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where the ice flowers bloom
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it's ok to not be ok
sometimes i cried
sometimes i laughed
i was hopeful, i was in pain
my heart fluttered
my heart numbed
i followed my heart, just as it is
FULL NAME Shin Rinae
Renee - Rinae adopted a Western name while she trained in Los Angeles and was registered in high school under this name as opposed to her birth name. Most international figure skaters know her as Renee, even though she officially goes by her birth name in competitions.
DATE OF BIRTH 21 May, 1996
AGE 25 (26)
BIRTHPLACE Seoul, South Korea
HOMETOWN Seoul, South Korea
PRONOUNS she/her/hers
Korean - Rinae is fluent as it is her native language and the primary language she communicates in on a daily basis.
English - Rinae is fluent after living and training in Los Angeles for four years. Although she does not use English as much anymore since returning to Korea, she is still able to communicate comfortably with international figure skaters during competitions.
OCCUPATION professional pairs figure skater
FACE CLAIM Yoo Jiae [Lovelyz]
BACKUP Kang Seulgi [Red Velvet]
APPEARANCE Rinae has long, black hair that she ties up in a ponytail during figure skating practice, wears in a braided bun during figure skating competitions, or lets loose when she's off the ice. She has thin, straight eyebrows and large, dark brown eyes. Her small nose and soft cheeks contribute to her youthful appearance. Although she is petite and lean, her muscles are quite strong from consistently working out every single day.
MEASUREMENTS 163 cm, 46 kg
FASHION STYLE When Rinae is at figure skating practice, she usually wears a black skating jacket and black skating pants with her white Edea skating boots. She also gets long-sleeved, heavily sequined purple figure skating dresses custom made every year for competitions that she pairs with beige tights. When Rinae is off the ice, she usually wears pastel collared blouses or cardigans paired with high-waisted mini skirts and sock boots for an elegant, feminine look. She loves to accessorize her hair with ribbons, pearl pins, or berets and opts for a natural look when doing her makeup with light eyeshadow and pink lip tint to brighten up her naturally pale face. For competitions, she wears glittery dark eyeshadow and raspberry pink lipstick for a bolder look.
Renee Shin (신리내)
figure skater 🇰🇷
catch me on the ice with @baeyoonseok
keep width 125. don't worry about height as long as it's bigger than 185!
keep width 125. don't worry about height as long as it's bigger than 185!
sincere, thoughtful, competitive, perfectionist, insecure, anxious, introspective, determined
Rinae is very sweet and sincere, and innately carries herself with elegance and innocence. She wears her heart on her sleeves and has unwittingly fallen for many pranks, since she has a penchant for wholeheartedly believing in others' words without question. Because she is always genuine in what she says or does, subtle jokes often fly over Rinae's head and she will often find herself laughing along with others at her naivety. She is also incredibly thoughtful and empathetic, and does not hesitate to lend an ear to listen to other people's problems. Especially because she knows how difficult it has been to navigate her own hardships, Rinae does not want anyone else to suffer like she has. She is quick to offer help to others and often does small acts of service to make life easier for everyone else.
As a professional athlete, Rinae is incredibly competitive, which can catch some people off guard. They expect her to be pleasant and easygoing, which is true when she's off the ice and out with friends. But when Rinae is in training mode, especially on the ice, she is solely focused on being the best of the best and nothing else. With such high standards for herself, Rinae does not accept anything less than perfection from herself. She is constantly crunching numbers in her head, replaying her routines, and pushing herself to reach new heights, even when her body is screaming at her to rest. If she makes a mistake, she will painstakingly redo that skill over and over again until she perfects it. There is no room for errors or mediocrity, especially when she is competing at the highest level possible.
With that, Rinae has a tendency to overthink and allow her inner critic to take over, especially on days when her anxiety peaks uncontrollably. Rinae's injury from 2017 has left her riddled with trauma and guilt, and the insecurities that she had before that incident have since evolved into massive overhanging rainclouds that never seem to leave her. Although Rinae can easily put on a bright smile for the crowd, since that is part of her job as a performer on the ice, it is little more than a flimsy bandage for the turbulent storm of fear and despair that swirls within her. Her steps are now filled with caution and the sparkles in her eyes are much dimmer than before. Rinae tries her best to project an aura of hope and confidence, so as not to worry everyone that's around her, but it's difficult when she's more insecure and anxious than she's ever been before.
Rinae is also quite introspective and reflective, especially now that she has reached the latter part of her competitive career. In order to sort out her thoughts, which are often a jumbling mess in her head, Rinae spends many hours contemplating her place in the world and ruminating over her relatively fragile mental health. Especially in comparison to Yoonseok, who seemingly has the mental fortitude of a steel wall, she feels like the weak link in the team and regularly ponders over the circumstances that have led to her current state. However, in spite of her anxiety and apprehension, Rinae is still determined to reach her goals and fulfill her dreams. She pushes through the pain, even if it's mentally and physically exhausting, and diligently continues climbing upward so that she can reach the top one day.
that's okay
Rinae's journey as a figure skater began when she watched the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002. The figure skaters were especially eye-catching as they elegantly jumped and danced around the ice in their stunning sequined outfits. Even though Rinae did not truly understand what figure skating was at the time, she still wanted to try it and she begged her parents to take her to an ice skating rink once the Olympics were over. At first, her parents thought it was just a phase and that their daughter would stop asking about it in a few days. But Rinae was persistent, never failing to ask her parents as soon as they returned from work when their family would finally get to skate at a rink. This went on for weeks, well into spring, before her parents eventually relented and made plans to take Rinae to an ice skating rink for her sixth birthday. And when she first stepped on the ice, her legs shaking with nerves and excitement, it was a magical moment that completely transformed her life. Something about gliding on the ice—albeit very clumsily, since it was her first time skating—made Rinae feel like she had wings. Even when she fell, she got right back up with her parents' help and continued twirling around the ice. It was the perfect way to spend her birthday and Rinae found herself tearing up when her parents told her it was time to leave the rink. She wanted to stay and skate forever. And one day, maybe she could be one of those beautiful figure skaters on TV.
