Would you rather...?

Because I miss writing but don't have time to concentrate enough to write my chapters...



(1) Meet your great grandparents OR Meet your great grandchildren?

Great grandparents cause I hope I won't have  great grandchildren, not with our planet in this state...

(2) Have more time OR Have more money?

Have more time to make more money and experiences without rushing.

(3) Have life rewind button OR Have life pause button?

Pause button, I don't want to change the past otherwise I would lost my wisdom and I do not want to be a child again!!

(4) Know all the world's languages OR Speak with animals?

 Well speak with animals since I consider Human as an animal species XD (sometimes way under majority of animal species)

(5) No one shows up at your wedding OR No one shows up at your funeral?

Hard to answer since i'm against wedding ceremonies XD and I don't care about funeral because ...I will be dead ! So i will answer Every one showing up during my life time !

(6) Stuck in an elevator OR Stuck on a Ski lift?

Depend with who...XD

(7) Go to dinner alone OR Go to a concert alone?

Having dinner with my husband while watching a Concert DvD at home, cause I don't like crowdy place nor paying a huge amount of money for having a poor sound a visual quality and I don't see the point to go dinner outside alone when I'm able to cook for myself for third of the price XD.

(8) Go sky diving OR Go bungee jumping?

Can't we bungee jump from a plane then let go of the cable to skydiving? if not, Sky diving.

(9) Go on vacation with friends OR Go on vacation with spouse?

Ahahah, vacation for me would be ALONE because vacation for means doing nothing at all, taking care of nobody, not compromising with anyone, not cooking, sleeping when I want, eating when I want, doing what i want without planning anything or asking somebody ...

(10) Get a brand new house OR Get a brand new car?

Get a brand new house to rent it to buy a brand new car.

(11) Have to sit all day OR Have to stand all day?

Don't care as long as I can lie down at night.

(12) Have super sensitive taste OR Have super sensitive hearing?

Super sensitive hearing is in the mother package, so taste.

(13) Be too hot OR Be too cold?

Too cold cause we can wear tone of clothes to compensate but at the end being too hot even bare is unbearable for me.

(14) Live in a cave OR Live in a tree house?

Cave cause i have a 4 years old son, tree house would be too dangerous.

(15) Be a deep-sea diver Or Be an astronaut?

Human isn't made for space, at least we come from water so deep sea diving, plus we can still come back at the surface if there is an issue but in space that is more complicated.

(16) Be able to fly OR Be invisible?

Fly but with a radio to join the air trafic control XD

(17) Go bald OR Forever cursed to have terrible haircuts?

each day passing im wondering more and more  if bald would be okay with my head shape XD because hair take times and care and makes me feeling hot half of the year then cold the other half when they don't want to dry quickly in winter XD.

(18) Have no eyebrows OR Have only one eyebrow?

Have no eyebrows, beauty is in symetry no matter what Picasso says.

(19) Be born with an elephant trunk OR Be born with a giraffe neck?

Giraffe neck to wear more necklace and big earings!

(20) Have a 6-pack(abs) OR A free 6 pack of beer every night?

Don't like alcool, don't like bublles drinks  so you have your answer...

(21) Be rich OR Be poor and find true love?

Be poor, find true love then become rich of course.

(22) Have 1 wish granted today OR 3 wishes granted 5 years from now on?

 One wish granted today, the wish being to have as many wish that I want ad vitam.

(23) Live forever OR die in next 5 minutes?

Live forever as long as i can decide to end my days when ever I want.

(24) Play video games OR Go on an outdoor adventure?

depends on the game  and the outdoor activity, if it is a fifa or COD or Mine craft games id rather be outside.

(25) Live in perpetual summer heat OR Live in perpetual winter?

Live in perpetual winter!

(26) Hang with few friends OR go to a big party?

Few friends are enough, I don't like partying i have fun by enjoying my friends presence and to be able to talk or play calmly with them

(27) Have adventure OR Have relaxation?


(28) Have fame and fortune OR Have love and wisdom?

Love and wisdom bring fortune, fame is superficial and bothersome, don't want it at all.

(29) Never have to work again OR Never have to sleep again?

Never have to sleep again, will gain 30% more of my life time that way.

(30) Never play OR Play but always lose?

Play but always lose because fun is in the action of playing to on winning.


There, conclusion i'm not so much a binary person i think XD.

What about you Gingerdip, Deedee101, Otornim?

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