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“Do you long for an everlasting friendship? Or perhaps you wish to find your soulmate? Or maybe you simply crave a night of passion without strings attached? No matter which are your heart's desires, Moonstruck is the right place to fulfill them.”

Moonstruck is the newest social app where you can find exactly what you’re looking for, whether that may be something as deep as a friendship or a relationship, or something more carefree like a lust filled night with someone that you won’t talk to ever again. So what are you waiting for? Join Moonstruck and let your heart run free and your desires become more than just a mere fantasy.

Established: June 2020
Request Status: Open & ACCEPTING
Hiring: --


Just Some Rules


Moonstruck roleplay is a Mewe based, semi- roleplay that accepts only face claims related to the Korean Entertainment Industry. Because it is a semi- roleplay, only typists and face claims who are 18 years old (internationally) or older will be accepted. Still interested? Then carry on and read the rules!

What you must know before you apply! 

» First of all, if you decide to join this community, make sure to give it a proper shot before deciding to depart (or not). No one will force you to stay if you don’t want to, but please don’t join only to leave a couple of hours later because that is just a waste of your time and the admin(s) time. Dipping your foot in a new community is, of course, your right and you are entitled to do it, but if you decide to dip your foot in this community please give it at least a day or so before deciding the fate of your muse.

» If you are a Mewe newbie it doesn’t matter, the admin(s) and fellow typists will be more than happy to help you settle in!

» Any application sent through e-mail or anonymously won’t be accepted and will be automatically declined.

» Reservations last 72 hours (3 days).

» You can tweak the personality of your muse but you need to have a fairly good knowledge of real life information related to your muse(s).

» This is a semi-literate/literate roleplay, so one liners and action roleplaying are not accepted.

» You can have up to 3 muses, granted that you can maintain an even level of activity on all 3 accounts. Once you join, you can apply for a 2nd muse after 14 days (2 weeks) and for a 3rd muse after 30 days (1 month).

» All ualities and all sorts of relationships are more than welcome within the roleplay.

» There is a 2 weeks dating ban, which means your muse must wait 14 days before entering a relationship.

» Move-in couples are welcome, however you must state in your application who your partner is.

» If a face claim who is in a relationship in real life joins Moonstruck, their real life status will not affect your muse (e.g. if a Hyuna or Dawn joins they will be deemed as single and will be free to date whoever they please).

» Before you apply you must create your mewe account because you will need to add the link in your application. You must use the real name of your muse and put in your About Me section “Moonstruck Roleplay + uality of your muse”. This is a must!

A few of our "not allowed": 

» Marriage, pregnancy, mpeg and children.

» Godmodding and metagaming.

» Face chasing. If you are caught face chasing, you will be removed and banned from the roleplay.

» Dark elements: , drug abuse, depression, suicide, etc. Once again, if you are caught performing any of them you will be removed and banned from the roleplay.

» OOC drama and bullying. Let’s not act like 5 years olds and be respectful towards each another. Beware that this can also be ground for removal and banning. Bubble roleplaying.

» Be inclusive, interact with everyone and don’t stick to the same people all the time!

What you must know after you're accepted! 

» You may roleplay both privately and publically. For those who prefer to roleplay publically, there is going to be a special group that you can use for your para threads.

» AU roleplaying is also welcomed and encouraged! For this reason we have a special AU group in our community.

» Balance your private and public activity and make sure the two are even. It is especially important that you show that you are active outside of your dms/para threads, otherwise you will be considered inactive and risk to be removed from the roleplay for inactivity.

» All grudges held against anyone must be left outside the door before entering this community! Everyone deserves a fresh start without being dragged for past events, and in this roleplay that’s what every single typist shall receive: a fresh start. No matter what happened in the past, it shall be left there, and everyone shall receive an equal opportunity to start from zero! This rule is crucial and if it’s ignored you will be removed from the roleplay.

» If you witness any kind of misconduct within the roleplay, directly or indirectly, you are obligated to report it to the admin(s) so that the issue can be handled as effectively and quickly as possible before any deteriorating damage can be done to the individuals of the community or to the community as a whole. This is not to start a witch hunt but to help keep this community toxicity and drama free.

» Since this roleplay is semi-, and therefore it won’t be unlikely that you will happen to write with one of your fellow typists, you should always discuss OOC first which things are okay and which are the limit on both sides so to avoid any misunderstandings and or unpleasant situations.

» Do not add anyone until you’re welcomed in the arrivals group.

» You have 72 hours (3 days) to post a plot call for your muse. If you don’t complete this task you will be considered inactive and will be removed from the roleplay. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be anything big and complicated, even something small and simple will be enough and you can get plenty of inspiration from our plots group!

» Be welcoming and always reach out to our new comers. No matter how popular or not their face claim may be, everyone deserves to feel included! Be active and interact with everyone, not just those who you’re close to!

» To give proof of your activity you must post at least once a week (minimum). You also must emoji every post that crosses your way.

» Always give a warning before going on hiatus. Semi-hiatus can last 14 day (2 weeks) while full hiatus can last 30 days (1 month).

» Don’t post anything OOC on your muse’s timeline, and this also applies to OOC comments. For that there is the OOC group.

» All interactions under pictures, videos, links, etc. must always be accompanied by an sns handle.

» Emojis must be used only on sns/text interactions.

» You must give a warning when you leave the roleplay. Whether you do so through Mewe, Tumblr or AFF doesn’t matter, but don’t just deactivate and not say a word!

» After you accept the friend request of the admin(s), make sure you keep an eye on your Mewe dms!

» Password: name your favourite tv series or movie.

» Remember to follow this account so you can keep up to date with any important update. If you have any question about the rules, don’t hesitate to ask.

» Enjoy your stay and happy roleplaying! ♡ 🌙.



Female Muses:

Aespa: Karina, Winter

Billlie: Moon Sua

Blackpink: Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa

Dreamcatcher: Gahyeon, Siyeon, Jiu

Everglow: Mia

Oh My Girl: YooA

Red Velvet: Joy

Twice: Sana, Jeongyeon, Nayeon

Soloist: Alexa, Eunha, Chungha, Hyolyn, Eunbi


Male Muses:

A.C.E.: Donghun, Chan

ATEEZ: Seonghwa, San, Yeosang

BTS: Jungkook, Jimin, V,  J-Hope

CIX: Seunghun

EXO: Baekhyun, D.O., Kai, Sehun

GOT7: JB, Mark, Jinyoung, Jackson 

Highlight: Gikwang, Yoseob

Monsta X: I.M, Hyungwon

NCT | WayV | Super M: Johnny, Yangyang, Mark, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Jeno

Nu'Est: Baekho

OneUs: Dongju

Seventeen: Hoshi

Shinee (complete): Key. Minho, Taemin, Onew

Stray Kids: Felix, Minho, Bangchan, Hyunjin, Changbin, Seungmin, I.N.

The Boyz: Younghoon

TXT: Yeonjun, Beomgyu


Actor: Nam Yoonsu

Soloist: Wonho, Jongup, Henry, Kevin



HOW TO APPLY: send your application through the form below and then send a private dm to let the admin(s) know you applied! 









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