Upon seeing how happy their daughter was on the ice, Rinae's parents agreed to sign her up for figure skating lessons at the Mokdong Ice Rink. It was there that Rinae first met Bae Yoonseok. He had also watched the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics earlier that year, but the sport that he'd been drawn to was short track speed skating. He loved zooming across the ice and racing their classmates. Even though she wasn't much of a speed demon herself, Rinae often participated in these races as well and reveled in the euphoric feeling of cold wind brushing against her cheeks as she whirled around the rink with her peers. Rinae and Yoonseok became friends and maintained a relatively solid friendship over the years, even after they began actively training for their respective disciplines, which meant they were no longer in the same skating classes. Since they both trained at the Mokdong Ice Rink, it was easy to stay updated on each other's progress and Yoonseok often helped Rinae with homework whenever they waited for their parents to pick them up after their lessons. They often went to each other's competitions to cheer each other on and update each other on significant milestones that they reached in their junior careers.
However, soon after she started middle school in 2008, Rinae realized that something seemed to be lacking whenever she was on the ice. Figure skating still gave her immense joy, which was why she woke up at five in the morning almost every single day to skate for a few hours before school. But there was this lingering sense of emptiness about her that she couldn't seem to shake off. In fact, it only amplified whenever she jumped and spun around the rink. Rinae's coaches also noticed how detached she seemed to be whenever she ran through her programs. So one afternoon, they took her aside and sat her down to ask what was happening. Rinae didn't have an answer for them then, since she barely understood what was going on herself. So her coaches instructed her to take a week off of training and mentally recenter herself, since they didn't want to risk Rinae accidentally injuring herself by skating while she was so distracted.
It felt weird to suddenly have time to hang out with friends after school instead of going directly to the ice rink for practice. But Rinae's friends were happy to finally spend time with her, and gossip about homework and budding crushes on boys. By the end of the week, something clicked within Rinae and she understood where the emptiness came from. She was lonely. Skating brought her the ultimate joy, but training to be an elite figure skater was also incredibly isolating. During that week away from the rink, Rinae was confronted with the stark difference between her life and that of her friends who weren't training to be professional athletes. Their hardships were centered around cram schools, relationships, and discovering their own passions. But they had each other to lean on for emotional support as they navigated through the obstacles that come with being a teenager. Rinae didn't have that, especially now that she was older and taking private lessons. There were other girls on the ice at the same time, but interactions were few and far between most days as they all focused on their individual training.
Rinae didn't want to give up on skating, but she didn't think she could bear the solitude on the ice now that she had identified the issue. After discussing this revelation with her coaches, they suggested that she look into ice dance or pairs skating instead of continuing with singles skating. At the very least, she would have a partner who could help chase away the loneliness and be a strong emotional support system for her during this especially turbulent period of adolescence. But they also noted that it would be difficult to receive good training in either of these disciplines since very few South Korean skaters ventured out of singles. Once she was back at home, Rinae searched up as many videos of ice dance and pairs skating performances as she could. As she watched, she found herself drawn to pairs skating, especially after learning that jumps were prohibited in ice dance. The prospect of getting to skate with another person was very appealing to Rinae, but part of her was worried about the lack of training infrastructure she would face if she ended up switching to the pairs discipline. The Olympics were her ultimate goal, and she would never attain that dream without proper training and professional support.
There was also the issue of finding a partner to join her in pairs skating. Because it was such an obscure discipline in South Korea, Rinae had very limited partner options. Most male figure skaters politely declined her invitation to form a pairs team, since they were focused on their own singles skating careers. For a while, it seemed almost hopeless for her to make the transition into pairs skating with no partner to be found. It wasn't until she met up with Yoonseok one afternoon that this problem was suddenly solved by him offering to be her partner after hearing about her struggles. Rinae was shocked by his offer, especially since he was in the midst of building a strong career in short track speed skating and both skating disciplines also required vastly different skills. Not wanting Yoonseok to give up years of hard work for her sake, Rinae initially refused his offer and told him that she would eventually find someone to partner up with. However, Yoonseok reassured her that he was making the switch not only for her but for himself as well. He was also seeking a change after experiencing a similar feeling of emptiness on the ice and she had presented him the perfect opportunity to try something new within the ice skating world. So Rinae gratefully accepted his offer and the two friends began training together as pairs skaters with renewed vigor.
They officially registered their partnership in 2010 after Yoonseok felt comfortable enough to venture into junior-level competitions. However, after a less-than-stellar placement at their first international competition—fifteenth at the 2011 World Junior Figure Skating Championships—they realized that they needed guidance from coaches who specialized in pairs skating. Rinae's coaches from her singles skating days were doing the best that they could to help support the young pair, but they were not knowledgeable enough in pairs skating techniques to properly train Rinae and Yoonseok. The pair had discussed moving training locations throughout the season, but their performance at the 2011 World Junior Figure Skating Championships cemented their decision to relocate to Los Angeles. They officially switched coaches to Todd Sand and Jenni Meno, a husband-and-wife pairs skating duo that competed in two Olympic Games for the United States, and set up a new life in Los Angeles.
Rinae enrolled at a local high school while Yoonseok attended the University of Southern California (USC). It was difficult having to adjust to a completely new environment and also overcome the language barrier, so Rinae was extremely grateful to have Yoonseok by her side. Todd and Jenni were also incredibly kind, and provided guidance that was unrelated to figure skating in order to help Rinae feel more at home in the United States. And the young pair's skating skills drastically advanced under their new coaches. They significantly improved their tournament placements—ninth place at the 2012 World Junior Figure Skating Championships and fifth place at the 2013 World Junior Figure Skating Championships—and a newfound confidence ignited within the pair as their teamwork improved exponentially by the day.
