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BIRTH NAME Sugiyama Fumiaki 杉山文明


✩ N/A


✩ Fumi - He's been called this since he was a kid, by his parents and his closest friends. It's just a short and easy but cute version of his first name. He took it as stagename because he felt like it would be more accessible for people that do not speak Japanese.
✩ smol - yeah... he might be growing but it's not really anything to write home about. Tiny Fumi hoped that puberty would make him grow into a nice and tall tree with model legs but... he's still smol D:
✩ cat lady - many people describe him as a cat lady. Fumiaki currently has five kittens in the dorm. FIVE! They are his children. He gets along way better with cats than with other humans, he's destined to grow old surrounded by cats. He plays into the name perfectly by constantly saying that he wants to foster kittens and adopt older cats from shelters to give them a good beginning and end of life.
✩ Skitty - Fumiaki is often associated with cats, not just 'my meow meow' (while that also appears from time to time), but also the pokémon Skitty. Fans often find pokémon to compare idols with (like Yujeong and Squirtle), and Skitty was the one fans found for Fumi. It's (of course) a cat, an adorable little pink cat. People say Fumiaki looks like skitty when he smiles because of his kinda feline features. They also share the trait of being obsessed with moving objects, being distracted very easily.

✩ Mini Gongchan - since puberty hit Fumiaki, a senior idol got himself an adoptive little brother. People started calling Fumiaki mini Gongchan (from B1A4) because of their similar features, mostly those stunning eyes. Because of that, Fumiaki is also included in the new and upcoming visual articles you see ever so often. Gongchan was and is still a very desired and pretty visual, maybe Fumi can step in his shoes once he matures and Gongchan leaves the idol scene.


✩ Japanese - 100%, his native language, Fumiaki's Japanese is very clean and easy to understand for foreigners.
✩ Korean - 20%, it's not good yet, mostly because he hasn't been in Korea for that long. There is a language barrier, but he will definitely improve!
✩ English - 10%, it's... a work in progress


First of all, despite him currently being in the middle of puberty, Fumiaki is a small one and will forever remain that way. On top of that he's quite skinny and overall has a thin build. He eats, don't worry, he eats mountains. Fumi stands out in a group because of his features. He has overall sharp and feline like features, having a sharp jawline, very big, cat-like eyes with deep double eyelids and a nose that some consider too big, but others are absolutely jealous of. He's often said to look similar to gongchan, but younger and with bigger features.


Currently, Fumiaki is in the middle of a raging puberty, which causes a lot of insecurities with his changing body. That's why he wears a lot of oversized, not really fashionable clothes. While he'd love to be more fashionable, at the moment he feels most comfortable in sweats and oversized hoodies that hide away his body. In the future, when he starts to feel more secure with his new body, and with the expert guidance of Vincent, Fumiaki will get the look he actually wants to have. Chique, fashionable, expensive looking. In the future, he will also start to experiment a bit more with makeup and adapt an androgynous look. He doesnt believe in gendered fashion, right now he's just not ready to wear anything else than sweats. Well, sweats are also genderless!

BIRTHDATE 03 January 2005 (he baby)
HOMETOWN Osaka, Japan



PRONOUNS Prefers he/him, but he doesnt mind they/them either in the future
ORIENTATION closeted panual

BACK UP SUPER★DRAGON's  Ikeda Hyoma 池田彪馬
HEIGHT 164 cm at the moment but he'll grow to a grand total of 167 cm
WEIGHT 59 kg



Mbti type: ISFJ - Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

POS sweet, helpful, intelligent, polite, neat
NEG shy, easily distracted, insecure, moody, anxiety ridden


Sweet and helpful: Despite being a shy, no people kind of person, Fumiaki is an absolute sweetheart. A soft little boy that (usually) won't do wrong at all and will always be ready to help people, even if he is shy around them. He loves helping people and just wants to be a good, sweet and liked person. Seeing people happy because of him makes him happy as well. He really tries his best to come out of his shell and make friends with people, especially his groupmates and fellow trainees, but his shyness just gets in the way sometimes. But he's a lovely boy who will be there to help people, even those that haven't been good to him. He's too good for this world... most of the time. Puberty has started to stand in the way of some things.

Intelligent: Fumiaki is a pretty smart person. He always got high grades without having to work hard into the nights to get those grades. He's not on the gifted spectrum so he never really suffered any negative effects from his smarts, luckily. He's a very analytical thinker and can usually pick up skills quick because of this intelligence. Even while being in the prestigious SOPA high school AND preparing for his debut, Fumiaki has no troubles staying at the top of the class. He does study and put thought and time into it, he just doesn't really need that much time, which is easy because his grades don't suffer from his training mostly. The only way his grades are starting to drop now is slacking on purpose because he just.. doesn't feel like it? He just can't find the power to study and pay attention in class anymore, he doesn't know why. He even makes snarky comments in class sometimes... It's puberty, for sure, but Fumi himself doesn't realise that, and seeing himself misbehave like that while usually being so sweet is worrying himself.

