Blowing Off Some Steam!

I'm writing a brand new original story with PeltingSnow. There are no famous Idols or Actors within it as the main leads. It is not but straight laced all the way down the line.

Gosh! I haven't written a story like that in a long time. I guess that I just want to test if I can still do it.

This whole Kris situation is messing with the flow of my writing. Especially since I was so close to completely the latest chapter of the Empress. Now I have pushed that back for a while. I hope you guys don't really mind that at all.

Check out the new story original storyline! It's based in Ancient China.

It's called, Beneath the Lights of Love (在爱的灯火下)!

And it's PeltingSnow's second original work since Bad Boy, Good Girl!

It's a short love story that we will be focusing on whilst taking a quick step break from any of our other ongoing stories.

We hope to see you there! We love everyone so very much and we hope you all are alright and taking care of yourselves! <333

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