Both Todd and Jenni believed that Rinae and Yoonseok were ready for senior-level competitions for the 2013-14 season, and were prepared to kick up their training several notches so that the young pair could try to qualify for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. However, after multiple discussions with Yoonseok, Rinae ultimately decided to focus on academics for her senior year of high school. She also expressed how homesick she was after several years of living abroad. At Yoonseok's suggestion, she planned to apply for universities back in South Korea and continue training there now that she and Yoonseok had much stronger fundamentals thanks to their comprehensive training in Los Angeles. Todd and Jenni fully supported these decisions, and duly revised their training plans to ensure that Rinae had enough time to study as well as stay in tip-top condition for competitions. Todd and Jenni also began creating training regimens for Rinae and Yoonseok to follow once they were back in Seoul, and assured the young pair that they were always welcome to return to Los Angeles for coaching sessions.
With this being their last season at the junior level, Rinae and Yoonseok put everything on the table for their final appearance at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships in 2014. And it resulted in their first-ever medal, placing second behind Chinese skaters Yu Xiaoyu and Jin Yang. Rinae cried tears of joy upon receiving that precious silver medal, knowing that her decision to switch to pairs skating hadn't been for naught and that all of the hard work she had put in with Yoonseok was finally bringing palpable results. It was everything she could hope for and her dream to reach the Olympics seemed more tangible than ever. And right after Rinae graduated from high school, she and Yoonseok officially moved up to the senior level for the 2014-15 season. With all of the pieces finally in place, Rinae and Yoonseok ultimately set their sights on qualifying for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018. It would be the greatest stage for their Olympic debut, getting to compete on home ice and bring honor to their beloved nation.
Rinae and Yoonseok opened their first senior season at the 2014 CS US International Figure Skating Classic. Placing second behind American skaters Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim vastly improved the young South Korean pair's world ranking. They then competed at the 2014 CS Lombardia Trophy and secured their first champion title, which gave them a huge boost of confidence leading up to the Grand Prix. Rinae and Yoonseok's first Grand Prix assignment was the 2014 Rostelecom Cup where they placed third, successfully blocking the Russians from sweeping the podium. Their second Grand Prix assignment was the 2014 NHK Trophy where they placed fourth. Unfortunately, this prevented them from qualifying for the 2014 Grand Prix Final. With no competitions for several weeks, Yoonseok was able to focus on his last set of final exams and he graduated from USC in December 2014 with a bachelor's degree in global studies. The pair then began making preparations for their move back to Seoul, bringing back a large bulk of their belongings with them when they flew back to their home country for their next set of competitions. Rinae and Yoonseok then competed at the 2015 South Korean Figure Skating Championships, placing first, and at the 2015 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, placing seventh overall. With a short break before the 2015 World Figure Skating Championships, Rinae and Yoonseok flew back to Los Angeles to gather their remaining belongings, and officially moved back to Seoul in February 2015. Yoonseok began boarding at the Korea National Training Center while Rinae moved into a dormitory on campus at Yonsei University, where she began studying psychology. The chaos of moving across the world, starting a new school, and adjusting to a new training environment made the end of the season incredibly stressful for Rinae. They only placed twelfth at the 2015 World Figure Skating Championships, which was disappointing, but Rinae tried not to dwell too much on the results and refocused on the upcoming season instead.
With most of her first semester at Yonsei University taking place during the off-season period, Rinae was able to gradually find a good balance between academics and training. It helped that Yoonseok's schedule was incredibly flexible now that he was out of school, so they only needed to coordinate their rink time with Rinae's classes. By the time the 2015-16 season started, the pair had solidified a manageable schedule that allowed them ample training time together, both on and off the ice, while still giving Rinae plenty of time to study for exams. They began their season at the 2015 CS US International Figure Skating Classic, arriving in Los Angeles a month prior to get some coaching in with Todd and Jenni before heading to Salt Lake City for the competition. And the young South Korean pair immediately made a splash by securing first place and increasing their world ranking after their unsatisfactory performance at the 2015 World Figure Skating Championships. Rinae and Yoonseok then competed at the 2015 CS Nebelhorn Trophy, placing second above Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim this time. With their confidence boosted back up, Rinae and Yoonseok headed to their first Grand Prix assignment, which was Skate America, where they placed third. Their second Grand Prix assignment was the 2015 Skate Canada Invitational, where they placed third again. Although they were unable to secure enough points for a definitive qualification to the 2015 Grand Prix Final, they were named as alternates on the off-chance the one of the top six teams withdrew from the competition. However, Canadian skaters Julianne Seguin and Charlie Bilodeau were called up instead when Chinese skaters Sui Wenjing and Han Cong withdrew due to injuries, so Rinae focused on studying for her final exams and wrapped up her first year at Yonsei University. She and Yoonseok defended their national title at the 2016 South Korean Figure Skating Championships before jetting off to the 2016 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, where they nabbed a bronze medal. A month later, Rinae and Yoonseok placed seventh at the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships.
Several months after that, the 2016-17 season officially began and the pair immediately secured two titles at the 2016 CS Lombardia Trophy and the 2016 CS US International Figure Skating Classic. This was proving to be their best season yet, and they carried this momentum with them into their first Grand Prix assignment at the 2016 Rostelecom Cup, where they placed second. They faltered a bit at their second Grand Prix assignment at the 2016 NHK Trophy, only placing fourth, which put them at the top-most alternate position leading into the 2016 Grand Prix Final. Rinae and Yoonseok did not expect to actually compete, so they were shocked when they received the call to head to France after German skaters Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot withdrew from the competition due to injuries. It was incredibly nerve-wracking to compete at their first Grand Prix Final, but the young South Korean pair managed to hold their own and skated a personal best, placing fourth and landing just off the podium. With another victory run at the 2017 South Korean Figure Skating Championships under their belt, Rinae and Yoonseok skated their way to another bronze medal at the 2017 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships. They then placed sixth at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships, which helped South Korea secure a qualification spot in pairs skating for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics. Even though they didn't earn a medal at that tournament, Rinae still cried upon receiving the results, knowing that she and Yoonseok were just one step away from realizing their Olympic dreams.
