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tired of continuous failed fl friendships, or relationships? someone on rpw did you dirty? wish you could expose every nasty thing they did without ruining your reputation? let us help you.


fellow freelancers, welcome.

we are an  anon & nymous, admins of an expose account where we help you expose the people that you wish you had the chance to. whether they've been harrassing you, starting drama, or you simply want to anonymously rant about how shtty they've treated you, we're here to help! whatever you wish to get off your chest, there are no limits to what you can expose through us. of course, your name will not be revealed during the expose, however, you're free to expose the name and handle of whoever you choose to expose. 


click through to our twitter account for our guidelines & how to get started exposing someone. 


remember, we have our eyes on you!


our twitter account

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