hey there, delilah; graphic contest entry



Hello to you who stopped by! This is my first ever blog. I am joining a gfx contest and wanted to spread the word!


category: media
— all entries must be inspired by an existing piece of media (movies, tv shows, books, anime) except for fanfics.

prompt: #2




As stated in the prompt description, this poster was heavily inspired by a Netflix series and manga known as Alice in Borderland where the main guy and his friends fights with other players to stay alive in what looks like the end of the world. It's a cruel game with an anonymous creator which requires the players to collect a whole deck of cards to escape the game. When I was watching the series, I could imagine Baekhyun as the main character and the other characters also resembled the idols that are in my poster now. I tried to incorporate the main essence of the series, which is the games and the unimaginable twists and turns one would face while completing each level.



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This is my first time entering a graphics contest and I'm a noob at graphics as well, so yeah, besties, if you see this pls ignore this ugly experiment of mine shsjsj I just gave a try 🏃🏻‍♀️

Anyway, good luck to all the contestants and have a nice day !! <3

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