Son in Law

It has been a long long time that I came back to asianfanfic platform again, i think almost after 8 or nine years of inactivity. I am back and writting. 

Alright, i know not many will read the blogs (XD i dont know if anyone still remebers me) but let me share something that happened couple of minutes ago.

I have this huge poster of DBSK (mirotic era poster) in my room and i was cleaning the room when my mother walked in. I made her sit on the bed and asked her who is the most handsomest member out of the five. Member that she likes, and she said the second from the left... and guess who that was...

Changmin... My ultimate Bias... <3 guess my mother knows who her son in law is.. haha 










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oh.mother knows best.. authornim~ 😆😆
and welcone back ❤