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" have you listened to the kahoot music version of sweet dreams? that goes hard. "
NAME yoon minho, 윤민호
 ROBIN YOON  his english name that an english speaking member gave to him
 MINGO, MANGO  common ways people his name up in groupchats. mingo is more commonly used than mango. thankfully minho doesn't mind, and he even embraces the nicknames.
 PAPA  he's the seemingly oldest member of the group, the leader and the unofficial father of the group, so this nickname was given to him by the younger members, except for kit because the younger gumiho only calls him "minho". yes, not even "minho hyung". straight up minho.
 MINHOE  very similar to his twin brother's nickname "suhoe", but minho actually lives up to this nickname because he definitely is a hoe, and is always looking for ways to flaunt it when his braincells aren't fried from sitting at the computer all day long.
 HERE  explanation

DOB november 12, 1999 [ scorpio ]
HEIGHT + WEIGHT 181 cm + 63 kg
FACECLAIM astro's sanha [ cravity's serim, ateez' mingi ]
STAGE NAME eros [ 에로스 ] — the god of love and lust
PLOTLINE + POSITION lust — chastity rap, dance, vocal [ lead rap, lead dance, lead vocal ]
TALENT TWINS enhypen's jay [ overall ], skz' bangchan [ producing ]
SOLO SONG tba [ tba ]
LOVE INTEREST hwang yeji of itzy [ #yeros #allrounderleaders ] [ back up: loona's hyunjin ]
— yoon minho aka eros, one of the two sons of KRONOS member yoon jaehyuk and musical actress kang byeol, and the older twin brother of fellow otr trainee and devil member yoon suho, also a werewolf just like his father and brother.
— he and suho grew up with a love of music instilled in them from their parents and both started auditioning for companies at early ages and minho was the first one to succeed, getting into jyp in 2015, at the age of 16 and training there for 2 years.
— there, he met and became close friends with two trainees named bang chan and han jisung, and chan helped him with music production. seo changbin came along a year later and the four formed a clique they jokingly named "the fantastic four".
— chan, changbin and jisung started releasing songs on soundcloud as a trio named 3racha and minho would help out with the lyrics and music from time to time. he also had his own share of demos released on his own soundcloud account. and he also became close with other trainees as well, mainly a girl named hwang yeji.
— minho left jyp entertainment in 2017 after his trainee contract was up and was immediately reached out to by jung heesu who asked him to join off the record, as his brother suho was also there along with other familiar faces like jeon sion and jeon sigeun. minho immediately accepted the offer and was reunited with his brother and childhood friends.
— he was supposed to debut in devil along with his brother but suffered from a bad ankle injury during a dance practice after falling on it, which led to him willingly withdrawing from the lineup. he had profile pictures taken and everything. he was the first trainee lua thought of when she and heesu first started talking about debuting a new boy group after devil.
— he also produced a lot of songs for artists under otr and sold a lot of demos to other artists as well, but one particular demo stands out to him because it has a story behind it. in 2019, park jinyoung aka jyp himself reached out to minho to inquire about a demo he wanted to purchase for a girl group he was planning to debut, which minho sold to him. when he came to the jyp entertainment building, however, to track the progress, he ran into a familiar face. hwang yeji, now the leader of jyp's new girl group itzy.
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