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THIS TAG HAS BEEN FLOATING AROUND AND QUESOJAY MADE A VERY BAD DECISION IN TAGGING ME SO LET'S MF DO THIS!!!!!! I've tagged some of u guys so u better do it cos I'll read them all!!!!

WARNING: lots of exo gifs


1)  Have you ever stayed awake for an entire night?

no holy who would do that??? don't they say sleep is central to all aspects of ur health?? couldn't be me...🧍🏻‍♀️ just kidding i do it all the time, idk there's some sort of high u get when you're sitting there drowning in stress 📈 and over the frantic keyboard typing you can hear the birds outside taunting u with their mf chirping and you wanna start blasting each and every one of them w a gun.... just me?? aight. i choose violence every morning.

in all seriousness, i am a master procrastinator T_T and i only ever really do it if i have an assignment due/if i'm really determined and wanna push out a chapter or smth... hehe, i think the least sleep i've ever gotten was 2-4 hours in 2 days? 🥰💃🏻


2) Have you ever had a friend who shared the same birthday as you?

oh my yessss she's a high school friend but we're not really close :c BUT ANYWAY SHE SHOULD BACK TF OFF COS HOW DARE SHE CHOOSE HER BIRTHDAY AND SELECT THE SAME ONE AS MINE????????

also fun fact sehun's birthday is apr 12 and mine is a week away his, and by the time april rolls around i really don't care about my own birthday because sehun is the sun in my life??? help??? it's mental illness innit??? 😭✊


3) Have you ever been caught fooling around by a parent or a sibling?

.....i will die the day my parents catch me doing anything. i'm not even sure they know i know what boys are???? also omg one time my parents saw my sehun lockscreen and they were like 🤨 and i was so happy cos i thought they mistook him for a bf or anything but then they were like honey no.... he's too good-looking for you... get ur head out ur ... and safe to say i cried myself to sleep that night I WAS HUMBLED FR....

also my brother once saw a hickey on my neck and 🏃🏻‍♂️  BUT THAT'S IT THAT'S THE CLOSEST ANYONE HAS EVER SEEN ANYTHING 


4) Have you ever not been able to remember how you got somewhere?

OMGGG there was only one (1) time i had ever gotten like fully -faced drunk and fully could not account for 4-5 hours of the night lkajsdlfkjsd so i don't really remember how i had gotten to sleep? otherwise i'm normally fine with alcohol & can remember the night 😎

(i love kyungsoo sm.... omg....)


5) Have you ever used a fake I.D. and then couldn’t remember your new name?

ok i've never used a fake ID while UNDERAGE, but there was one time i went out for New Year's and forgot my drivers licence T_T but thankfully my friend (who was only coming to dinner and not out clubbing) lent me her ID and i memorised the out of her name and address 😎


6) Have you ever fallen down the stairs?

damn this questionnaire said LEAVE NO DETAIL OUT! but no hehe i've never broken a bone too i'm so lucky <3333333


7) Have you ever skipped a class or a whole day of school?

yes omgggg at my old high school we had a massive grind culture? like everyone studied really really hard and we all wanted to do really well, so a lot of the times I would skip school... TO STUDY AT HOME... HSDHHSHSDHSD

oftentimes we'd skip school and meet each other at the library to have a full day of uninterrupted study omg... otherwise we'd stay at home and let our attendance records 📉📉📉 i used to be the perfect student and have 100% attendance but then i became an even better student and started skipping school for extra study time wtf 


8) Have you ever seen a couple kissing? 

damn this really be a specific question wtf... HSHHSHSA but uh yes maam it might not seem like it on my fics but i have indeed seen real-life kissing 😌


9) Have you ever changed your bias? If so, why?


so i started stanning exo in 2012-2013 and while i had absolutely no reason to adore the skinny little sehun with the one line ("E... X... O!") OMG I LOVED HIM SO MUCH???? kai was always a close second tho... but yeah omg my bias list (after sehun) changes all the ing time, especially with the mf teasers that SM is pumping out, but sehun has always been my number 1️⃣ hehe. 

otherwise before/during exo i also really loved b2st/beast, sistar, bigbang, snsd, f(x), shinee.... omg does anyone remember when infinite used to DOMINATE aff????? god... the amount of Myungsoo/L fics ahsdhhsd THAT WAS INSANE????

also omg i really really loved Ailee so much??? like every day i would go home and listen to her songs and her covers i was mf crazy, i look up to her so much omg ❤️


10) Have you ever regretted not attending a certain concert?

aight i better get some sympathy cards for this but.... i've never been.... to a concert 😭 well, i've been to a music festival but never to a concert and certainly not an EXO concert omg.... brb crying 😭 


anyway omg thank you for reading???? cannot believe yall hate yourselves enough to go thru this entire thing???? anyway besties if i tagged you please do it but even if i forgot to tag you, DO IT!!!!!!! i'd love to read all ur answers hehe ❤️


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