In preparation for the 2017-18 season, Rinae took a year-long academic hiatus from Yonsei University so that she could solely focus on training for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Without homework or exams to worry about, Rinae was able to dedicate all of her time and energy to keeping herself in the best condition possible for this season's competitions. Although she and Yoonseok had secured a qualification spot in pairs skating for the South Korean national team, they were not necessarily guaranteed that spot for the Olympics. The pair still had to prove to their national federation that they were worthy of representing their country at the Olympics, so this season brought on a whole new set of challenges for Rinae and Yoonseok to overcome. They officially started the season by placing second at both the 2017 CS Lombardia Trophy and the 2017 CS Finlandia Trophy. For their first Grand Prix assignment, they placed second at the 2017 Cup of China behind Chinese skaters Sui Wenjing and Han Cong. And their silver medal streak continued at their second Grand Prix assignment, the 2017 Internationaux de France. This was arguably their best season yet, but Rinae could feel the stress of consistently missing first place start to pile onto her shoulders. Not to mention, this was the first time that she and Yoonseok had qualified within the top six teams for the Grand Prix Final. This was their chance to make a statement on the ice and show the world that they were going to be a team to look out for once the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics officially began.
All throughout the season, Rinae had doubled her training on and off the ice, ignoring calls for her to rest in between such intense sessions. She couldn't stop running now, not when her dream was just beyond her fingertips. When she wasn't at the ice rink, she was at the gym for strength training. When she wasn't at the gym, she was at the park for cardiovascular exercise. When she wasn't at the park, she was in the studio for dance practice. When she wasn't at the studio, she was skating on the ice like her life depended on it. It was a constant cycle of training with no breaks properly factored in. And Rinae's body was suffering the consequences of her austere training.
Yoonseok didn't realize the depth of Rinae's exhaustion from overtraining until one of their coaches noted that the timing of their side-by-side spins was off. He and Rinae were known for their perfectly synchronized elements; their side-by-side jumps, spins, and step sequences were always performed with impeccable synchronization due to their close teamwork. It was as if they breathed at the same tempo and moved as a singular unit whenever they were on the ice together. So their side-by-side spins, which were some of the easier elements in their programs, having an off-kilter rhythm was very concerning to Yoonseok. He did his best to match her breathing cadence in their next runs, but Rinae's tempo was too erratic for him to maintain without making serious mistakes himself. After a particularly disastrous training session, Yoonseok begged Rinae to take a break from the ice and allow her exhausted body to properly recover. However, Rinae only forced herself to practice even more. Errors could not be tolerated, especially when they were only a few months away from the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
As they were gearing up for the Grand Prix Final in December 2017, Rinae was more exhausted than ever from overtraining. She was running on a handful of hours of sleep every night and her mind was foggy with fatigue whenever she ran through her programs. Her muscle memory kept her from making overt mistakes, but her technique was now lacking the polish that it usually had. During a run-through of their free skate program, the fog in Rinae's mind suddenly thickened as Yoonseok threw her in the air for a triple throw loop. The fog completely muddled her brain, so she both hesitated and panicked while she was in the air. And this split-second faltering in her self-confidence caused Rinae to mis-time her landing and she ended up tearing her ACL in her right leg. Rinae had never experienced such a painful fall before and was immediately taken to the hospital for evaluation.
With an injury this severe, Rinae and Yoonseok were forced to withdraw from the 2017 Grand Prix Final, which allowed Chinese skaters Yu Xiaoyu and Zhang Hao to compete instead. About three weeks after tearing her ACL, Rinae underwent surgery to reconstruct the ligament and was forced to stay home for recovery. Because it would take months for her to properly heal from the injury, Rinae and Yoonseok were unable to compete at the 2018 South Korean Figure Skating Championships, which meant they were passed over for the one qualification spot that South Korea had for pairs skating. And Rinae had never felt a larger amount of guilt and regret in her life than when she tearfully looked into Yoonseok's eyes as they watched the national championships on TV in her dormitory, unable to defend their national title and show the Korea Skating Union that they deserved to go to Pyeongchang with the rest of the national team. This was the chance of a lifetime to represent their country on home soil for the Winter Olympics. But in the blink of an eye, it had disintegrated into thin air with absolutely no hope for a second chance.
A month later, Rinae and Yoonseok silently watched the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on TV at her dormitory every single day. Although it stung to not be there, especially at the team event from the very first day, Rinae and Yoonseok tried not to let their sadness overshadow their support for their fellow skaters. Even so, it was heartbreaking for them to watch the South Korean pairs duo place last in the team event and even more tragic to watch this duo get last place out of all twenty-two pairs that competed at this Olympics. It was to no fault of their own, since they hadn't expected to be suddenly called upon to compete at Pyeongchang for the biggest international sports competition in existence. But the guilt and regret within Rinae grew and grew, almost consuming her from the inside-out. Since South Korea had such few pairs skaters, Rinae and Yoonseok had a real shot at being Olympians at the peak of their career. But that opportunity had slipped out of their grasp because of her injury—because of her foolishness—and Rinae didn't think she could ever forgive herself for singlehandedly dashing their dreams into the dirt.
With her leg still recovering from surgery, Rinae returned to Yonsei University for her third year with a heavy heart and a dark shadow cast over her. Because it would take up to nine months to completely recover from the ACL tear, Rinae and Yoonseok made no plans to compete for the 2018-19 season. And with no reason to go to the ice rink, Rinae holed herself up in her dormitory and only went outside to attend lectures or participate in group projects with her classmates. Yoonseok initially offered to accompany Rinae to her physical therapy appointments, but she firmly refused his help. Every time she looked at him, all she could feel was an immense amount of guilt for failing their partnership with her ineptitude. It hurt less to wallow in her despair without him nearby, so Rinae unwittingly began distancing herself from Yoonseok as the weeks went by. He respectfully gave her space and Rinae's nine-month recovery period was the longest they went without seeing each other since they first met in 2002. And unbeknownst to them, an invisible wall appeared between the pair when they returned to the ice together once Rinae was given the green light to resume training.
