? xD...anyway, so proud of our Minu to even has had his own Japan group)
  19. SS501 - 비겁하지않겠어 (I Won't Be A Coward)
  20. Junjin & Andy (Shinhwa) - 말해줘 (Tell Me)
  21. SS501 - We Can Fly
  22. SS501 - 지울 수 없는 사랑 (Love That Can't Be Erased) (why do i get chills listening to SS501 songs again...seriously they have some of the awesomest songs...a shame that most kpops new fans now don't even acknowledge how legendary they were)
  23. Kim Hyung Jun - feat E-Tribe - Angel (i even get chills listening to this intro track whaaat....btw, Hyungjun is SS501 maknae/lead vocalist n he's part of SS501 TripleS/'s crazy i even feel the need to give extra info because i felt people only know 1 member from SS501 n once he got into a mess, the whole group is cancelled/forgotten...ugh...all members debuted as solo artistes btw, ROMEO/Park Jungmin whose songs you see a lot in this fic is also a member)
  24. ZE:A - 삐끗 삐끗 (Wobble)
  25. Shinhwa - 해결사 (The Solver/Resolver) 
  26. Shinhwa - Thank You (again the chills...why are old kpop songs giving me chills...but new songs...hmm...)
  27. ZE:A - Love Is Gone
  28. ROMEO / Inst - Act II (The Heart)
  29. ROMEO - Innocent Love
  30. Shinhwa - All Your Dreams
  31. RAINBOW - Black Swan
  32. NINE MUSES - Ticket



천년가도 (Even If A Thousand Years Pass)


  1.  Park Jung Min & Kim Hyung Jun - 천년가도 (Even If A Thousand Years Pass) (i don't think this original duet ver of the song was ever released as recorded, it was meant to be a historical era kdrama ost but for some reason scraped off from the official what to do...write my own historical era fic for them using their song...btw, Park Jungmin released this song in his solo album in Japan, both Korean ver and Japanese ver...but yeah...duet version is just this. my SS501 OTP n fav voices doing duet heart! i mean just watch could you not ship)



365 Strumming Scents (my attempt at indie rock band fic, it didn't work out like many of my fics but not a reason you can't listen to the awesome songs n perfs)

  1. Broccoli You Too - 울지마(Don't Cry) + 환절기(The Change of Seasons) Live
  2. Broccoli, You Too - 속좁은 여학생 Live
  3. Broccoli,You Too - 환절기 (different live stage)



Intensely Subtle

  1. Broccoli,You Too - 말 (Words)

another of my fics that remained unupdated but i feel like this song was the inspiration behind the plot



Bukan Sendirian

  1. Park Jung Min - Not Alone



Love Song In May

  1. Park Jung Min - 君色 (Your Colour) single version

Honestly...this wasn't even disclosed in the fic itself...but this song was the core inspiration to this fic...because at that time(well even now) i was sooo in love with the's probably...qualified to be my life ost...since i'm never a person who express my feelings and Park Jungmin always seem to have those onesided/unrequited love songs lol. so i guess naturally i gravitate to his songs...though...cmon...his songs are amazing. but that doesn't mean he's May guy in the fic...i mean, May guy is almost purely fictional...he doesn't even seem human.

anyway, another version i love because who doesn't love live performance with live band? only people with no bands just adds so much to the songs, thank goodness Jungmin seemed to love performing with live bands too...



June's Promise

  1. Dalmatian - The Romantic (acoustic ver)

Honestly idk if the song really's just fit the dreaminess of June guy. but tbh i was tempted to use songs from the male singer who inspired June guy character...ahh....i'm just gonna add this song below:

bonus: Jo Moon Geun - Porenua Cheri (포레누아 체리)

Yesss...he's the one who i envision June guy to be, isn't the song n his voice so dreamy? xD...this was from long ago when he debuted solo after winning 2nd place in SuperstarK 1st season...he's also i believe the reason season2 had so many musicians joining the show. after that he had a rock band with many good songs, and last i know he did trot. 



Juliet of July

  1. Clazziquai Project - Romeo and Juliet

or if you will try this live stage ...i mean, Horan's delivery is sooo vibey...she's vibes personified...and it fits the character July, although July was inspired by someone else.



An August to Cherryish

  1. Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady
  2. KARA - Mamma Mia



The Bandmate's Wedding Singer

  1. Park Jung Min(SS501) - 그대만 있다면(If Only You're Here) live cover 

he sang this at a wedding, and that's how the story was inspired. except, it's not his bandmate wedding xD...i put SS501 next to his name because i think at the time of this stage, SS501 was still active n not officially ended their contract yet...maybe. and he sang Loveholic's wait...even Loveholic's ver was remake...the original is Weather Forecast, my oppars. i love that Jungmin has such good taste in music. it's rare to find idols with taste like Jungmin...and his taste is reflected in his solo career....and i like the majority of his songs. 