Polite: Growing up in the spotlight, Fumi has been teached to be polite, proper and mannered from a young age. As a child celebrity, you have to behave at your best. Fumiaki has always kept this even when cameras aren't in his face for once. He's very polite towards staff and older members and usually never causes any trouble. Even when he disagrees he still brings it up in a polite and non-offensive way. You just can't argue with him because he won't let you with his goodness.

Neat: While being polite, Fumi is also a very neat person. It's not to the point of becoming obsessive and annoying to others, but he just prefers to have his surroundings nice, clean and organised. He hates stench and is generally very sensitive to them so he's often spraying the training room with air freshener after a sweaty training session. His notebooks and study books are also very cleanly organised and filled with colorful sticky notes with hints, it looks like the study books out of a movie or something. He usually also washes up very well and dresses cleanly, but lately it has been a bit of a struggle, and he sticks to sweats, sometimes unwashed sweats. It is so up against his own principles that it confuses everybody around him.

Shy: This is something that Fumiaki has struggled with from a young age. He's quite the shy little bean. He's very used to having cameras in his face and really knows how to act with them, but outside of that, people aren't really his vibe? He is quite wary of strangers and prefers to hang around in small groups with people he trusts, or alone, or with his cats. He's very good at doing the celebrity personality thing, but expressing himself is actually a very hard and dreadful task for Fumi. After all this experience, going on stage and speaking in front of people still makes him nervous, but he manages to hide it. It's a hard road to befriend Fumi, but it's so worth it. Don't let him hiding away scare you off because he's as sweet as sugar.

Easily distracted: Fumi really has the attention span of a toddler. He gets bored of things just as quick as he gets interested in them. He's often switching around activities and can't sit still for too long. When he's having a conversation, he tends to interrupt his stories to mention random things happening around him. People find it very hard to sneak up on Fumi to give him a prank scare because even if they don't happen near him, Fumi is distracted by anything that moves. Don't ever sit by the window if going out to a restaurant or café, cause he'll interrupt the conversation to look at every single car that drives by. Literally. He's the kind of guy that goes 'Look! A plane!' while talking about idk... school stuff.

Insecure and anxiety ridden: While it used to not be a big problem when he was younger, recently, Fumiaki has developed a wide array of insecurities. His career, his skills, his future, his body, his looks, his studies, everything. Those teenage hormones raging through his body are doing a big number on Fumi and causing his behavior to change and him to question everything in existence. He's constantly in a state of worry which also makes him not behave as well as usual. He sometimes rebels, makes an unusual snarky comment or doesn't keep his place clean. This new puberty is making his body change, his mind change, makes him go against his own principles as well... It's scaring Fumi. He's very scared of this puberty thing and that makes him act like this. What makes it worse is that he is used to having his parents around even when he's acting or on stage, but now, right when he needs their guidance the most, they're not there for him. Fumi has become anxiety ridden, paranoid almost, because of what's happening inside him. He is lost, everything around him is changing, he is changing, and he feels like he can't do it alone. Fumi desperately needs a parent figure to guide him through this change, remind him of his values and make sure that he stays on the right path.

Moody: Oh, the hormones of a young, teenage boy. His voice dropped not long before debut, unexpected. But that wasn't the only thing caused by hormones, it's also not nearly the worst thing. Puberty has caused Fumi to suffer from mood swings combined with the insecurities and anxiety he's suffering from at the moment. The mood swings make Fumi extra sensitive to triggers and he will react more heavily to things that he normally doesn't care about. He goes through the 5 stages of grief in 1 minute, and that happens again and again. He goes from happy to angry to sad in no time and its very hard to handle. You never know what you're going to get. It's this bad that the usually very polite and never angry Fumi actually had an argument with another member during debut time. Fumi usually never argues. It scared him so much that he hid himself away for two days. The poor kid is going through a lot right now, and he needs help. Help from a parent figure. Puberty is so dumb.


Sugiyama Fumiaki was born as the first and only child of a celebrity couple. His father was a big actor and his mother a famous singer. So from the start, this boy had all eyes on him. He was born to be a celebrity. Even if he didn't want it, he'd be in the spotlight anyway as 'the son of...'. So yeah, he did not have much choice. He has been on stage for as long as he can remember, and even longer than that. His first appearance on TV was when Fumi appeared in a tv series as a baby, not even being a year old. After that it would be a while until he returned but once he became a toddler, he'd have small roles in series and movies. As he grew older, his roles became more intricate and more major. Fumi became a fully fledged child actor, prominent in the scene. He was such a cute and sweet kid, everybody loved him. Well... not everybody, because he was quite the unique child.