After a year away from competition, Rinae found herself feeling incredibly skittish as she and Yoonseok prepared their programs for the 2019-20 season. It was also her last year at Yonsei University, so her anxiety was further heightened since she had to balance her academics with her athletic career. For their first competition after their year-long hiatus, Rinae and Yoonseok placed fourth at the 2019 CS US International Figure Skating Classic. This was their first time ever being off the podium at a Challenger Series competition, and this result caused Rinae's anxiety to spike back up and self-doubt crept back into her mind. She tried telling herself that it was expected to be a bit shaky at their first competition after their break. But when they placed fourth again at the 2019 CS Finlandia Trophy, Rinae found herself spiraling back down into the darkness. At the 2019 Skate Canada Invitational, they placed fifth which was their worst Grand Prix placement yet. And they placed fourth yet again at their second Grand Prix assignment, the 2019 Cup of China, which prevented them from earning enough points to make the Grand Prix Final. This did give Rinae enough time to focus on passing her final exams for the last time at Yonsei University, even though her thoughts were continuously inundated with distracting replays of all of the mistakes she had made this season. And although they were able to successfully reclaim their title at the 2020 South Korean Figure Skating Championships, Rinae and Yoonseok missed the podium once more by placing fourth at the 2020 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships afterwards. They ended their weakest season since their debut at the senior level with a sixth-place finish at the 2020 World Figure Skating Championships.
On paper, it wasn't a terrible season and many pairs would've been happy with such statistics. But for Rinae, it felt like she had failed herself and her partner once more by letting the shadows of her past affect her skating. She and Yoonseok had always gotten at least one podium placement in an international competition since debuting at the senior level, and to finish with no medals this season caused Rinae to start questioning her place on the ice once more. Perhaps she didn't deserve to be an Olympian. Maybe she had never been good enough for such a prestigious title. Perhaps this was all a silly pipe dream that she should stop chasing, especially now that she was entering her mid-twenties. Youth was no longer on her side and any injuries she might incur in the future would only be more difficult to recover from. Perhaps it was finally time to retire and hang up her skates for good.
Yoonseok saw how dejected she was and took her aside one day, away from the rink and the bustling city. He brought her to a quiet hill so that the two skaters could talk about what they wanted for their future and what they needed in order to reach the dreams that they had been tirelessly chasing for so many years. Rinae withdrawing into herself after her injury had completely thrown off their team synergy and it showed in their weak results this past season. Although Yoonseok did not fault her for this by any means, he still wanted to know what was happening to Rinae and understand why she had been so detached from him this past season, even after she had fully recovered from her injury. He wanted to help her escape the stormy rainclouds that seemed to follow her everywhere. But he couldn't hand her the umbrella if she kept shrinking away from him like a frightened mouse. After meeting his earnest gaze and hearing the sincerity in his voice, Rinae realized that she had made another foolish mistake by isolating herself from the one person who could empathize with her struggles, since they were also his. She was in a team for a reason. So Rinae finally relayed all of her fears and anxieties to her partner, and Yoonseok patiently listened as she poured her heart out to him. And by the end, they were able to tear down the invisible wall with the promise that they would be fully open and transparent with each other, no matter what the circumstances were.
With a renewed sense of determination to continue working towards their shared dream, Rinae and Yoonseok valiantly took to the ice for the 2020-21 season. With Yoonseok's attentive help, Rinae was able to keep the shadows at bay and the pair clinched their first title of the season at the 2020 CS Nebelhorn Trophy. They rode this wave of momentum into their first Grand Prix assignment, which was Skate America, and placed second. But the tides truly starting turning in their favor when they won their first Grand Prix title at the 2020 NHK Trophy. With that accomplishment, the pair easily made it to the 2020 Grand Prix Final and reached another milestone by placing third at the competition. This was a tremendous victory for Rinae and Yoonseok, especially this late in their career, and they skated to raucous cheers on home ice when they defended their title at the 2021 South Korean Figure Skating Championships. The pair then scored a new personal best at the 2021 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships and earned a silver medal. And the season came to a satisfactory close with a fifth-place finish at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships, which allowed South Korea to nab a qualification spot in pairs skating for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.
So now, the South Korean pair are finally back at the same spot they were four years ago. Everything is once again in place for Rinae and Yoonseok to compete at the upcoming Winter Olympics. And this is the most terrified that Rinae has been in years. Because one wrong move, one mis-timed element, one brief moment of hesitation can cause everything to come crashing down around her once more. And Rinae doesn't know if she can bear to relive that trauma all over again, especially since she is now nearing the end of her competitive career.
LIKES strawberries, lavender-scented candles, bath bombs, Disney movies, stuffed animals, ice cream, scrapbooks, nail art, massages, origami
DISLIKES bugs, clowns, the horror genre, alcohol, messiness, pickles, germs, hospitals, crowded rooms, avocados
— Her favorite Disney character is Eeyore and her room is filled with dozens of Eeyore plushies that she has collected over the years.
— She loves going with her friends to coin karaoke rooms and singing their favorite songs for hours.
— She never partied while attending Yonsei University. Since she hates drinking and sleeps earlier than most people do, she never saw the appeal of parties and always politely declined any invitations she received.
— She always carries a romance novel in her bag to read on long bus trips, train rides, or flights.
— Most of her belongings, like her wallet and her suitcase, are decorated with strawberry motifs.
— She watches ASMR videos or streams before she sleeps, since they help soothe her anxiety and lessen her insomnia.
— While attending Yonsei University, she was part of the Yonsei Tea Club, the tea ceremony club, and Club Seowoo, the calligraphy club. Although she was not particularly active in both due to her training, she did find solace in these calm traditional activities whenever she felt the claws of despair latch onto her.
