Heal Me update!


Hello this is Mimi (Baekkingdom), it's been a long time since I have blogged here! 


Firstly, I hope everyone's healthy and fine. I'm here to yet again, share about something. I don't know whether to call it an issue, so I'd just call it a situation 😇


Last update of "Heal Me" was at 4th April, which was also a delayed update due to some issues which I had already mentioned at that chapter's a/n. So, this time I wanted to update soon, soon as in too soon than my recent updating routine (which has been around 2 weeks). 

And another fact that the holy month of Ramadan was officially going to start at 14th in my region. So, I was really determined to first update another fic of mine (which is a rated one) as well as HM before Ramadan started. 

Another extra factor that was pushing me to update heal me before Ramadan, is the fact that next chapter contains some matured indication (don't worry, I promise it's not too serious, just like some other moments between them). So, I don't feel comfortable in leading my readers (specially the Muslim readers) to read something that they shouldn't read while fasting or at any other time of this holy month.

But unfortunately, despite trying too hard, I couldn't manage to do as planned. Two hours before the deadline, I did manage to draft the whole chapter. But I also realized that two hours wasn't nearly enough to edit the whole chapter. And I have a really bad habit of continuing editing every nook and cranny for hours, or I just can't sit in peace. Lastly, with a heavy heart, I had to drop the plan of updating that particular chapter.


So, this blog post is basically me whining about why I am unable to update heal me during Ramadan. I hope y'all understand my situation and motives, and still be waiting for the story! :')


Good news (consider it good news if you're a loyal fan of heal me) is, that I am going to write as much as I can in between my free time. So that when Ramadan would be over, I could go back to updating weekly or in lesser gap of time! 😁 (I think I'll manage to actually finish writing the remaining chapters of this fic since it will end at 70th chapter)


Till then, everyone stay safe and take care! Keep supporting me and my works! 💕


Ramadan Mubarak to my Muslim readers 😇❤


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