Even when he was a tiny kid, Fumiaki didn't really stick to 'boy things' only. His parents would always joke that he probably had a female twin and that he absorbed her in the womb. Of course it's not true, but they saw it as a lighthearted joke because sometimes it really seemed like there were both a boy and a girl present inside Fumi. While he liked the typical boys toys and boys clothes and such, he also liked the girls' stuff. Fumi was the kind of kid that would put dolls in racing cars and organise a grand battle between dinosaurs and my little ponies. At halloween, he'd want to be batman one year, and princess Tiana on the next year. He really didnt care about gender stereotypes even before he was old enough to grasp those stereotypes. That didn't really make him a popular kid in kindergarten and elementary school. While some kids really loved him and his sweet personality, some kids also didn't want to play with him at all. The girls went 'ew, a boy, you can't play with us'. And the boys went 'ew, you like girl things, you can't play with us'. You know, things mean toddlers say. Fumiaki preferred to play with just a few kids or on his own... or with the household cat, of course. He was always a shy kid who was very sociable on camera, but outside of it, he couldn't express himself. He grew up talking to cameras on fake sets instead of actually experiencing a lot of real life. In the end, to the other kids he was just a normal child, while to adults he was a celebrity.

Fumi really didn't mind being an actor, but he always had a bigger interest in his mother's profession, being a singer. She'd always sing to him while playing the piano, especially when he was sad or sick. Fumi loved listening to the music, and wanted to be like his mom when he grew up. He started attending vocal and piano classes, and enjoyed them a lot. He had a cute and sweet voice and appeared on a few singing shows, mostly accompanied by his mother. While his parents pushed him into the spotlight from when he was a kid, Fumi was enjoying it all, and his parents were very loving and considerate. They accepted his differences, allowed him to take on any interests and hobbies, even if they were considered too girly by others around him. They might be busy parents because of their own careers, they gave all the love to the apple of their eye, so Fumi grew up happily. He was raised by them to be a perfectly behaved and lovely child, made to be in the spotlights. They never wanted him to end in a scandal, because all eyes and cameras were on him, so they made sure to raise him as the best behaved child. He really became the child they wanted him to be... at least for a while.

Once his parents deemed Fumiaki old enough to get preparing to step into the idol scene, like he wanted to, Fumiaki started auditioning. He got into Johnny's & associates, one of Japan's biggest idol companies. His singing was great, but somewhere deep down he knew that it was mostly because of the fame of him and his parents. He didn't really like that. He was only 10 at the time, but because of his life in the spotlight and his smarts, little Fumi was quite self-aware and wise. During his training time, he kept on taking acting roles, but he polished his singing and picked up a lot of dancing as well. A few years later, in 2018, Fumi would debut as part of Shonen ninja, a 22-membered unit of johnny's Jr with a big variety of ages. Fumiaki was only 13, and not even the youngest of the group. He was still this sweet child, but being forced to perform together with 21 other people he barely knew made the shy kid very nervous. He remained in the group for almost two years and enjoyed performing, but the sole fact that the group was so big was influencing his performance. Fumi expected to grow used to the group as time went on, but it actually got worse and worse, so that's why he decided to leave and terminate his contract in August of 2020. Chapter Shonen ninja was closed. Now what was he going to do next? He wanted to keep performing but wanted to be in a smaller group, but he did not know where to go.

Sugiyama Fumiaki during his time with Shonen Ninja.

During his training years, he got into contact with kpop, because it was really big in japan at that time. He particularly took a liking for a few groups like B1A4 and A-JAX. He liked their styles, the variety and also the smaller group size of most boy groups he encountered. He decided that this was what he wanted to do next. There were more and more japanese members coming into kpop, and Fumiaki was determined to be one of them. He entered Pledis on an international audition in Tokyo just a few months before their lineup for K-OS got locked. December 2020, to be more exact. When he got on the plane to korea and stepped foot into the Pledis building for the first time, Fumiaki barely spoke Korean and was a small kid with a shy personality and a high pitched voice of an angel. He entered the prestigious SOPA and combined his training with his studies. Safe to say that it was hard to adjust for him, but fellow trainees and staff absolutely loved Fumi because of his sweet and polite personality, despite him being harder to befriend. But then, during their training, it all began to quickly go downhill. The monster in Fumi finally awakened. That monster called puberty.