— She has a group of succulents in her room that she calls "her pets" since she doesn't have the time or space to take care of a live animal. However, she'd love to adopt a cat in the future once she's retired and has her own place.
— Each year, the pair splits who gets to choose the music tracks for both of their competition programs with Rinae usually choosing pop ballads or drama OSTs and Yoonseok usually choosing video game OSTs, and then alternating who gets to choose the music track(s) for the exhibition gala program in case they're invited. Rinae usually chooses upbeat pop songs for those programs and the pair skated to the Korean version of Runaway by Eric Nam for the 2020-21 season exhibition gala.
— Rinae and Yoonseok's music tracks for the 2021-22 season are: a medley of Striding in the Snowstorm and Moonlike Smile from the Genshin Impact OST for the short program, the instrumental of Round and Round from the Goblin (도깨비) OST for the free skate, and a medley of Qilin's Prance and Shirasagi Princess from the Genshin Impact OST for the exhibition gala.
As a competitive figure skater, Rinae has a rigid schedule that she staunchly follows in order to maintain her physical wellbeing. Every morning, she wakes up at six and has a bowl of cereal, an egg, and a glass of fruit juice for breakfast. She then meets Yoonseok at the rink within the Jincheon Training Center for off-ice warm-ups and jumping practice.

By seven o'clock, Rinae and Yoonseok are on the ice for two hours, running through their short program and diligently practicing any elements that aren't landing as well as they'd like. Once it hits nine o'clock, they leave the ice and have a proper break to replenish their energy. Rinae usually packs yogurt for them to snack on together as they head to their next destination.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, Rinae and Yoonseok have ballroom dance lessons for one hour to enhance their partner coordination and artistry as pairs skaters. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they have ballet lessons for one hour with an instructor from the Myunghwi Art Foundation to improve their balance, flexibility, and lifts. On Fridays and Saturdays, they go to the gym for one hour of strength training.

After their off-ice conditioning, Rinae and Yoonseok head to a dining hall within the Jincheon Training Center for lunch. Rinae usually has a bowl of chicken , lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes while Yoonseok has a turkey sandwich with vegetables on the side. They also end their meals with some fruit before returning to the rink for more off-ice jumping practice.

By one o'clock in the afternoon, Rinae and Yoonseok are back on the ice for two more hours. This time, they run through their free skate program and repeatedly practice their most difficult elements until they feel confident in their execution. At three o'clock, they step off the ice and take another break. Rinae brings out baby carrots and string cheese to share with Yoonseok as they head back to their dormitories to drop off their skates and change into their running gear.

Rinae and Yoonseok then take public transportation to the Han River, and go for a light one-hour jog around the area together. After their run, they return to the Jincheon Training Center for dinner. Their usual evening meal consists of chicken, rice, salad, and a baked potato. After dinner, they usually go to Rinae's dormitory to watch a movie or TV show and decompress. Instead of snacking on popcorn like most people do, Rinae and Yoonseok prefer to eat graham crackers and fruit while they watch TV together.

By nine o'clock at night, Rinae is in bed and sound asleep. Getting nine hours of sleep every night is essential for her physical and mental recovery, especially after what happened in 2017. With her training regimen as strenuous as it is, she cannot afford to skip out on even half an hour of much-needed rest.

Sundays are "active rest days" for Rinae and Yoonseok. They walk around the Han River together for one hour, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, for some light exercise. They do not go to the ice rink at all and spend the rest of their free time on Sundays with their friends. Rinae and Yoonseok sometimes do their weekly Sunday walks around Yonsei University instead and they enjoy spending quiet afternoons in various themed cafes that are in the area if their friends are too busy to hang out.
place one
NAME Bae Yoonseok (28)
FACE CLAIM Kim Kibum (Key) [SHINee]
R/S pairs figure skating partner, best friend
OCCUPATION professional pairs figure skater
Bae Yoonseok is a professional pairs figure skater and Rinae's best friend since childhood. They met on the ice in the same introductory skating class when Rinae was six years old and Yoonseok was nine years old. Their class often went to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream after each lesson, so all of the students became relatively close as the weeks went by. But because Yoonseok wanted to pursue short track speed skating instead, his and Rinae's paths diverged as she continued to hone her figure skating skills. They still kept in contact, getting ice cream together whenever they both had time, but their main social circles stayed within their respective sports.
One afternoon, when Yoonseok and Rinae were at Baskin Robbins for their weekly ice cream hang-out, Rinae began lamenting over how difficult it was to find a male figure skater to partner up with her for pairs figure skating. All of the boys she knew were focused on singles figure skating and had no desire to venture into pairs. Yoonseok had no idea what pairs figure skating was, so Rinae showed him several videos of the discipline. Yoonseok was instantly intrigued, so he continued asking more questions that Rinae happily answered. Unbeknownst to her, Yoonseok had hit a wall in his speed skating training. And after hearing from Rinae that she had also hit a wall in her figure skating training, which was why she was considering moving into the pairs discipline, Yoonseok decided to take the plunge and switch to figure skating so that they could partner up. It took some time for Yoonseok to relearn techniques needed specifically for figure skating and many of his speed skating peers were confused by his decision. But Yoonseok did not regret his choice, especially since Rinae was so excited to finally have someone to try pairs figure skating with.
With that, Yoonseok and Rinae soon became each other's closest friends as they began spending more and more time on the ice together. They officially registered their partnership in 2010 after Yoonseok felt comfortable enough to venture into junior-level competitions. He also purposely applied to universities in the United States so that he and Rinae could shift training locations without worrying about his education. Yoonseok ended up going to USC after he and Rinae officially switched coaches in 2011 to Todd Sand and Jenni Meno, who were based in Los Angeles. During this time, Yoonseok and Rinae's friendship grew stronger than ever as they navigated the challenges of being two foreigners in another country.
