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Name. Yang Aera 

Other names. 

Bambi/ Because of her doe eyes, her family and friends started calling her bambi. 



Bubble (거품) — some of her friends would call her bubble  when she would puff out her cheeks. They thought she looked cute but also would with that nickname


Birthdate. May 4, 1996

Birthplace. Busan, South Korea

Hometown. Busan, South Korea

Nationality. Korean

Ethnicity. Korean


Korean / Fluent/ She has lived and grown up in Korea all her life that she is fluent in the language. Although she is more fluent in the busan satoori, she knows the seoul dialect as well. 

Japanese / Conversational/ She learned basic Japanese in school as a language credit. The rest, she started learning from the company as well as practicing with her group mates

English / Basic/ She started learning English from school (just basics) and since English is being given as a language class at the company, she eventually ended up learning more bit by bit


Faceclaim. Jiho of OMG

Backup. Yves of loona


Height. 165 cm



Aera looks like Jiho of Oh My Girl between Nonstop and their recent comeback.. She is of average height with a cute face that she likes to play up sometimes, depending on the situation. She has long straight hair with bangs until recently where she cut and dyed it from black to a light pink/pastel pink. After the color change, she changed her hairstyle from no bangs to something like curtain bangs. She has a toned body which she is proud of but likes to wear cute/comfy or flattering outfits as everyday wear. Aera has double piercings on both her ears and wants to get an orbital piercing soon. 



Aera likes to wear comfortable outfits from sweat to a loose tshirt and baggy shorts. Although she does like being comfortable, she likes to dress up as well. She likes dresses, skirts with nice tops or if she can, she mixes her styles of skirt or tight pants with a comfy yet cute shirt or top.




Twitter:  @Love_Aera

Insta: @ Bambi_sarang96

TikTok: mostly uses the group tiktok


Personality traits. 

(+) Adaptable, Friendly, charismatic, hardworking, humorus, loyal,  romantic

[-] Sarcastic, cute, persistant, ,Competitive,  possesive

[=] childish, observant, clumsy,playful, surprising, outgoing





Aera is a very adaptable person according to her friends and family.  If she is put into a situation that is out of her element, she will take a breather to access everything and go about it the best way she knows how. She is a charasmatic person. She is able to talk to others and bring a smile onto their faces whether they know it or not. According to her parents, she has had that effect on peopple since she was a child. It usually has people leave after talking to her in a good mood feling like they can do what they need to next. Aera is a hardworking individual. Once she puts her mind to something, she wants to reach that goal even if it takes her a long while to get to. Her mentality is of that. Aera without meaning to is humorus. She likes to make others laugh yet other times, it just comes naturally. She is happy that she is able to make her loved ones laugh and finds it to be a trait which she likes about herself. She likes to put others before herself and likes to do considerate things that will make her loved ones and even strangers sometimes smile. Many people see her as a sweet girl. She likes to help out all her friends, give everyone who means alot to her small gifts or trinkets, drawing or something meaningful that can get a smile and hug from them. She likes to help her friends out with whatever she can and doesn't expect anything in return. Aera is very loyal when it comes to people in her life. Whether it be romantic, friends or family she is very loyal and will stand by them no matter what. The trait she is fond of about herself is that she is a Romantic person. She loves love and hopes to have a romantic love one day. One that she would be able to do sweet little nothings for them just to be able to see them smile and happy.



