lf; a caretaker


hey aha HEY you there please click my friend needs some company please i'm desperate take him off my hands


MDNI !!!!!!!!!!


ok now that you've fallen into my trap and clicked this ad, BUCKLE UP because i'm about to offer u the deal of a lifetime


eveything u need to know about this HOT SUB 4 SALE

- he's an nct fcer, occassionally fcs girlies x doesn't care who u fc as long as u have a dig bick and even bigger heart (sorry mamacitas, men only)

-hag ooc, so yknow be gentle w him he may not understand our gen z ways. also please be 20+ !!! MDNI!!!!!!!!!!!!! we ain't tryna go to jail today

-+8 tz but he seems to be awake at odd hours w no solid sleep schedule

-GAMER BOI honestly i dont really know what games he plays lel but i am certain he will make the effort to play w u. (unless its genshin im sorry)

-movie buff so u two can have endless movie dates (and yes he even watches horror ;))

-subby baby switch w sub lean if u wanna get that freaky freaky <69

-CLINGY he's looking for a solid amount of affection and attention so if u want a guy who will love u up right HES THE ONE!!!!!!!! so long as u do the same.

-he's v much up for hella soft dates,, mayhaps one of the softest beans out there,,,,

-looking for something longterm. please no pump n dumps. but he's a v mature guy so if u have something come up ooc or u wanna leave please just tell him, no hard feelings, he'll understand. please don't just ghost (or ill find u and kick u in the bick)

-literally all u need to do is just tie him up and **** him and tell him he's cute every few hours and he will be all yours.

-on twt, dc & kkt !! pm me ur user and i'll pass them onto him for u


-ps. he's 100x more literate than me so don't be put off by the disgusting grammar in this ad ty LMAO


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