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To respond at LuHaNsDoll's tag here it is. I will tag Soneforever2, Pirili, Lost_Pharaoh and Teddybearcuttie to reply it at their turn!


1. When did you begin writing asian fanfiction, and what was your first fanfiction?

I started writing my first fanfiction during the first lockdown in France, around March 2020 in the same time i was started learning Korean because i couldn't wait translation for Korean variety show XD. I started to post my first story on AFF on November 2020, it is called "The Three Of Us". I hesitated a long time before doing it because  I wanted to achieve the story before but once again i got impatient and couldn't resist. This story is featuring Taemin from Shinee and Kai/ Jong In from Exo with a Female OC as main characters in a trio relationship (not a triangle!).


2. The fanfic that you were really nervous while writing it ?

It is my third fanfiction. It is a spin off of my main one featuring Baekhyun and Chanyeol, called "Break The Box" in reference to Chanyeol's lastest movie. It is a story full of angst and i have done a lot of research about homeuality in South korea and particularly in military system. I have put a lot of pressure on me to cover every aspect of what happened when a homeual man have to enlist and what he is risking. Plus I wanted to picture Baekhyun a lot less bright than the most of the other fanfiction and Chanyeol not being the overmanly top as well.


3. Haters?

I have got none for now. Some of my Author friends had to deal with them though. I don't know really how I would handle them. I think it would depend of the things they would write. I'm quite a debater, and I love being right so maybe I'll be the one harassing them until they said they were wrong XD


4. Fanfic where you poured your heart, literally?

I'm tempted to pick The Three of Us because the female OC is based on me but I will say "Don't Touch Me" instead, because I think I have reshaped my heart and writing style too to write this one. it is featuring Suho/Junmyeon from Exo with an OC female having some sort of PTSD. It is a slowpace fic comparing to my main one!


5. The comment that left you.... WOW?

Well i'm lucky to have some really great readers sharing their thoughts and feelings about my stories, and even though I didn't start posting on AFF to get comment and gain motivation I can't deny that I'm beginning to expect some readers to drop some comment when I am updating. Gingerdip, Soneforever2, Mizuxmizu, 12Moonlight, Lost_Pharaoh, Pirili are my favorites and represent 90% of my non silent readers as well ^^.


6. Something that made you cry, as an author or a reader?

I have never cried as an author, not about my stories not about the comment I have received either. I think i will cry the day readers drop a comment saying one of my stories had a real impact on them. Like it openend their mind, it gave them courage to face their issues, it gave them strengh or hope in life.

I have cried a couple of times as a reader when the story is really immersive as "Heal Me" by Baekkingdom or Love: Overdue by Otornim or even Fly Into My Arms by PimlockHolmes, I Feel Everything and On The Snow by Gingerdip and The Psycholgy Of Good Students by Teaeri or Ephemeral by Paigedarling0506


7. Curious superstition you have when writing?



8. |RANDOM| Besides of writing this, what are you doing right now?

I'm getting upset because the babyphone is ringing despite being 10 p.m meaning my four year old son is still not asleep! Grrr.


9. Message for your readers?

I want to thank you for giving my stories a chance, for the one commenting to have been so nice and loyal despite already 6 months of updates, to share your thoughts and advises, to help me improving bit by bit (which was my main goal coming here), to being friend with me and to trust me for the one I have helped in return to edit their own stories ^^. For the silent ones, I wish you were less shy and at least share your thoughts once or twice along the story because it is true that with time we, author feel used heartlessly by silent readers. I'm very thankful for the Upvote i received as well even if my story isn't perfect and will be edited completlely once achieved. I don't regret sharing those stories here at all thanks to you all.


Thanks for reading till the end! 

Until next time ❤ Shrysea.

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