Yoonseok scheduled his classes at USC to match Rinae's high school schedule so that they could easily train together. Because they were competing at the junior level while they were training in the United States, Yoonseok was able to focus on school without too much trouble and received relatively high marks in classes. When Rinae expressed homesickness after several years of living in Los Angeles, he was the one who suggested that they move back to Seoul. Once they finalized their decision to return to their home country, Yoonseok took on extra classes so that he could graduate half a semester early. The pair then moved back to Seoul in 2015 and Rinae began attending Yonsei University.
Over the past ten years, Rinae and Yoonseok have developed an incredibly strong partnership and an even deeper friendship. They spend almost every waking hour together, either training or winding down, and their partnership is as strong as it is due to their deep-rooted trust in each other. They share every victory and every failure with each other, and they readily pick each other up when the other has fallen. There are no secrets between the two; Yoonseok knows all of Rinae's hopes and dreams as well as her deepest insecurities and fears. And he does his best to fulfill his role as a supportive partner, both on and off the ice, so that they can both reach their dream of being Olympic figure skaters.
place two
NAME Kang Iseul (25)
FACE CLAIM Jung Hyerim (Eunji) [Apink]
R/S former roommate, friend
OCCUPATION professional singles tennis player
Kang Iseul is a professional singles tennis player and Rinae's former roommate when both of them were studying at Yonsei University. They were randomly placed in the same dormitory their freshman year, back in 2015, and immediately bonded over both being student athletes. Iseul studied Business Administration and was one of the top-ranked tennis players at Yonsei University. The two girls often discussed their dreams of reaching their respective Olympic Games whenever they hung out in their dormitory at night and did homework together. They also enjoyed teaching each other their respective sport, so Iseul now knows basic figure skating techniques while Rinae has learned to hold her own for a short tennis rally.
They roomed together all throughout university, except in 2017 when Rinae took a year-long academic hiatus to prepare for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics. After Rinae injured herself that year, Iseul visited her as often as she could in between tennis training to try and cheer up her friend. Rinae is incredibly grateful for Iseul's bubbly optimism and sunny presence, and cried tears of joy when Iseul announced that she had been named to the national team for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. But a small part of her is also envious that Iseul reached her dream while Rinae has still yet to make it a reality on her end.
Iseul lasted until the third round before getting knocked out of the competition and is now back to training for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, which will most likely be her last Olympic Games before retirement. Iseul is also working on getting her MBA from Yonsei University, so the two former roommates often meet up on campus whenever they have time to hang out in between both of their packed training schedules. Rinae considers Iseul to be her closest friend after Yoonseok, especially since few people truly understand the trials and tribulations that professional athletes must endure on a daily basis.
place one
NAME Cha Yoomi (27)
FACE CLAIM Ahn Sohee [Wonder Girls]
R/S roommate, friend
OCCUPATION professional singles figure skater
Cha Yoomi is a professional singles figure skater and Rinae's current roommate in the Jincheon Training Center as they both prepare for the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Yoomi and Rinae have known each other since they were children, having both gotten their start at the same ice rink. When Rinae was still training as a singles figure skater, Yoomi often helped Rinae master any elements that the younger girl was struggling with. Even after Rinae made the switch to pairs figure skating, the two girls have remained close and still cross paths relatively often since they both practice in the same training facilities.
Rinae holds an immense amount of respect for Yoomi for pushing the boundaries of a typical professional figure skater and not letting age hold her back from competing with the spry youngsters who are dominating the field. Yoomi was too young to escape Kim Yuna's shadow during the Olympic Champion's peak, but she was also too old to truly take the spotlight after Kim Yuna's retirement. However, Yoomi never let this barrier affect how she pursued her dreams and goals, and has staunchly continued training in hopes of making the national team for her final appearance at the Olympics. Even if she cannot jump with the same ease that most young skaters do nowadays, Yoomi still stands out in the rink thanks to the beautiful artistry of her performances that she has perfected over the past ten years. What she lacks in the technical score, she more than makes up for in the component score and Yoomi is still considered one of the best female figure skaters in South Korea because of her radiant programs.
Yoomi is also known as "the caring older sister" of the South Korean national figure skating team and she treats all of the female skaters like they're her precious younger sisters. She never fails to offer hugs whenever skaters like Rinae start showing signs of having mental breakdowns on the ice and Yoomi knows how to gently bring these girls out of such dark headspaces. Her wisdom and compassion often serve as an anchor for younger figure skaters who do not know how to deal with the tremendous amounts of pressure and stress that this competitive sport places on their shoulders. Rinae feels incredibly lucky to have Yoomi, who is going for her third Olympic Games, as a roommate and an unofficial mentor during this emotionally turbulent time. When Yoonseok returns to his dormitory every night, Rinae can still turn to Yoomi for advice and reassurance that everything will be okay in the end.
place two
NAME So Yeonwoo (21)
FACE CLAIM Choi Bomin [Golden Child]
R/S friend
OCCUPATION short track speed skating national athlete, second year sport industry studies student at Yonsei University
Rinae and Yeonwoo met through Yoonseok as a mutual connection. Although Yoonseok discontinued his short track speed skating training, he has still maintained close friendships with many of his former training peers and often hangs out with them whenever they have free time. As such, Yoonseok has gotten to know many younger speed skaters who have joined the group over the years and Yeonwoo is one of the newer skaters he has recently become good friends with.
Rinae also knows most of the speed skating team because of her connection to Yoonseok. She often tags along to their hang-outs and does her best to blend in with everyone so that she doesn't inconvenience anyone with her presence. Yoonseok introduced Rinae to Yeonwoo in particular soon after the young skater joined the senior national team. With Rinae and Yoonseok practically attached at the hip due to their intense training schedule and tight bond, Yeonwoo assumed they were a couple at first. Even after being corrected, Yeonwoo cannot resist teasing them and often insinuates that there is more to their relationship than just friendship. Rinae never knows how to respond to these quips and just giggles along whenever he does since she knows that he'll never let it drop.