As his body started changing and hormones started raging, Fumiaki grew afraid. Not only was his body doing weird things, so was he himself. His mind was questioning everything in his life, things he was convinced he loved, his singing career, his fame, his self-worth, his mind was even questioning itself. Sometimes, Fumiaki would make a snarky comment, or have an argument with another member, which was so unusual of him that it had staff and groupmates worried, and worst of all, it scared Fumi. He was scared of himself and of what he was becoming. Why was he acting like this? All of those things were done without thinking, he didn't want to be rude or anything. Fumiaki went from a sweet and polite child that was always clean, fashionable and happy with good grades, to a troubled, moody teen that only appeared in oversized sweats, had dropping grades and sometimes acted in a disrespectful way. Some things he used to absolutely love to do, he now had no power to do anymore. Fumi either felt like he had too much energy that made him moody, or a terrible lack of energy that turned him into a bag of potatoes. The mood swings were the worst of all, making Fumi feel like he was on a rollercoaster at all times. And he doesn't like rollercoasters at all. You never know which Fumi you're going to get because his emotions are currently so unpredictable and rapidly changing.

Fumiaki being locked into K-OS despite the struggles was a little light in these troubled times, but it soon got very close to all crashing down. No, he did not get into a big fight with another trainee, he did not do crazy things, don't worry. But it's something that is very dangerous for young singers like him... His voice dropped. At first it sounded like he wouldn't be able to sing on the level he could before, but that was because he wasn't used to his new voice yet. K-OS' staff had planned to use his high pitched voice in their songs, so a lot of plans had to be changed last-minute, mostly line distribution. But after some practice, everybody noticed that this change was for the good, and the childlike high voice had turned into a lower, mellow voice. Fumi's voice was compared to sweet, molten caramel. Very warm, very gentle and very comforting. A cup of hot chocolate in the winter, maybe? Those compliments always made Fumi very happy, because he himself had been so afraid of the change. He was very relieved that it all worked out and he could still sing with K-OS. But that didn't stop his mood swings and bad behavior.

Fumiaki really didn't want to be like this, so he started to show behavior that was very worrying, isolation. He didn't want anybody to see him like this so he developed the habit of locking himself away in his bedroom, or even worse, a dresser, because he didn't want to take the bedroom away from others. He'd only come out to use the bathroom or grab a small thing to eat. Normally he'd eat mountains, but now he was only eating small bites. While he was isolating himself, Fumi started to write lyrics to pass time and have a way to pour out his feelings. At the beginning, the lyrics were pretty basic, but as he got more experienced, they turned into pages filled with beautiful words, worthy of being turned into a K-OS song. The only issues were that firstly, he made sure to hide the notebook, and secondly, the lyrics were in Japanese. But it wouldn't take long before a smart member found the notebook and started to figure things out. If his lyrics were turned into a K-OS track, it would be a huge enlightenment for Fumiaki and it would definitely help his growth greatly. A lot of the older members pushed for him to become a lyricist and for him to continue practicing his Korean so he could also start writing more in the language of their songs. It was a start of Fumi accepting his changes and coming out of his shell more. Through these lyrics, he can learn how to express his feelings better towards other human beings.

All that Fumi really needed to help him through this raging period of puberty was guidance. Usually he had his loving parents behind him, but now they were in a completely different country. Fumiaki was going through his hardest time yet while having no parent figures to guide him through it and provide comfort. Since puberty began at a time that Fumi was still awkward with the other members, he had no one to guide him through this. And he was too shy to ask for help. He had helped people a lot, but he never accepted help from anyone else. This feeling of being alone without any guidance was just increasing the effect of that raging puberty. Luckily, some of the older members recognised what was going on soon enough and took Fumi under their wings. He didn't always accept the care and help, but after a while, Fumi realised how much their help did for him, so he started to go to them, and view them as the brothers he never had. These big brothers are going to raise Fumi and help him get through this, so he can once again become that sweetheart that everyone misses. Well, at least he got that sweet as caramel voice now?

Tldr: Fumi is the literal definition of puberty hitting you like a truck. (well also the figurative definition cause look at this kid??)

Sugiyama Fumiaki at his debut with K-OS.


✩ androginy and breaking gender stereotypes
✩ writing
✩ singing and performing
✩ acting
✩ several kpop groups, his old favourite is B1A4, but currently he's lowkey obsessed with the new girls in town,
✩ sweets, he loves the stuff that is awfully sweet like meringue and caramel
✩ hot drinks
✩ pink, he absolutely loves the color pink, mostly the soft shades, but he thinks bright pink looks really good on Mire
✩ his favourite food is tuna teriyaki
✩ cats. He loves all animals except for the slimey ones, but cats are just his favourite
✩ getting compliments
✩ helping people and making them happy
✩ having his stuff neatly organized
✩ chique fashion, sadly he doesn't feel up to wearing it at the moment
✩ his parents, he loves them a lot
✩ people with cute, round cheeks and cute smiles, they're his type
✩ videogames, he likes many genres but his favourites are the soft, relaxing type of games like mario games