A September to Remember

  1. Big Mama feat. MC Mong - 천국 (Heaven)



Happy Octoberthday : Let's Date

  1. Park Gyuri & Han Seungyeon (KARA) - Hello



Gurindam Si Penunggu Angin Lalu

  1. Kevin Kim (ZE:A) - Lemon Tree live cover
  2. Kevin Kim (ZE:A) - Happy cover

honestly Kevin deserves all the songs in the world...thank goodness at least he has tons of covers while DJing on Hot Beat. the fic was just random idea because i wanted to do one malay poem fic like i did in english with Even if A thousand Years Passed...but honestly i didn't have much inspiration...i just wanted to promote Kevin because he's just such a sunshine that brings happiness....and so super duper underrated too...




  1. RAINBOW - 나쁜 남자가 운다 (Bad Man Crying)
  2. RAINBOW - Black Swan
  3. RAINBOW - Mr.Lee
  5. RAINBOW - Privacy
  6. RAINBOW - 조금 더 (A Little More)

honestly the fic wasn't completed, it's supposed to be like Spectacular which i used all songs from an album for inspiration so i just put all the songs from Innocent album since i love most of the songs...



A Toad Prince's Love

  1. Weather Forecast - 인형의 꿈(Dream of a Doll)

Ah dang i didn't finish this fic too....or i'd probably have included more Weather Forecast oppar songs...seriously i discovered them late but they shot up to my top ranks of favs instantly. amazing musicians. 




  1. A-JAX - 2MYX

tbh this is kinda cheating since this fic was never started beyond's supposed to be spinoff to Unlock the Devil Fourever...but since i already listed this song in the ya go....



Muted Serenade

  1. Crazy Melody with Lee Gukju, OneStar, Jang Heeyoung - Rain Down(이별 연기) **
  2. Crazy Melody feat Baechigi, OneStar/Im Hanbyul, Kim Jaekyung(Rainbow) - Macaron (sorry seems this was deleted from yt and i can't even find a link...i might have the song in my storage but yeah you may search on your own....some cute random things about the song/singers: Hanbyul and Jaekyung used to be labelmates under dsp...their groups debuted in same era...Hanbyul said he used to have crush on Jaekyung...Macaron is Jaekyung's dog's name...i wonder if that's what made her participate in this song xD...
  3. Stellar - Mask
  4. ROMEO - Faith (Korean ver)
  5. N.Flying - Lonely (acoustic ver)



Ode to Background

  1. Produce101 Kang Sira, Kim Yeonkyung, Park Sehee, Seong Hyemin, Hwang Inseon - My Best
  2. Produce101 Kim Minji, Kim Hyeongeun, Hwang Ayoung - 좋아보여 (You Look Good)



Hwang Soo Yeon (황수연)

  1. Produce101 Yoo SuA, Hwang Sooyeon, Han Hyeri, Lee Suhyun, Kim Hongeun - Hot Issue
  2. Produce101 Kang Yebin, Shim Chaeeun, Jeon Soyeon, Hwang Sooyeon - 거북선 (Turtle Ship)



디퍼런트 (Different)

  1. Produce101 Make Some Noise - 24 Hours
  2. Produce101 Strong & Gorgeous - Don't Matter (watching this makes me miss Kim Juna's awesome voice/vocals now)
  3. Die-A Project - 블링블링 & 걸어와



Say Hello To You

  1. Produce101 Girls On Top - 같은곳에서 (In The Same Place)



How To Keep The Flowers Blooming

  1. Kim Woojeong & Hwang Sooyeon - Whatever You Do (cover) LIVE
  2. Kim Woojeong & Choi Eunbin feat Mystery Boy - 봄사랑벚꽃말고 (Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms) cover **



Drunken Truth

  1.  Kim Dong Ryul - 취중진담 (Drunken Truth) **
  2. TAKE ONE - Touch or rather particularly this scene xD
  3. Tae Ik - Touch ballad ver + TAKE ONE - Touch (i don't even watch the entire drama yet i still get sooo emotional...this is way better than their kiss scene tbh, nothing like frenemies in love separated by misunderstandings n blabla reunited ahhh...that's the reason i can't watch the drama. i shipped them damnit. xD)



Coffee & Muffin

another cheat cuz i never really start writing this after the prologue...but oh well i just wanna share the song that's obviously the inspiration of the title...though not so much the songs...more like the coffeemuffin couple ><

  1. KARD - Oh Na Na



보이스 2 : Tremor (트레모)

Eventhough i have yet to list any songs in this song...i'm sure i would have use all the songs i used in my fanvideos so here goes:

I do think the last three songs would definitely fit in the fic the most...since they're the songs i used for the heroine's fanvideo n they just fit the vibe...anyway...just listen to them all lol.




How dare fking mnet removed the video of my fav team!!!

