My sister's birthday & our stupid photos (Love u sora)

This blog is for Sora's 16th birthday!

Sora's 16th birthday was different because we didn't actually go out like all the other times we did. I remember I bought a bunch of white and red and finally made a make-shift background. We're a family of four that has been through hell & back together. I've been blogging on AFF for a while now since 2011 and this website has been a witness for every milestone for us. 

16 is such an important day for all of us, for Sora especially. It's an age when we all begin to realize what we are studying for, and what step we are going to take next. 

Here's the makeshift background. (All hail us) Covid as well. 

Sora's big brain decided we should make ghost photos and we will do that (October though) and soon enough. But we do 100% definitely recommend having a back drop at home! Especially if your parents are photo freaks like ours. This is an example of a ghost photo from Sora.

Soon coming, we need to get our creative juices coming. Halloween is probably the best time for that.

This blog might be a bit emotional but this is just me telling you not everyone is able to have the same sister I do. Sora was the first person I went to when I had my first heartbreak and despite being 8 years younger, she takes care of me way more than I can take care of myself. To have someone to be there for you, in both the form of a sister, a friend and everything in between is all that everyone needs.

We may be 8 years apart but when I talk to her, it never feels that way. We have different ideas but we agree on things and try to respect each other as much as we can. I see a lot of myself when I look at her and it might have helped that we were apart for a few years. 

We may be very very different but sisters are sisters and I would never wish for anyone else as the person I can confide in. People tend to ask me how my relationship with my sister is. We never hug each other unless we have to. We never kiss each other unless ordered by our parents. We never tell each other we love each other unless it's through the phone as a greeting or as a goodbye. 

A lot of our love is shown through actions (wordless) but i know she knows that i know that I know :D

Not many of us are lucky enough to have a loving family and maybe that's what makes me thankful every day. To have friends who support me when I need them to and to have a sister who'll comfort me when I need her to. To have parents who keep telling me that "I brought you up well" and that "That is why no one should treat you any less." 

Happy 16th Sora, 
Thank you for being my driving force. Thank you for giving me ideas and telling me that it'll be okay even if I'm drunk on some days and you need to focus on comforting me. Thank you for always being the one person I live my life for because without you, my life would have been so lonely. You know that; I know that. 

And then thank you our parents for being + amazing in raising us. Sora and I had fought since we were young and by fight, I mean-- I had once punched her out of my room because she stole my stickers. I went home one day and she opened my sticker folder so I went to her room and punched her. 

But family is family and despite what other people say, we know that's all that matters.

Also, I can already see the "You looked different from your 2013 blog post" comment. YES! That's why I deleted those. /stares/ I need more retinol and collagen, bye.

Tell your siblings you love them, tell your parents you love them.

And happy birthday Sora on the 3rd of July? Heck no. Baby, Happy Birthday MONTH. Love you, my favorite cancer. 

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