✩ stereotypes and people not accepting others that are different
✩ being surrounded by heaps of people outside of a performance or show. He doesn't mind cameras, he does mind people.
✩ whatever puberty is doing to him, except the voice and the manlier look, he likes those
✩ his height
✩ anything slimey
✩ glue, he HATES having glue or something similar on his hands. It's a nuisance
✩ because he really dislikes glue, he also greatly dislikes crafting
✩ sloppy people
✩ stinky stuff, it will send him into a wheezing fit
✩ having to focus on something, he's just so bad at it
✩ people assuming he doesnt have skills and got into the group because of his fame like LISTEN??
✩ at the moment he really dislikes having to wear tight clothes for performances, but once he grows accustomed to his mature body he will absolutely love the kpop fashion... unless they put him in something ridiculous of course.
✩ greasy 'american style' food
✩ snails, like snails fr
✩ sassy people are very frustrating to him, while it can sometimes be funny, just be nice
✩ rollercoasters


✩ writing lyrics
✩ he's also developing an interest in composing the songs to accompany those lyrics, but for now he's just a rookie at it and learning from a senior member
✩ acting, the agency is planning to get a few kdrama roles for him once his Korean improves
✩ playing the piano, he learned a lot from his mother and can play beautifully
✩ football, he also used to do gymnastics but he had to drop one because of a lack of time


✩ he has a certain pattern of listening to songs, he listens to energetic songs in the morning and slower songs in the evening, he refuses to change that except for training
✩ whenever he misbehaves, Fumi locks himself away as punishment for himself
✩ when he's locked himself into a dresser or something, he generally writes lyrics or plays animal crossing or pokemon on his switch or DSi
✩ literally always sings in the shower, very loudly
✩ other members often complain about his bathroom time but he just likes to stand under the warm water?? let the kid enjoy things
✩ Always asks senior members, especially Vincent, to have a taste of the alcohol they are having, out of pure curiosity. But to his disappointment, they all refuse to give him a sip.
✩ Naturally a very curious being, he will literally come out of hiding if he overhears something he wants to ask more about.
✩ when he smiles or laughs, it's always wide and sparkly, he simply beams.
✩ always noticing and getting distracted when anything moves in his line of sight


✩ snails, don't laugh
✩ himself and his behavior
✩ his body changing, just what the hell is going on?
✩ adulthood, sounds like a very big burden
✩ severe illness, even a little cough makes him act all dramatic


✩ he has not discovered it yet, but while he is able to like anything from any gender for himself, he is also capable of liking literally anyone regardless of gender. Gender is a construct. Fumiaki does not care. He does know that he identifies as a man that just likes to play with stereotypes, but what he doesn't know yet is that he is panual and doesn't look at gender in a potential future love interest. He just likes round cheeks and cute smiles.
✩ since he is a big fan of B1A4, being compared visually to Gongchan is a great honor for him and he always beams when its brought up on a variety show
✩ Fumiaki is currently attending SOPA, you know, the prestigious school with the iconic but ugly yellow uniforms that many idols attend (I hope I got the name right) and he will graduate in 2024. His grades have been well but since puberty began he started slacking because of a lack of interest and energy, and his teachers are very worried, since he's very liked among them
✩ easily spooked, but generally enjoys horror stuff, to everyone's surprise
✩ while he's literally younger than the original DS, Fumi still has an old, trusty DSi, does anyone still remember those things, actually?
✩ his favourite kind of songs are of this vibe, but he's versatile in genres. Another thing in music that he really enjoys is when a serious, mysterious song suddenly goes into major key for a moment. It makes him feel euphoric. (check scene requests for black box, a song that has this vibe)
✩ Recently lowkey obsessed with a group that debuted a few months before K-OS and will definitely promote together on shows and run into each other backstage, Tri.Be. Fumi is crazy about their maknae, Mire. Cute smile and round cheeks!
✩ has has a huge amount of pressure on his shoulders for his whole life. He took it like a champ as a child because his parents were present to raise him right and help him, but now that he's vulnerable and 'parentless', he's cracking
✩ give him almost anything pink and he'll love you forever
✩ very hard to befriend, but he'll usually be very sweet to you nontheless, and he's definitely worth the hustle
✩ allergic to peanuts
✩ generally very sensitive to bad smells and reacts by coughing and wheezing, maybe he's a bit dramatic about it though...
✩ Currently has five cats wreaking havock in the dorm: Teriyaki, Sushi, Sashimi, Hosomaki and Okonomiyaki (or miyaki for short). Yes, he named them after food.


