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Oh, hello ! You’re dead.. again — How was your last life? did you get to do everything you wanted? no? Oh.. well thats too bad.. Although, its not all too bad. According to our records, it shows that through most of your time in that life, you’ve gathered just enough karma points to secure a GREAT next life. We’ve just have to go over the fine print of your next life, and explain what it all means. Because of the great and selfless things you did in the past life you’ve unlocked a new life path, one where you’re destined to become great, and share great things with the world with the talents you possess, all embodied in something called an influencer. You get to choose what path to influencer you take, cool right! HOWEVER, you didn’t earn enough to bypass the struggle portion, nor did you earn enough to gain immunity to temptations and scandals either, so you’ll really have to be careful there. Worry not, though, we’ve decided to throw in a special package.. just for you. It includes a MAJOR helping hand in your climb to relevancy as an influencer, and we call it the lunar package. The lunar package is an app designed to work in your favor not only networking wise, but sponsor and subscriber wise! The way it works is that the app, called the LUNAR app, is an invite only influencer social app. It works like the standard social media app- which you’ll learn more about in your time on earth, the biggest pro to the app is that with it being a closed app, this cuts back in scandals, but not completely, not every influencer is as good as you. Anyway, by the time you get to join the lunar app, it will be two years old, and drenched in sponsors. So its not all bad, you’ve just got to work your way up to it.



i. god modding , bubble rping , rolehogging , race bending , racism etcis not tolerated here. out of character drama is not tolerated either and if both cannot get along will both be removed.
ii. our one activity requirement is to post once a day, as well as, either replying or reacting to at least 3 posts once a day if able. while we don’t have demanding activity , please be reasonably active — it keeps a group alive.
iii. character limit is 4 per mun starting, but if you wish to bring more, speak to an admin. while we don't allow race-bending, we do allow writers to age bend by 5 years, APPROPRIATELY and REALISTICALLY.
iv. muses, muns & faceclaims ALL need to be above the age of 18 and apart of the asian entertainment industry.
v. we do require a character bio & plot page, you may pick what your best at ( i.e google docs, carrd, tumblr page ) which ever is easiest for you.
vi. to reserve with us, we currently only accept non-anonymous messages on tumblr, or through comments on aff. both accounts should be at least 1 month old.
vii. after you apply with us, to secure your character, you must immediately send a message with the message saying what faceclaim & character name you applied for.

[ ! ] you can find the rest of the rules here.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the reincarnation aspect come in? — We allowed you guys to choose what you want to do with that part. if you choose to make it a lives long plot, make it apart of your muses backstory, its all up to you.

are couples allowed? babies? — We allow couples, however you need to be aware of activity, as well as our stance on bubble rping. we currently do not allow children or pregnancies.

how does thing rp work? — read about it here !

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Keep this short, Approximately six Lines. Risus in hendrerit gravida rutrum quisque non tellus. nunc lobortis mattis aliquam purus.

Status: Opening

Universe: AU, non-idol

TYPE: semi-lit

platform: discord

Rating 18+


❝ there ain't enough room for us both on the throne





lunarhq is an au where your character is many lives reincarnated, and with each life, can either gain low or high amounts of karma, which contributes to a good or bad life. This life, you’ve gained the middle ground. Your life will be comfortable in Seoul and on the track to influencer ( your choice of Tiktoker, instagram influencer, youtuber or twitch streamer ), though not too well know, between the 250k and 600k subscriber count, but you have enough for to sign up and get accepted into the LUNAR app, a social media app made for influencers to easily network, gain sponsors and climb in subscribers. Do you have what it takes to succeed in this life or will you try again the next time?


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ahn heeyeon ( hani )
ha sooyoung ( yves )
hwang yeji
jennie kim
jeon jiwoo
kim jisoo
ogura yoona
park jihyo
park sooyoung
sana minatozaki
seo soojin


bang chan
choi beomgyu
choi yeonjun
christian yu (drp ian)
han jisung
hwang hyunjin
jeon jungkook
johnny suh
jung hoseok
kim namjoon
kim taehyung
park jimin


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