How do I make trailers?







Hello everyone,

I started making edits/trailers in 2015 and I should know a lot more things about it than I do now, but for two years I stopped editing, deleted everything related to that, and swore I would never edit again (poor me)
But then recently I decided to go back to editing and I realized that I haven't forgotten how to do it XD. I know there are many better editors and people who have been making trailers for fanfics for a lot longer and certainly in a much easier way than mine but still, I thought it would be fun if I shared here what MY editing process is like and maybe help someone who wants to learn something. (Always remember that what I say here is not the only way to make it, it's the way that works for me)

How will it work??

For each story that I make a trailer, I face a different challenge, sometimes it can be related to the content of the story, the songs, effects, quotes, or even the vibe that the story wants to convey. With that in mind, I will record videos and post them here on this blog. For example, how I choose the songs for the trailer, how I do some effects, what program I use, and stuff like that.

What do you want to learn?

If anyone wants to know about something specific related to editing you can leave a comment and I can try to help. Of course, I'm not a pro at editing. I edit for fun, but I learned a few things during this time, and I just want to share them.

Soon I will update the blog with the first video.
See you soon XOXO



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