✩ father / Sugiyama Atsuji / 49 / actor / fc: Takuya Kimura

(I normally never add parents wtf is this??)
Atsuji is Fumiaki's loving father. He's very busy because he's been everywhere on tv and silver screens for so long now. He's a well-known and admired veteran in the Japanese film industry. His list of movies and series is very impressive but he has mostly stayed in domestic projects. Despite his busy career, he's always there for his little prince and tries his hardest to give his son all the love he needs and even more than that. Him and his wife often send over care packages to the K-OS dorm with Fumi's favourite japanese snacks and gifts for him and the whole group. He's a silly, loving dad who is also quite clumsy and often messes up without knowing. He's just a dork.

✩ mother / Sugiyama Fujiko / 43 / solo singer / fc: Ayumi Hamasaki

Out of the two parents, Fujiko is definitely the more strict one, but that doesn't make her any less loving than her husband of now 19 years. She entered the industry at a young age herself, so she knows that Fumiaki has to be ready for all the hardships, and she did her best to raise him ready. Fujiko, despite her stricter parenting style, is a very mellow, yet confident woman. She is incredibly proud of her son and how far he has come already. She's the one that has teached Fumiaki the basics of singing and piano, and the expertise of the idol scene.

✩ childhood best friend / Mizushima Joji / 16 / high school student / fc: Tanaka Koki

Fumiaki and Joji have been besties since kindergarten and despite the distance, are still going strong. Joji is always there for jokes, but also for comfort. He's kind of a bratty kid, but he has always accepted Fumi for the way he is. Joji was always the one yelling at the kids that did not accept Fumi and laughed at him for his interests. It was so cute, he'd always puff up like a little angry bird. Now they're both growing up and going through puberty, discovering a lot of things about themselves. Fumi wishes Joji was there in person so they could get through this together. Joji is always there for Fumi's worried 3am calls and emotional venting when he's in distress. Joji is the bestie we all need.

✩ groupmate / Kim Haedam

To be perfectly honest here, since Fumi only knows Haedam in his... bad state... He really doesn't like this guy and doesn't want to be friends with him. He tries to be polite and kind, as always, but to someone like Haedam, it's pretty hard. At the beginning, he was very intimidating and Fumi was scared of this guy. But now that Fumi himself is becoming more rebellious and sometimes mean, he dares to step up against this guy. This could've been his first argument the group has ever seen, the one that made him lock himself away from everyone else for the first time. Overall, these guys don't mesh together. Fumi is in a very vulnerable state and very young so he could be a target for Haedam. But something is hiding in this guy and Fumi can feel it. He's wise, I told you! But for now, Fumi feels no respect for this guy and doesn't listen to him at all. If he was the shy kid he would've let this guy step all over him, but he's a wild teen now, you can't just do that anymore. But while it is like this right now, both of these guys need fixing, and will probably be friends after the fixer-upper has done their job.

✩ groupmate / Lee Jaero

While Fumi really doesn't appreciate how disorganized this guy is, he still looks at Jaero as a lovely senior. Fumi's still shy, but this guy just seems very sweet and nice to talk with. Fumi just needs his warming up time. The only issue is that they are both in a state of almost constant stress at this moment, and while they can find comfort with each other, it's also possible that their stress and insecurities work exponentially together and that they just bring each other down unknowingly.

✩ new parents / yeom injun & jung misun / @haru and @booty

Fumi is slowly collecting a bunch of big brothers, but Injun and Misun have adopted this babie. They are his main parent figures that are currently filling in the gap of his actual parents, trying to help with his homesickness and just overall try to care for this troubled child. Fumiaki loves them a lot, despite his shyness still being in the way for just a bit. He often goes to them for advice and they always happily help him out. They're a sweet couple. Both extremely soft and sweet like honey, but they are both anxious people as well so they know the feelings Fumi is currently having. They will be of great help to this poor kid.

✩ wine aunt / St. Vincent / @booty

Oh the almighty Saint Vincent. The wine aunt of the family. While Vincent really isn't the best role model to have (at least according to Injun and Misun), Fumiaki has a strange admiration for him. He's so fancy, so extra, so confident. He oozes the vibe that Fumiaki wants to have as well. That chique fashionista vibe. Fumiaki loves it. Vincent encourages Fumi to be more confident about his looks, but also encourages him to misbehave more, just so the other older members have to deal with it. Maknae uprising is coming, and its all encouraged by Saint Vincent.


STAGE NAME Fumi, it's a short and easy way to say his name, Fumiaki decided on this name himself because he believed that it would be easier for fans that find it harder to pronounce Fumiaki, and it sounds cute, you know?
PERSONA the shy attractor, because he's usually a shy person, but because he's so experienced with camera's and being in the spotlight, he knows his ways to attract new fans to the group as well.

POSITION main/lead vocal, dancer, visual?


