hola. lookin for a multi plot 1x1 rp partner, answerrrrrrrrrrrr thx。|| いただきます


hello. i'm just looking for someone to roleplay with. 1 x 1 me.
preferably someone comfortable with western fc's.
& someone comf with roleplaying both male and female.
i want to give some1 my attention. thx. 

no blackpink fc's tho


i. roleplay style. 

  • strictly literate & third pov. with plotting!! but i'm flexible rn. also hoping to find someone
    who is ok with several plots/characters going at once. 
  • the length of my writing varies. it can go from four lines to thirty: depending on what's going on.
    || i expect to receive around the same amount || it's all circumstantial though. 
  • continuing from the aforementioned, i don't take hours or days for replies. if i'm busy
    i'm going to let you know right away & i'll most likely disclose my schedule with you
    so that you're not waiting around etc. because i despise that. 
  • very flexible. meaning: if there's something you'd like to try, i'll comply.  au only.
  • s mut is a must so pls pls be of age. MDNI. & literacy has to be up to par or around where i'm at.
  • i hope for this to be a two way thing. so, feel free to do whatever you want and share your ideas.
  • last thing & this is v important!! i don't want to be the only one coming up with ideas etc. i'd hope for you 
    to have some ideas as well. 

ii. characters.

  • i have a very small list of fc's i'll roleplay. you can choose whomever you'd prefer me to be. but with 
    each character there's already a bio that i'm going to be using for the roleplay. so i always
    urge you to read the bio's before choosing the character. i'd like to create stories so i'll most likely use a
    few of my male fc's and perhaps a female muse as well. although i prefer rping male, i'll still want a partner
    comfortable with both female & male fc's.  my main male characters rn are:
    kai || baekhyun || luhan || taeyong || hyunjin || lucas
  • i do have a few female fc's as well will show upon plotting.

iii. personal.

  • super considerate so i'll be letting you know a lot or if i can't reply etc. 
  •  i joke a lot & hella sarcastic. & i am of age.
  • my timezone is gmt-5 & i like to curse a lot i'm sorry.
  • i tend to be very particular with fc's (really sorry) 
    so please have a variety of AU OC characters.
  • i prefer someone who is open to plotting as non-korean non-idol fc's.

that's it. thanks for taking the time to read! 
my preferred platforms: 
facebook & line
because i'll reply quicker on these but mewe is cool too.

if you're interested, please message me on line with ur aff name.
OR you can just message my aff.
line id: midsxmmar


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