Album Giveaway Update + Winners



Kumusta? I announced the giveaway last April and now I can finally give you an update!


The Bambi and DFTF Albums arrived yesterday and I have never been this excited to open a freaking box. HAHAHA. The sad thing is, I destroyed the DFTF Jewel Case and I managed to (somehow) fix it. I am deeply sorry. T-T Accidents really happen whenever I’m around. T-T So I will be giving the DFTF Jewel Case together with another album to one winner to compensate for my stupid mistake.



As announced last May, below is the prize list:


1. DMUMT MODERATO w/ BBH poca & postcard

2. THE WAR REGULAR A ver. w/ BBH postcard

3. LOVE SHOT Shot ver. w/ BBH poca

4. BAMBI Jewel Case Ver. w/ random BBH poca

5. DMUMT ALLEGRO w/ OSH poca & postcard

6. DFTF Jewel Case w/ random poca

7. THE WAR REGULAR A ver. w/ OSH postcard

8. DMUMT ANDANTE w/ OSH poca & BBH postcard

9. DMUMT ANDANTE w/ OSH poca & postcard




Note: I already know the AR cards for the DFTF Jewel Case because I opened it (sorry!) but I won’t reveal them for now. Just be surprised. LOL.


Will also include some unofficial merch like stickers or photocards I got from different shops. I'll try to include more surprises! HEHEHE.


The six winners are as follows:








To the six of you, please send me a DM. This means you have won. Thank you.


If I have missed anyone, don’t hesitate to inform me through DM. But I think, they are the only ones who followed the mechanics.


I am officially closing the giveaway now. I’ll announce the sets they will receive on August 22, 2021 (my 6th year anniv in AFF) and will start sending them after the announcement. Hopefully, I won’t be too busy by then…


Good luck! And thank you for joining this giveaway… and please cherish your soon to be adopted babies. <3




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