Where the hell have I been?

I know it's been a while since I've updated my stories, updates are coming though- I am working on them slowly.


I moved to a new state in the beginning part of July, and obviously there was a lot of work to do before the move as far as arrangements went and then once I got here there was a lot here as far as the house went. I've a cute house, but it is about 120 years old with a lot of original wood work in it especially in some rooms for flooring and window/doors/framing so that needed just a little bit of love, but things are coming along.


And thennnnn my dog breeder got in contact with me. I expected to be waiting until about Spring 2022 for a puppy, but there wound up being a pair of little girls I could pick from, so I did and now my baby will be home on August 12th. I've been puppy proofing and gathering supplies and it has been craaaazy. Puppies are expensive man but I think I got literally everything I could think of for her, finally.


Writing has been slow because I just haven't had time, but I've been working on some things.


As well as a new (long) one-shot that I shouldn't have been working on but like... I stayed up for like 2 days maybe and things just... happened. It definitely isn't my best work but it'll be something to read that I can mark complete when I edit it, haha.


Harry Potter AU and my Omegaverse will be getting updates soonish(TM) if all goes well.

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