a chaotic life update!!! (new city, birthday, uni, job, plans, etc)

hi guys!! sooo i know not many of my readers come online that often anymore but in case anyone does see this blog and wants a lil explanation as to why none of my are getting updated HAHAH here's the 411 folks 

(i say 411 but I'm not gonna tldr this bcs you know what?? i haven't screamed in a bit so imma let myself be unhinged here) 

WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN!!! lemme try to organize this into sections actually

Moving around + new living situation

So... i think life has picked up since end of Aug - end of Aug (Aug 28) I moved to a different city and i basically packed up 3 years of my life from my old place and brought everything i had with me in this country to my new place (i'm Indonesian, born and raised there but currently i'm living alone in Canada for uni!!). so that was hectic because oh my god guyssss have you every moved houses like WITHOUT UR PARENTS OR AN ADULT LMFAOOO me and my friends rented a truck and it was a whole story to be honest but BASICALLY - the moving and packing part kept me busy for a bit. Notice how i didn't say unpack because tbh i didn't really unpack because... 

Like the day right after i moved into my new place, i flew for a lil trip HAHAH i flew across the country to meet with my high school friends for a little bit!! (and if you are wondering where all this freedom comes from, well, fortunate family conditions and the fact that i made bank during my internship this summer). 

Tbh i didn't even have a real need to move cities? i just wanted to experience living in a big city again and being closer to my close friends and boyfriend, and i'm glad i did, because in this new city, i started getting into new stuff that have also been keeping me busy LOL 

for one, i REALLY enjoy cycling and going to spinning classes now LMAOO. i make it a point to attend at least 1 spinning class each week bcs i find it so fun!! I've also started riding a bike again this year - before this, the last time i touched a bike was in 2015 when my school made me bike through Bali during an edutrip lmaooo ANYWAY. BIKING IS SO FUN??? so I've been getting into that, and in this new city, the people around me are also more sporty so i've been doing stuff like ... playing badminton, basketball (once), ROCK CLIMBING (ACTUALLY I LOVE THIS TOO!!! i can be your ballay partner for top-roping hahah!!) and so... ya. i've just been outside a lot, eating food, touching grass, etc. 

At this point i might seem like some jobless spoiled brat who only knows how to spend money and while that is partially true because i'm not working this term, I'm actually still in school and working for my future HAHA. So here's what's going on on that side of things: 

 School + work

if you've ever read any of my older blog/feed posts, i know i've mentioned working several times here and there. to straighten out the situation, i'm still in uni, but i work a lot because i always try to work part-time jobs in like office roles and Canadian unis have this thing called co-op which is basically interning, and so i've basically been doing school and work terms interchangeably. 

on the school side - i'm taking more classes than normal this term because a lot of the classes i want are only offered in the fall, so that's the main thing that's been keeping me busy. they're all quite involved too so there's always a lot of work i need to do for school...

on the job side, i've also been hunting for a full-time job!! theoretically i could come back to my previous internship places and simplify that process, but there are several issues there. like for example, one of my old teams doesn't hire fresh uni grads. sooo basically, i've been job hunting again!! 

Where am i today

firstly, i'm on a one week break rn so I'll probably try to squeeze in an update by end of week (and watch squid game so i can finally be able to contribute to conversations in society again) (AND WATCH THE D&E EPISODE ON KNOWING BROS AHHH MY BABIES) 

And other than that - it was my birthday on sept 30th!!! i am finally the taylor swift age (i don't know bout you, but i'm feeling twenny two!!!) and wow i'm scared now cuz ??? time goes by so fast these days?? i'm getting OLD dude and ion want that!! i had a good birthday, my boyfriend and our friends surprised me when i was still half-awake in the morning HAHAH and i'm really happy with some of the stuff i got... 

