Hi everyone!

since the start of this summer I had two stories stored into my mind that I wanted to write but fear to not have time or to lose motivation to continue and achieve my already ongoing stories. Alas, I kept thinking about those two all this summer to the point it has already disrupt my ideas for those ongoing fics XD, Conclusion? Better let ideas flow even in a note book instead of keeping them in mind endlessly...


So when thinking of one of those two stories while showering (yeah I know...) I had another idea (Damn mind!) well two actually.

First one: Make one of those two stories a multichoices fic. Meaning, readers would have to choose at every end of chapter or at least at major choices that characters would have to struggle on, meaning too that readers would participate in a way at building the story even if i will write at least one chapter per choice, so the fic will look like an arborescent one with either multiple ends or only one if I suceed to make every choice possible leading to this same end, dunno yet XD. (Bear with me, the idea is fresh!). I try to look on AFF to find other stories of the same sort but beside typing "multichoice" on the tag (which show me a 4 chapters story only) I didn't find any. Maybe you encoutered some already? Did you like them? If not why? If yes why?

Second one: Make a participative story with multiple authors (do you get the "multi" title of this blog now? XD). Of course writing a story with only one co-author can already be chalenging so it is not about that. the thing would be creating a page with a basic plot as a first chapter and letting each of my authors friends that want to participate creating a following chapter on their side to complete the story in a personal way this time (to contrast with the basic plot), so that each author can show their writing qualities and creativity.

It could also be a story chain, with following chapters still coherent with the previous one but each chapter still writen by a different author just to see how fun it could push the plot on ^^ but it may be not the most attractive idea since my friends authors are wide in range of creativity and style :s but if the idea can inspire someone else at least here it is.

if some of you are interested, please let me know, either as a reader or an author or both of course ! I'm pretty sure I would do the first idea, but would love to have your opinions on it!


Have a nice week!

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