Lookin for YURI plotting partners! (NSFW)

Hello ~ 
I'm looking for a female partner to do some gxg ! I typically like to do -oriented plots. Though, if you enjoy more complex storylines, I'm down for it—as long as there's still involved (I'm a menace).

About me:

•I'm a switch with no lean.

•I'm OA, of course.

• 3rd person semi to advanced lit. Will mirror my partner.

•I have/can write plots for us, if you don't have any!

•I enjoy very dark, sometimes taboo plots (though that isn't mandatory)

• I'm into hybrid, a/b/o, slice of life, supernatural—all kinds of stuff. Don't be afraid to let me know if you have any cool ideas.

• I'm partial Loona faceclaims (also love WJSN's Seola, EXID's Hani, and Apink's Eunji) but I'm open to all :> I personally fc Loona members.

• I'm totally okay with futa/gp

• I have a lot of kinks, and few limits. Some of my kinks are pretty hard. I have a detailed list on the ad I've published as a story, if you'd like to check :>

• I'm down for being friends, too! I'm mainly interested in roleplaying, but I wouldn't mind chatting a little here and there or playing a game or something TwT

• I have Discord, KKT, Twitter, and Kik. I'll happily download any other platform needed to roleplay with you!

That's about all! Thanks for reading, and if you're interested then please send a PM! Seeya <3

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