Aera is a sarcastic person. Those that know her, know it to be taken in a sassy or funny way. She just has a tendency to say things and not know it can come off as sarcastic. Although she is sarcastic to a point, she is a cute person. She doesn't have alot of aegyo (since she gets embarrassed when she attempts it ex. ( x ), but she has a cute charm that can make some aegyo come out without her knowing. When it comes to certain competitions  though Aera has a bit of a competitive streak in her. When she is playing games, she   likes to do her best, especially if it is something she loves to do. That is where the intensity also comes in. She is a person that goes all into certain things. With competition, she goes all in. Same when it comes to her crush. Although she will look from afar for awhile, she will do her best so she won't live with regrets. she is even tougher on herself. She is persistant and won't stop until she feels she has done her best or if she gets too frustrated.  Aera is a posessive/clingy person as well. She loves her friends and family but if she has a best friend or friends, she feels like it is her best friend only. It sometimes can take soem time to be okay with it while with others, she doesn't like sharing. She will want to be next to them all the time and if they leave somewhere sometimes she will ask to go to or just follow. She becomes like a puppy or bby chick. It can be cute sometimes but other times she gets introuble for wanting to be with them all the time. 



Aera is a very childish person. Most of the time it is acceptable and cute but sometimes it can be difficult. She gets especially childish when it comes to games that she plays or if she can't get certain things she wants. It is a trait she is fixing since she feels like she needs to not do that when she begins working.. Aera is an observant person. She people watches at times but likes to pay attention to the little things that people overlook. Sometimes she'll even notice if there is a light change in someones aperance or in their bad. It usually surprises other seeing how much she pays attention to detail.  Aera can be a clumsy individual.She can be clumsy in various ways. She has  fallen going up and down stairs before but at that time, she was lucky since no one was around. She has tripped over her own feet as well and invisible things in front of her.  She likes to be a playful person with her friends and family and wants to always get attention from them. If she is ever alone and not at least a little bit clingy with someone, it usually means something is wrong. Aera is a surprising individual too. She likes to do it at random times though. She loves to give her friends and loved ones cute and heartfelt surprises. She likes to make others feel happy whenever she can so she likes to do it by making them stheir favorite baked treats or with a DIY project that she does for fun. Aera likes to be outgoing in nature. Although she has a shy adn innocent. Depending on how Aera feels in the moment, she can be an outgoing individual. She likes to be able to talk about things to others but once her observant quality of hers passes, she is able to be happy and start making friends with others. She is known to be able to talk to and make friends with others easily which she feels okay with.  



Yang Aera was born in Busan, South Korea to her mother and father. Aera was always a somewhat outgoing individual. She liked making friends and would be able to do most of what she wanted being an only child. Her family did protect her and want only the best for her so they were really encouraging towards her and what she wanted to do in life. Since they lived in a popular district of Busan, her parents ended up opening a resturant that they would work hard at everyday. During the times that her parents weren't home, her neighbors and close friends would take care of her. That was how she met her childhood friend Junghwan. They spent alot of time together that they became like brother and sister over time. 


Her parents business grew and they expanded so as time went on, Aera and Junghwan would spend more time together at each others place, hanging out and helping at the restaurants until he ended up being scouted for wm and became a trainee. During this time, she focused even more time studying and helping out her parents that when junghwan was free, they'd hang out and visit one another. Even when she knew that he'd be debuting, she was excited for her friend but they promised to always keep in touch and hang out as often as posible. 


After seeing her friend onstage, she felt so happy for him that it ignited a spark inside of her as well. She wanted to join him one day onstage as well. She told her parents about her goal to which they smiled and agreed to her new plan in life. Although they wanted her to be able to carry on the resturant, they wanted her to do what she wanted to in life and maybe eventually, come back home and run the resturant in time. Not long after, she started practicing on her own and going to agencies to audition. it was a long few years but eventually, she was accepted as a trainee in Cube before moving to Dal Media. 






