Happy Halloween! + (Bracelet Club Ghost Photo Recreations)

Happy Halloween!

I know I haven't been around AFF as much but there have been so many things happening and changing. Sora and I decided to make ghost trend photos a few months ago. We didn't get to properly execute our ideas but I'm here to wish you a very happy halloween!

I remember having to press the (+) button on my earphones with her toe because we had no camera dude and we forgot how to set a timer for our phone. Not very smart, honestly. All hail or lack of IT Skillz. If you wonder what we do on our free time, we do this LOL

1) We COULD NOT SEE AT ALL! We were posing in the dark because we could not see through the white sheets. The sunglasses kept slipping and I just wanted to end the shoot and eat the popcorn. Our hair was all over the place. 

2) Sora's holding a psychology book and mine is 50 shades darker. The pages kept falling out. The fact that we are posing in front of our beloved giant vase aka our dad's pride and glory in the whole house kind of upset him because he believed that we should have given the limelight to the vase. TBF, it's one beautiful vase. 

3) Self-explanatory. Christian Gray FTW. (ew)

Ending this blog with this photo because how am I able to look this lost even with a sheet on my head. bro. I can feel the energy of me rethinking my life choices lol

That being said, I miss everyone and I hope to go back to writing soon even though I know that's impossible at the moment. 


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