  1. Produce101 Season2 Jo Gyumin, Kim Yongjin, Kim Chanyul, Jo Seongwook, Jeong Joongji, Choi Hadon - 만세 (Mansae)
  2. This video - actually, it's a fanedit but that video's now private so yeah...if only Oui ent debuted him as part of Wei,...i'm stanning no question asked cuz it's Sungwook yall xD...our spiderboy...but i guess it's good one less group to stan n i can just patiently wait for his small drama roles...though he's currently in military service
  3. EXO - Monster (solely for the reason that this was the bgm for the fan edit video i watched of Sungwook being Spiderboy)



Amazing Day, Amazing You

  1. Produce101 Season2 Lee Geonhee, Seo Sunghyuk, Yoon Heeseok, Jeong Dongsu - Amazing Kiss (i'm still mad Jeong Dongsu was not the main vocalist when he got THE voice...his every little part n harmony/adlibs had impact on the audience...what's made me even more mad...he never even fought for any main position because he had such nonexistent greed/self esteem n always thought he's not good/handsome enough so he just took whatever leftover parts nobody wanted even in first evaluation where he ended up a rapper even though he's a vocalist and even in this perf...sigh...he deserved so damn much better)
  2. Deulgukhwa - 그것만이 내세상 (That's My Life) **



Miracles Don't Happen Thrice (I Know, You Know?)

  1. Produce101 Season2 Boys Under The Moonlight - I Know You Know
  2. Doopiano - I Know You Know Piano Cover (so freaking beautiful guys, get goosebumps and fall in love already)



Guess Me Baby

  1. Produce101 Season2 Han Minho, Joo Jinwoo, Lee Seokyu, Jeong Sihyeon, Kim Dongbin, Jang Daehyeon - Call Me Baby

bonus: even though i've stopped writing before i could add more songs...i'm sure these songs will appear since they're songs performed by Pureboy that i enjoyed



Frost Castles

another cheating since i never started the fic, beyond the prologue page....but yeah it's inspired n based on this song/mv(i think this will always be April's best song) and also the fact that there's Jeong Sihyeon from PD101S2

  1. APRIL - 봄의 나라 이야기 (April Story)

Anyway i have some thoughts about April situation even though i can see the risk of getting trashed/hate...idk.. i'm not siding anyone but i feel that people never learn...first it's T-ARA, then AOA...even when AOA situation happened...people insist it's different than T-ARA and they're very sure of who's guilty and innocent just because there's suicide card being played...people who are outsiders all came up with their 'evidences'....but then shadiness revealed itself even the suicide part showing just how easy people can be played...and now with feels like dejavu and lesson that's never matter how many times you get the chance to learn...of course every situation is different but if we have learnt something we wouldn't be so eager to take the judge spot....for me, especially after watching Hyunjoo in The Unit before this thing blew up...i have my reservation...i'm not saying April members are innocent, i'm pretty sure they had their nasty sides too ....but the more i read from various sources the more this feels like....just nasty catfight of girls that didn't get the right n healthy environment growing up....leading to nasty fights n getting blown out of proportion...thinking one party is completely innocent and the other completely evil...feels like....yeah been there seen that drama couple times already....besides, if you read and watch, both sides have shown loopholes so is it hard to just not take side and see how the drama unfolds? i swear netizen including international fans think they're oh so good but they're worse than those idols who bullied each other for their own issues/beef...but what do us netizen do? join in the bullying for issues of those idols with each other without even knowing the entire thing...people, let's not be embarrassing.

But doesn't change the fact that April Story is a beautiful song and with beautiful plot in the mv and song itself waiting to be made a story...sadly...all these happened though i had the fic idea left without update even before the scandal, ....the funny thing is...all these 'scandals' always only happen to girlgroups that aren't from big comfy agencies but are rising or have certain degree of recognition/popularity....i's easier for girls to be in peace when they're successful n from big agencies or not succesful if they're not from those boring big agencies while for boygroups....they probably have better relationship when they're lesser popular/successful(as i see in my ult group Battle who despite had their career ruined by shady company so many years ago n all members had gone their own way doing their own thing for so long....but the friendship remain strong until now)

The unfortunate thing is...who benefits from all these mid-tier group scandals? those big agency groups of course, even when they had bigger never manage to end their groups....lesigh...and the more noise from midtier groups...the more shield to cover up for bigger agencies....oh well...

Also, i like Jeong Sihyeon even though he hardly got screentime in PD101 S2 other than in Call Me Baby underdog team when he bluntly insist to choose Han Minho as center despite Kim Dongbin kept wanting to be center eventhough everyone could see how he just didn't fit as center for that stage. Minho ended up a fabulous center imo....people might say Kim Donghan from the other Call Me Baby team made a better center but cmon...obviously the competition is not fair since he's way more popular than Minho...but Minho's aura is so strong that even Cheetah said he looked cool while just his back showing the audience at the beginning....



BONUS: i feel like this song would definitely have made it into one of the fics based on the feels, but i can't remember which one so here, have it xD : 

Broccoli,You Too: 봄이 오면 (When Spring Comes)


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