I'm back: Where Ive been, what I've been doing, and my plans

I would like to start off with saying that I've missed all my AFF friends very much! I've been gone for almost a year+ without any updates regarding my stories or even blog posts.

I want to give a recap of everything that has happened to me since I graduated college back in 2019:


My last blog post I wrote in 2020 mentioned how I got harassed by my employer and that I quit. Right after I quit, Covid happened and I didn't need to stress too much about money because all my student loans got stopped and I was receiving a check from the government to help me. So, for 7 months I just sat at home and relaxed with my mom. 

In September of 2020, I decided to find some type of employment which my mom's old job was hiring and I already knew the basis of what to do (Counting inventory) so I gained employment and still currently employed. The job is alright, the pay and the hours are crazy. Some days, I only work 2 hours, and some days I'm working a 17 hour shift. It all depends on the store Im doing inventory in for the day. I've been asked to become a supervisor after being there only 8 months, and I was going to accept it, but decided not to because in May of 2021- I went back to school :D

Also, my laptop that I was writing all my fanfics on, the keyboard doesn't really work anymore. So, it was nearly impossible for me write my stories on because a,s,d,w,j,k,l,c,v DID NOT work. So, since I was going to go back to school via online- I bought a new computer \o/

So currently, I'm actually finishing up my last week of online classes and I will have a certficate in Criminal Justice :) Hooray, but not really. So, for my dream career, the qualications they posted was that I needed 12 credit hours of CJ in placement of work experience, and since covid was happening and I wasnt able to get into a clinic to get animal experience, school was the way to go. Only to find out about 2 months ago, that they changed the requirements needed and I no longer need any criminal justice but SOMETHING else and so Im irked as hell. I debated dropping out, but decided that since I paid for it- Im going to finish it. 

Oh, I also became an aunt in 2019~ I'm normally not fond of children. My patience is really low and I dont want children of my own; and so it is really surprising to me that I actually enjoy being around my niece. I (although not by choice but by ethical standards and consideration for my brother) babysit her everyday for a few hours. She is the goofiest and funniest 2 year old ever, and she is attached to me at the hip. She looks exactly like my brother, so she also looks like she could be my child xD So, Im living my pretend fake parent life through her.


I do plan on returning back to writing now that Im not stressed over school (Work might be different if I get this position I applied for) but I really want to go through my stories and edit the hell out of them. I started writing on here when I was like 21, I think, so It's been about 7 years. My style, my flow, my word choices ALL need to change. 

Also, a good portion of my exo stories contain a certain ex-member in there that needs to be removed. So, I'll need someone to remake some graphics for me and I'm gonna have to completely change some stories around. 

I still write in my spare time on a notepad on my phone, so I'm gaining ideas on new stories that will come out eventually. 


Anywho, I blabbed on and on about everything and nothing at the same time.

Andy is still alive, still as sassy as ever, and ready to start writing again and put an end to my writers block!




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