Raven ✘ Plotting (possible leader yeeting through)

TW: internalized homophobia, bullying

" i don't get paid enough for this  "
NAME han yejun,  한예준
 NOAH HAN  yejun was born as roman catholic and noah was the baptismal name given to him. being non-religious now, he uses noah as his english name when he goes overseas
 KHUN PHX  a nickname given by yours truly arthit "tai" daicharoenkul, with the "khun" meaning "leader" and "phx" meaning "dad". not only is yejun the leader of raven, he's also the father of the group so tai gave him this nickname. this is a nickname yejun is proud of, as he should.
 HERE  will add more if anything comes to my mind

DOB june 24, 1995 [ cancer ]
HEIGHT + WEIGHT 186 cm + 65 kg
FACECLAIM newkidd's ji hansol [ pentagon's hongseok, soloist kim jaehwan ]
STAGE NAME yejun [ 예준 ] - his real name
PLOTLINE + POSITION lead vocal [ possible leader? ]
TALENT TWINS verivery's gyehyeon [ vocal ], newkidd's ji hansol [ speech ]
LOVE INTEREST momoiro "sakurai" akio [ #sajun #donegang ]
— han yejun, the perpetually tired and done leader of raven. his mother is a classical pianist turned piano teacher so he grew up playing the piano and has perfect pitch, can identify notes in quick succession and stuff.
— literally has two moods, either *chugging his nth coffee of the day* or *charismatic leader*. there's also the *404 alarm bells does not compute* mood that occurs when a certain someone does… basically anything but we don't talk about that here.
— suffered from bullying at school due to being a sunshine, really. smiley, cute, polite. and apparently being polite and generally well-mannered translates to "gay", because he used to have that word spat into his face almost every day. poor kid had no idea what it really meant of course, but he apparently knew it means that people will bully you and beat you up.
— first had his gay awakening in middle school when he was 12. he attended an all-boys school and if that wasn't enough, it was in p.e class. poor yejun was so confused and so shocked because "you're telling me i've been the bad thing people are calling me?" and there started the internalized homophobia. he did talk to his parents about it and subsequently came out, both to himself and his parents. thankfully his parents are supportive but society isn't.
— yejun knew he always wanted to be an idol. music was what he grew up with and even if he didn't get to be an idol, he wanted to be in the music industry somehow. a chance came to him when *company* announced it was holding auditions in 2011. 16-year-old yejun auditioned for *company* and passed, but someone outed him in the company in his first year and the bullying continued there for two more years until the news of his ual orientation reached a higher-up and he got kicked out. and the internalized homophobia reared its ugly head once again. he was at his lowest then: alone, confused and chock full of self-hatred. he remembers asking god, if he was ever there, to just make him straight and everyone stop. little did he know, help was on the way.
— and help came in the form of his younger sister yeji (fc: ji suyeon of weki meki) telling him that a new company, my beloved entertainment, was holding auditions for trainees. deciding to give his dream one last shot, yejun auditioned, got accepted and immediately aligned himself with a set of trainees. and it was a completely different experience from *company*, because the trainees he aligned himself with this time all had a past that was at least… similar to him. imagine the relief he felt when he learned that he would be debuting with that exact trainee set. he finally found his place.
— he's a sarcastic little (not so little, boy is literally 186 cm) but he actually cares about the boys a lot, he's just better at showing it through his actions than words. he does believe that actions speak louder than words after all. and thankfully the boys don't mind his sarcastic comments because they know deep down that he still loves them.
— does a complete 180 with tai though, the younger dancer is his baby. owns the "khun phx" nickname proudly and is also proud of the "yejun's creature" nickname because yes. tai is his creature. his little sunshine. moon intira daicharoeunkul, thorn klahan daicharoenkul and lee hwan reported that. tai literally has yejun wrapped around his finger and yejun spoils him to the max. tai wants cuddles? yejun is always down. tai needs snacks? sure, yejun will buy a basket full of them. tai needs a blanket? yejun will bring him one with a movie so that they can cuddle and have a movie night. if tai needs something from yejun, he can just pout and yejun will give in to him.
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