VOCAL high4's sunggu (if you want a twin with more material: The rose's Woosung)
DANCE 24K's Kiyong


✩ He's been singing since he was a kid, while also acting and making variety show appearances with his parents. He only became an official idol trainee in September 2015, when he was 10 (!). He trained for three years under Johnny's associates, then was an active idol in Shonen Ninja for two years. He left in August of 2020 and took a little break. He joined Pledis after a Tokyo audition in December 2020.

Official time from 2015 to debut, including time as active idol: 5 years and around 9 months.


✩ After a life in the spotlight, Fumi joined his first company at the extremely young age of 10. Yet he didn't really feel like he was too young for this. He was already very experienced for his age and was prepared by his mother. He worked very hard and polished his vocals (still with his children's voice) and became quite a good dancer as well throughout his three years of training here. The one thing he had trouble with was the sheer amount of trainees present. There were HEAPS of them, probably enough to make 10 groups. It was not the best place for Fumi. But he kept fighting. He made a few friends among the many trainees, but most of them didn't end up with him in the group because they weren't ready to debut yet. When they selected Shonen Ninja in 2018, it was met with mixed feelings frop Fumi. While he was very excited to debut, he wasn't excited about missing his few friends, and how big the group was. When he saw that it was a 22 membered group, Fumi's heart sunk. Twenty two. Twenty ing two? No. Seriously. Fumi was not ready. He went into it thinking that he would eventually get used to his groupmates, but over the years it just got worse for him. Fumi felt like he was caught in a web. In August 2020 he left the group and the agency. He loved performing in a group, but having 21 groupmates was just way too much for a shy person like him.

After a well-deserved break for a few months, Fumiaki saw that Pledis was doing an international audition in Tokyo, probably already scouting for potential K-OS members. Fumi took the train to Tokyo to audition and he got accepted. This time, he did not mainly get in because of his fame. While yes, Pledis knew he was big in Japan, they were mainly there for his singing skills. Fumi came into Pledis without much Korean skills in his bag. At the start he was the usual sweet child, but after like a month or something, his puberty started to really well up. He started doing things he usually would never do, which greatly confused and worried his teammates. He still wasn't particularly close with anyone except maybe one friend, so they didn't really know what to do with this homesick, raging teen. Luckily, soon some of the older members figured things out and stepped forward to help him out. Especially once he got locked into the K-OS lineup, the other members are able to discover who he is and what he needs to become the usual sweetheart again.

When his voice dropped into the depths during early debut preparations, it was scary for everybody involved. They feared a lineup change, they feared the potential that Fumi's singing was lost forever. But after getting used to his new voice, everybody was relieved. Yes, they had to shift around line distributions, but they'd rather have this than go through the hassle of a last minute lineup change. And most people prefer Fumi's current caramel voice.


✩ Fumi has been in the spotlight for pretty much his whole life. Being the son of a famous actor and a former idol, his first step to fame was when he appeared in a tv series as a baby. From then on, Fumi has been frequenting the tv and silver screens. He was just a kid, but he already acted so well, it was really obvious that he was the son of a legendary actor. Being raised with both acting and singing involved, young Fumi went to train under Johnny's & associates company, which housed a lot of japan's biggest male idol groups. He got into it very young and got trained very well to become a vocalist.

In 2018, he was announced as part of the group Shonen Ninja, one of Johnny Jr's groups. He debuted with them, but since Shonen Ninja was a very big group, containing a grand total of 22 members, it always made Fumi very nervous to be surrounded by all of them. It became too much for him to handle, and while he remembers most of the members fondly, 22 was just too much. Fumi was unhappy, and announced his departure in July 2020.


✩ Once his Korean becomes better, Fumi will start acting again. He will probably start his korean acting career with school dramas but he always liked to act in more dramatic roles, so he'd love to do action series. He'll also sing some OST's probably? And maybe start a solo career in the future, but not too soon. That's more something for when he's an actual adult. He's also definitely going to promote and act in Japan as well because he's so big there. It would be beneficial for HYBE if they used his fame in Japan to grow a Japanese fandom for K-OS.

Fumi also has a lot of experience on tv shows, so once his korean is once again good enough, he will probably attend some variety and reality shows in korea, maybe even with his parents.


✩ Did K-OS' Fumi get bought into the group by his parents? / I think this rumor appears at least once for like every single rich idol. No, he did not get bought into the group, he did all of this on his own.

✩ K-OS' Fumi admits to feeling homesick / After seeing Fumi unable to hide his sad mood (potentially dorm tour vlog or something?), fans were concerned about his well-being. To assure the fans that he was okay, he admitted to feeling homesick from time to time in a vlive, but he said he was happy in the group, with a big smile.


