Story Masterlist

I'm currently in the process of going in and rewriting/writing all of these fanfics because I have just made my return to this account after god knows how long, so don't be surprised at how few are undrafted, most of them are in draft so I can work on them. And I will be trying out this new thing called not working on 100 fanfics at a time and trying to focus mainly on one or two at a time until I start to finish the ones I have started. As for why I have taken completed stories down and will be recasting/rewriting, I do not support Kris Wu. I think he is a scumbag and I had a lot of stories that involved him (I deleted all stories where he was a main character except for As The Solstice Descends as I would like to renew that as a different pairing). As for other stories, for one, I no longer feel comfortable writing romantic stories about Chen. I left up Astronomical and The Final Enchantment, though I forgot to link them here, and I will do that later, but they are completed works that were finished before Chen got married and had his child, so I will leave them alone for now unless I decide to take them down later. However, the stories that aren't complete that had him in romantic situations, I feel best recasting with other characters as it is uncomfortable for me personally to put him as a character in that kind of role. This is my decision and I find nothing wrong with other authors continuing works they have about Chen so long as it is comfortable for them personally.

active — not completely written, but being written & updated
complete — fully written and posted up, ready to read
draft — sitting in draft status, gathering dust
hiatus — sitting in posted status, gathering dust, no updates anytime soon
in progress — being written, probably in draft or on another site, with slow updates
planning — enough plans have been made to write it in, not enough to work on it



  • City of Goodbyes — yadong, dark supernatural, angst, draft
  • What You Already Had — yadong, fantasy, angst, bad end, complete


  • The Ninth Amethyst — moonsun, pirate au, fantasy, angst, slow burn, draft


  • A Midnight Dance Of Light And Fire — henyang, fantasy, angst, in progress
  • Empty Blood — Hendery & Yangyang & Xiaojun, fantasy, angst, mystery, planning
  • Fleeting Grains of Sand — henyang, fantasy, angst, in progress
  • Polarity — johnten, light fantasy, fluff, active
  • Saints And Angry Gods — johnten, fantasy, angst, draft
  • The Essence Of Family — Taeil & Haechan (familial), angst, fantasy, hiatus
  • The Last Revolver — johnten, fantasy, angst, draft
  • To The Edge Of Hell (Dance, My Love) — johnil, angst, fantasy, revenge, complete
  • Vendetta Reigns — kunten, Hendery, angst, fantasy, revenge, in progress

Red Velvet


  • n/a


  • A Sea No One Can Breach
  • A Song In The Stormy Waves
  • Ace Killer 
  • As Atlas Held The Sky
  • Appreciate Chaos
  • Bed Of Demons
  • Conversations In Bloom
  • Daphne's Arena 
  • Delicate Lies
  • Don't Read This (I May Have Killed A Guy) 
  • Grave Situations 
  • L'amore di dell'Isola 
  • Loving Too Late
  • Parasite
  • Sounds Of Eternity
  • Sunlit Meadow 
  • Terrible Partners 
  • The Amethyst Marauders 
  • The Asylum 
  • The Children Of Sin
  • The Last Romeo
  • The Moment Before Sunrise 
  • The Ninth Sorcerer 
  • The Sand Monarch's Wings 
  • The Secrets Of Carnifex Mansion 
  • The Sky Cried 
  • The War Of Rain
  • The Wrong End Of The Gun
  • When The Sun Fell 
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