Aside from these jokes, Rinae treats Yeonwoo like the younger brother she never had and dotes on him with the rest of the speed skating team. As a recent alumna from Yonsei University, Rinae loves giving Yeonwoo any tips and tricks she picked up during her university days. Being around Yeonwoo's youthful energy always makes Rinae smile and feel more relaxed, which is very welcome during this increasingly stressful time. And Yeonwoo greatly enjoys watching Rinae and Yoonseok practice their programs, and is always in complete awe of their complicated maneuvers whenever he sees them in action.
life direction
As Rinae heads into the 2021-22 season of competitive figure skating, she only has one goal on her mind: she and Yoonseok are going to qualify for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and compete on the biggest stage in the world for international sports. She is putting everything on the line to ensure that she and Yoonseok snag the one qualification spot that South Korea has for pairs skating. There is nothing more that she wants than to finally skate on Olympic ice and show the world that South Korean figure skaters should never be counted out, even in the post-Kim Yuna era. And achieving this with her best friend would make this dream everything she could ever hope for and more.
However, the shadows from the 2017-18 season continue to hang over her, darker than ever now that they are just months away from the Beijing Winter Olympics. As much as Rinae wants to be at the rink and on the ice as much as possible, perfecting her program runs with Yoonseok, she is simultaneously terrified of injuring herself again and losing another chance at being an Olympian. Even though it's been four years since she tore her ACL, she cannot shake away the terror and guilt that eats away at her every night before she falls asleep. Every time she jumps and something feels the slightest bit off, Rinae's mind is instantly bombarded with flashbacks of her injury and memories of the despair-filled months that followed. And those jittery moments of hesitation lead to stumbles and extra mistakes that she absolutely cannot afford when this season's competitions are just around the corner. Rinae knows that this deep-seated apprehension has no reason to linger around, especially with Yoonseok by her side to fully support her. Nevertheless, it is still a constant battle uphill to keep these fears at bay while she trains. And this inner battle within Rinae evolves as she tries to find balance between training like there's no tomorrow, because that is how someone becomes the best, and not training herself to death to avoid debilitating injuries that may occur if she happens to overexert herself again.
Even so, desperation and pressure start mounting on Rinae's shoulders once more. Her mental health takes a significant nosedive as the darkness threatens to swallow her whole like it did after her injury. As much as she tries to fight these demons, part of her is hyperaware that time is running out with each passing day. The Beijing Winter Olympics will most likely be Rinae and Yoonseok's last chance to compete at an Olympic Games, since Yoonseok will have to enlist soon after the competition if they do not qualify and medal there. If the pair manages to nab a spot on the podium, Yoonseok will be granted an exemption from military service. But if they don't, they will lose another two years of training which, combined with their age, will probably keep them from qualifying and competing at the Milano Cortina Winter Olympics in 2026.
Yoonseok has brought up the possibility of Rinae skating with a different partner after the 2021-22 season concludes, since she is still young enough to have one more shot at the next Winter Olympics if they fail to qualify and medal in Beijing. He sees no reason for her to retire early because of his life circumstances. Partnership changes happen all of the time and perhaps a new skating partner will elevate Rinae to a level that Yoonseok was unable to help her reach. However, Rinae cannot even fathom what skating with someone else would be like. Yoonseok has been her partner for over a decade now; he is the only one she trusts on the ice, to catch her when she's spinning in the air, to throw her with speed and grace, and to never let go when she's spiraling around him.
Countless questions start popping into Rinae's head after the suggestion is made and her anxiety spikes to new highs as her mental health continues to steadily decline. Does an Olympic medal matter more to her than her decade-long partnership with Yoonseok does? Is it a sign of betrayal if she does decide to partner up with someone else, even though Yoonseok was the one to suggest it? What if she performs worse with a new partner? But if she performs better with someone else instead, does that mean she and Yoonseok were never meant to be on the ice together? Will she even be able to find another figure skater who is willing to jump into pairs skating with her if she does decide to go for the Milano Cortina Winter Olympics? She was lucky that Yoonseok was willing to switch from short track speed skating back when they were teenagers. Now, there's no guarantee that she'll be able to find someone else experienced enough to fill the hole that Yoonseok would leave behind. And there's also no guarantee that she'll even like skating with a new partner after being with Yoonseok for more than ten years.
As the Bejing Winter Olympics looms even closer, Rinae finds herself collapsing both on and off the ice more than ever. And she realizes that she cannot continue to hold onto these fears and worries any longer for her own sanity. Rinae decides that she is going to stop worrying about the future and start focusing on the present instead. No matter what happens, she is going to try her hardest to get herself and Yoonseok to Beijing, skate like it's her last competition ever, and enjoy the precious time that she has with Yoonseok as her partner before he enlists. And with any luck, they will medal in Beijing and all of these worries will become moot. As long as she has fun skating on the ice, everything else will be okay in the end.
Hello! My name is Shin Rinae and I'm a professional pairs figure skater with my best friend and partner, Bae Yoonseok! We're hoping to represent Team Korea at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing next year!
At the moment, Yoonseok and I have our eyes set on qualifying for the Beijing Winter Olympics. And once we've made the team, we plan on winning a medal there. Because this is probably our last chance—our only chance—to compete at the Olympics, Yoonseok and I want to do everything we can to show the world what we're capable of and make our country proud. Once we make it to Beijing, we don't want to leave with any regrets. After…what happened before the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, it felt like my life was riddled with regret. But I'm trying not to let that hold me back anymore. So no regrets. That's what I'm trying to live by now.
I'd say persistent, kind, and…sensitive.
I… I hope I can be remembered as someone who never gave up. Even when everything felt hopeless, even when it felt like nothing would ever work out, I… I didn't let despair win in the end. I somehow managed to stand back up and move forward.
Thank you so much for the opportunity! If you'd like to follow us on our journey to qualifying for the Beijing Winter Olympics, you can watch us compete in the Grand Prix series this fall and the South Korean Figure Skating Championships in January! We'd be honored to have your support!
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