Manners? They apparently don't exist anymore.


Young or old, it doesn't matter, does it? 

So today I was standing in line at the cash register and waiting for my turn when suddenly this old woman with a cane literally pushes me to the side and looks at me like it's my fault for standing in HER spot, even though I was there first. Like what the hell!?! No excuse me, no sorry, no pardon me, NOTHING!!!  I understand that she is old and that she probably can't wait for long, but excuse me?

Would it hurt to just ask or apologize? Of course, I would have let her in front because of her age, but no. Those same elderly expect US to have manners but THEY have no matter themselves! Out of politeness and MY manners, I decided to let it go. But I just don't understand, and this wouldn't be the first time for me to encounter such elderly people. 

Just because someone is old, doesn't give them the right to act like that. They all have canes, but from what I see, they also have the power to shove others when they want something. UGH! 

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