✩ K-OS is his second group already, while he is only 16. This boy is having a blitz career.

replace with fc
replace with fc
love int, width 150px. height should be 200 or higher


BACKUP another one of the baby members (doesn't have to be mutual)


✩ Su-chan - a general nickname for Sumire that both fans and friends share
✩ Mimi - If they ever get close, Sumire and Fumiaki will both call each other Mimi, since they both have it in their names.

DOB 26 March 2006 (ultra babie)
OCCUPATION member of

PRONOUNS she/her


Sumire is a very lovely girl. She's a fun one that's quite easy to get along with. She loves to have fun and has both a creative and active mind. Her two favourite things to do are drawing and dancing. Another thing she absolutely loves to do is cooking. She's very nurturing despite being so young. Recently, she has also gotten into fashion, just like Fumi.

Maybe it's because Sumire got into the scene at a young age, but she's still quite immature and childish. She tends to react to things she doesn't like with temper tantrums. Sumire will probably mature out of the childish nature, but her parents don't expect her short-tempered nature to ever go away. She's a little firecracker. A dynamite.


Honestly, there is not really a love story yet?? I mean... it's a celebrity crush that could potentially develop into something more. But let me talk a bit about how it might go.

Sugiyama Fumiaki, very famous child star in Japan. Aoyagi Sumire, a brand new kpop idol without having much prior recognition. Guess who is a fan of the other? If you guessed that Sumire is a fan of Fumiaki, you're wrong. While Fumi is a big fan of lately, hardcore biasing that round cheeked, cute smiling japanese maknae Sumire, she has literally never cared about him. Sumire knows of Fumiaki and knows that he's a famous boi, but she doesn't care, you know? She's not a fan. Meh. But Fumi, oh sweet little Fumi. He's out here buying albums, praying to the RNG gods that he gets a Mire photocard. He is never in luck, the poor kid.

They have some things in common when it comes to their idol careers. They both trained around half a year and came into their korean companies because they took a liking to kpop. Their debuts are a few months apart.

They are bound to promote together at some point, and Fumi will be freaking out about potentially meeting his favourite girl group backstage. And oh boy, when he will see them for the first time, he'll be starstruck upon seeing all of them. The other guys will take care of it all for him. Approaching the girls, saying hi, pushing Fumi forward, saying he's a fan of them, especially Sumire. She'd burst into a giggle, because how could this be possible? This famous Japanese kid is a fan of her? Damn she must be good. She would find his shy behavior adorable, despite him being a year older.

This could just remain a celebrity crush that is going to sizzle out, but maybe, just maybe, after that first meeting, Sumire gives a little attention to her cute fanboy?


✩ Once Fumi will get to his definitive height, they will be pretty much exactly the same height
✩ Fumi has a full collection of albums, but no Mire photocards yet
✩ Sumire knows who Fumiaki is, but has never been a fan of him

STATUS celebrity crush from Fumi's end
ENDING up to you, it could be nothing, it could be a lot

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LAST COMMENT Okay so hi, the babie is done ;w; I'm sorry that I word vomited sometimes, but I am really attached to Fumi. I am very passionate about him haha I just want the best for this baby and poured a lot of love into him, which hopefully you'll see ;w; good luck with the story, I can feel that there will be an avalanche of apps (please don't let it become a 22 membered group for fumi's sake LMAO-)


✩ This is not really a scene request but can I please introduce you to Raku's group, SUPERDRAGON, which K-OS actually really reminds me of. I'm obsessed with their recent releases Black Box and X but they've been around for quite a while now. This group is experiencing a maturing recently because the youngest members are getting older and since Fumi's fc is from this group I also took a lot of inspiration from it since it's similar in age group as well. They debuted in 2015 (!) and are divided into two major units, which I call the adult younglings (born 1999-2001) and the absolute babies (born 2003-2004) which means that they were literally 12 and 11 when they debuted. After 6 years you can still clearly see which ones are the younglings and which ones are the older unit, since the kids mostly remained smol except for one, and the older boys are all taller except for one (that guy was already smaller than the kids at debut LMAO). So yeah im sorry for the ramble about these boys but I thought it could be useful since they have a similar age thing to K-OS. And also Fumi content. Also look at how smol he was compared to one of the older members at debut time ;;;;

✩ Injun and Misun adopting Fumi and immediately improving his behavior just by providing comfort and care
✩ K-OS and meeting backstage
✩ Fumiaki making a return to acting!
✩ A variety show mentioning how Fumi is compared to Gongchan and him simply beaming because of it
✩ A meeting with Gongchan perhaps?
✩ dorm vlog tour that happens to be on a day that Fumi is feeling like , and he can't lock himself away so he's in distress.

PASSWORD K-otiKs, sometimes we just need a straight forward fandom name. Also this bside. And this one! And a sad one too...


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