So I heard about the Wu Yifan issues this morning and have been debating posting this but I decided I want to clarify some things. If you read any of my EXO (especially Taoris main) fics they will continue. Basically how I write is that I pick a celebrity couple from a hat and just use them for reference for appearance and for a name. I sort of base the character off of the persona they put on on stage, but no I do not intend the character I write to actually be the person. If you have issues with this or can't read it I totally understand and you're more than welcome to stop reading my stories, but I will continue writing them. I do not approve of what he has done, and I am unfortunately unsurprised anymore. I just prepare myself to be disappointed by celebs in general and so it doesn't really surprise me what happened. I am disappointed though. And as such may take some time off from the stories with Taoris mains. I hope no one is offended by my decision and I hope they understand where I am coming from. Thank you all. 


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