1,000th Day : 1,000 kps Give Away + 506 kps ㅠㅠ



— 1,000th day :
kps give away

+ 506 kps

and (feel like) 10 years of Baekhyun in the miliyary - ugh


In short, today counted as my 1,000th day as an EXO-L.
So, I would like to giveaway 1,000 kps for anyone who might be saving up for ads bidding or whatever


Simply leave a comment in this blog and you will be automatically added in the participation list.


The winner will be selected by lucky drawing and be announced tomorrow (12PM KST)
I'll transfer the KPs to you right away : >


Good luck and Have a nice day !  




update @ 08:40 KST

I added 506 kps for one more prize. 


Me rn: 

Have a good night everyone 





Giveaway winner


Site used: https://wheelofnames.com/
*sorry, too lazy to switch laptop for screen record*


Click for full size pic


Congratulations to the winners and thank you everyone for participating ! 
See you next time Baekhyun appear on twitter.




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