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02, oct, 2021.

beeb, beeb! hey friends, welcome back to my channel! haha jokey jokey. here comes the time that jay is being productive at the wrong thing again! i was supposed to write a chapter of my story that hasn't been updated since august, but well- 



my apologies to all roller coaster readers.


anyways, back to the business. it's obvious from the title of the blog; i'm joining a gfx contest again, and this time my entries are even ier than the previous one (i hope lol) so... drum rolls, please! (warning: talkative jay ahead!)


here's my first entry!

*drum rolls*


category: music
— all entries must be inspired by an existing album, concept, song or music video.
prompt #3




it's obvious, right? this was totally inspired by the red summer x the war - our 2017 summer king and queen. when i think of these two albums - i think of the famous baekhyun fic red mercedes *heart eyes* and i think of something fun and FRATSSSSS (ugh rm-baekhyun and all the frat nct fic i've read <3) honestly, if i was to write something based on these albums concepts, i would write a summer party; talk about a group of friends going on summer getaway at a lake or something. 

is anyone kind enough to write a y frat sehun fic for us the sehun simps?


the poster is very, very ordinary. there's nothing special about it. i went for the retro style (which i hope it is) and kept it as minimal as possible. if you've gone through the old movies posters boards on pinterest, you'd see that most of the posters back in the day were just the characters and plain background (with some colors played). however, there are also crazy and y one! i wanted to include the rest of red velvet as well, but more people = less pretty poster :c

i talked too much. now let's go see the second entry.


i've actually posted on my twitter prior to this blog, so some of you might have seen it.


puku puku paw paw
let me introduce you to some new thangs


category: media
— all entries must be inspired by an existing piece of media (movies, tv shows, books, anime) except for fanfics.
prompt: #2




this one is, honestly, the inspiration is all over the place. i love vagabond (new season when!!), i love watching hongkong crime drama.  it was also inspired by taylor swift - bad blood music video and aespa smcu (the part where winter is having a gunfight hehe).

it was heavily inspired by the kdrama vagabond - yep, yep, intelligence agents - however, the biggest inspiration for me to make this - it was the first modern novel i bought when i was 13. it is one mission - a novel in my language and it's about an agent going undercover to find who is the villain that is hiding the nuclear weapon! 

so, agents/criminals nct?


i totally went out of my comfort zone with this one and i love how it turns out. actually, it's still very similar to my previous work, but it's still somewhat different LMAOOOO the fact that i managed to put five people in the same poster (and it turns out y too) is VERY INSANE for a newbie like me. thank you to nct 127 for making it much easier, as they did this intelligence agents concept for the season greeting - and mark's teaser for sticker.

fun fact: there was supposed no jaehyun here, but i can't just make a poster without my ULTIMATE bias, right? so here it is, my tops 5!

alright friends, it's been a very long tedtalk. before i go, please do check out the gfx contest! i'm waiting to see all of your works! and if you aren't a designer, go check there as well - to see other's amazing works! click on the banner to go there.


ah- wait, lemme do a shameless plug-in first. i have also just opened for poster requests. check my little studio out? 


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