Some Musings on Some Recent Twitter AU Discourse

So there's this ongoing discourse on Twitter rn about au's. Basically about the importance of separating real life from what's happening in fics. Also that some fics potentially place idols in an unrealistic stereotype, and that stereotype is then associated with the real-life idol, yadda yadda. I think it's an important discussion.

All the fics that I've written (well the 2 I've written lol) are semi-aus/canon-set, meaning they're prompted by irl events.

I've always thought about the risks of putting out these works, bc I know Im feeding the possibility of people associating what happens in these fics with real life. Wc is why Ive always put a disclaimer saying that these fics are works of fiction, and that the events that transpire after the irl prompts are only done for the sake of narrative, and that any similarity to real life is purely coincidental.

The jmj dynamic is very endearing--endearing enough to have shaken me out of my mundane, insecure, non-creative writing shell; and encouraged me to write stories about that dynamic. And I'm honestly dumbfounded about the positive reception my fics have gotten so far.

And I can't help but fear that my fics could be taken a bit too seriously, potentially causing harm to the real idols--real people--through unrealistic association.

But I also can't help but remember what one of my Creative Writing profs told our class before: that when you write, you should write assuming you're writing for a knowledgeable audience. That way, you don't limit the potential of your piece. I've always kept this in mind, esp. with the fics I've published so far.

I'm just here hoping that readers take fics as they are: fiction. Creative works. Interpret them as a reflection of real-life themes--romance, angst, fluff, school-settings, fantasies, etc.--but please separate them from the real-life people.

And that's probably wishful thinking, because people will think what they want to think, and that as soon as a work is published, the author has no control over how that work is perceived (hello, "The Death of the Author" by Roland Barthes).

And probably no one will even bother with this, and I'm just screaming into the void lol. But I guess I just wanted to let out some feelings~. And that this is me holding myself accountable, that I should be responsible w my works and write with the purpose of talking about bigger themes, not to feed into "ships" just for the sake of them.

And for you, dear reader, to hold me accountable. If you stumble upon one of my fics in the future, that you can always message me if my fics cross the line, or make you uncomfortable, or place the idols in unrealistic stereotypes or caricatures, or pose potential harm.

My dms are always open for healthy discourse, either here on aff/AO3 (yes, same username)/twitter (@ahyoewhokares). 

Anyway, that's it for my musings. Damn, twitter. You got me talking more than I usually do in a day.

To whoever is reading this, hope you're doing well and that you take care. ❤

- AV

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