and it seems like life just gave me yet another birthday present bcs i just got an offer to one of the jobs i applied to today!!! like this morning!! it's part of the fresh grad hiring program at the company which is they hire so far in advance - i don't start until after i graduate next summer. SO GUYS I'M SO RELIEVED NOWWWW because i'm good to go now - all i need to do is graduate from uni!! (which tbh is pretty easy, it's just a lot of work lol). And i'm so gladdd because like, it's done now, i got a job in Canada, my life here is good to go and even though i don't know if I'll settle down in this country, I at least know that my all my parents' efforts to let me go to school here have not gone to HAHAH in fact quite the opposite!! it's a good job! :) 

(since it sounds like i'm behind in uni, just wanna make a quick disclaimer that no i'm not - my uni is just 5 calendar yrs bcs i basically worked for 20 months already hehehehe) 

What next

So because i'm done with my job search and i'm already taking more classes this term, next term (winter 2022) is gonna be pretty chill for me so u can expect to hear from me pretty steadily until next fall which is when Adult Corporate Slave Trish era starts HAHAH. Tbh i've heard a lot about the workload of the job/role, so hopefully i can continue writing afterwards, more to keep my own creative outlet alive for myself over anything. soooo right now, i think these are a few things we can expect: 

1. i'm still gonna finish my stories, i'll have more time to write now since i don't have to hunt for my livelihood post uni anymore hahah. and winter is coming which means i'll probably stay inside more. 

2. i foresee myself writing lots in the coming winter cuz i think my workload is going to be pretty chill!! 

3. i think i'm only going to write shorter, 'easy', stress-relief fics from now on because that's what i want writing to be for me :) i like it as a creative outlet, but i don't want to get caught up in it and make it the main occupant of my waking thoughts, ya feel me? like i like writing, it makes me happy, but i don't think writing long stuff at the cost of my other interests + considering the lack of people on AFF these days is worth it anymore. but i def want to continue to write because i know i'll always need it as a form of stress relief, and i hope that any readers reading this will continue using fics as theirs too! <3 

4. on AFF, i'm going to mainly focus on writing - which means i might not always reply to comments, PMs, etc. i'll try to at least give a short reply to each comment i receive, but tbh, sometimes they can be more time-consuming than expected, especially when you are already writing long chapters. i know how people around here feel about interactions though, so i am going to try to be better at replying, but that's not what i'm here for. i'm here to write. 


thinking if i had anything else i wanted to talk about more right now but..... i think that's it?? basically i'm most excited about getting a full-time job already?? this is so blessed, and i just want to give everyone on this site who has ever given me any form of encouragement the biggest THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU, AND I'M ROOTING FOR YOU TOO because you all have been such a sweet part of my youth.

some people have known me since i was like, a 14-year-old writing crap here (HAHAHAHA I'M SORRY), and then some knew me when i was 16-17 and had the emotional stability of an active volcano, and then a few met me in my early 20s when, i think, i'm a much better person in life in general now :) I'm both sad and glad that i took a 3-year hiatus because in that time that i went and got my together, a lot of readers also left this site :((. hopefully they are all doing better in life too but anyway - to any readers reading, thank you so much for everything! thank you for all the interactions, all the positive feedback, and basically... all the memories. you guys are a part of my life that i will always cherish even as i venture far into adulthood <33 

I plan to stay with AFF for a little longer as mentioned above, but i'm not gonna be super active around here. where i am insanely (and embarrassingly) active on, though, is TWITTER HAHA. ANDDD OK I know i said i made an account called @neonflowers_ or something but tbh guys, i'm sorry, i just can't use that acc hahah. i love exo, i still stan them, but tbh i'm not super into the fandom behaviour on twt!! I'm on stan twt for other groups i ult. it's mostly a tighter knit community and the fans are more mature so i feel like i can be myself better there hehe. IF YOU'VE FOLLOWED ME ON MY NEONFLOWERS_ ACC PLEASE FEEL FREE TO UNFOLLOW!!! and if you want to know my non-exo stantwt handle and be moots pm meeeeee


ok that's it. signing off and gonna get back to writing stuff for my stories now hEHEHEH I GOT A JOB HEHEHE ILY GUYS BYE 


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