▪ the color blue
▪ string cheese and potatoes. ex. anything made from them like french fries
▪ Holographic things from accessories to clothing items
▪ the smell of rain
▪ spicy food
▪ scary movies
▪ aesthetic things. She works somewhat to make sure things match with her outfits and etc. 
▪ 80s music....but a big fan of Journey. 
▪ Cafes
▪ B1A4, Pentagon, Taylor Swift, Boa and Taemin
▪ song lyrics. she likes listening to music and finding lyrics that are meaningful for her or help her get through the day 


▪ Pickles. She has never liked them
▪ super short mini skirts
▪ bugs. she is fine with most but when it comes to cockaroaches and a few flying things, it scares her.
▪  extremely sour candy
▪  Allergies. She has to take some medication to feel better. 
▪ diets


❁ Habits
▪  biting her nails when nervous or anxious 
▪  spaces out quite a bit. not on purpose tho. it just happens from time to time or when she is deep in though
▪  running her fingers through her hair when she fidgets
▪ star gazing when she can't sleep or has alot on her mind
▪ sticks her tongue out slightly as she thinks
▪  drinking green tea that she makes at home or wherever she's at to relax her
▪ applying/reapply chapstick or lipstick


❁ Hobbies
▪ watching and reading things about ghosts. she loves watching those types of shows
▪ sleeping and lounging around in her pjs 
▪ likes to collect anything supernatural related 
▪  making covers/filming covers of songs she loves or listens to a lot.  (ex. x  x x  )
▪ learning dances for fun
▪ eating with friends


❁ Special Talents
▪ plays the guitar and piano
▪  choreographs dances on her own as well as writes lyrics  
▪ has played around with composing songs/music for fun on her laptop or at the agency. She's trying to be as wellrounded as she can vocally and musically
▪ can hit dolphin pitch noises when in competitions (ex. x )


❁ Fun Facts (need to finish the last few points)
▪ Although Aera loves the ocean and water parks, she can't swim. If she ever wants to swim, she uses arm floaties or a lifejacket.
▪ can bend her thumb to her wrist as well and rotate her wrist 360 degrees  x
▪  has a variety of teas in her kitchen. each tea is for different purposes sx) stress
▪ has a small bit of anxiety which she developed over the years.
▪ is a good baker. She loves to bake things from muffins to anything that sounds difficult 




Yang Dongho and Yang Jisoo/ father and mother/  They met in college in Chuncheon during junior year.They became best friends that were attached at the hip. They both liked each other but never said anything till Dongho confessed on Graduation day. They were together ever since. They married just 3 years after becoming a couple. Jisoo and Dongho opened up a resturant togethercalled "Moon&Stars" that represented how much her family enjoyed star gazing at the moon and stars. . Aera always talks to her parents about anything and everything. She loves and cares for them.

best friend/brother like / Junghwan aka Sandeul of B1A4  / Singer / Being her childhood friend, he protected her as if he was her brother. he would always be there for her and her family even so much as bringing them to his debut showcase and future concerts. They are like peas in a pod and tell each other everything, even if the other one is busy. He is her forever friend/brother

Groupmates /Rose/ Aera's relationship with her members is still ongoing. Although she is happy they all made the group and wants to get to know them all, she's slowly getting to know everyone. She likes to make everyone laugh as well as spend time with them. She hopes that whatever awkwardness or caution the members have rn will dissapear so they can be close like a family.


crush and best friend / Hyunggu/Kino of pentagon / Singer, dancer/ Being one of her first guy friends in cube, she enjoyed their time together when they were able to meet. They talked both in person as well as by text/.phone when they were able to. He always helped her with anything she needed as well as helped her when it came to evaluations.  He became on of the dearest people she had met during her time in cube and kept in touch with him even after leaving the company as well as his group mates as well.  


Pentagon/ varies/ singers, actors, dancers, Although Ara met lots of friends in Cube ent, she was especially close with Pentagon members, They were loud yet caring individuals who would make her laugh everytime she was with them. They helped her with her song choices when she was indecisive while she in turn would hear their songs to give them feedback before anyone else.  They have a strong bond  that even changing companies couldn't break


B1A4/ varies/ singers, actors, dancers/ Even after the whole contract changes with the group, she still kept in touch with the other members of B1A4. They were the ones who would tip her off about what Sandeul would like for gifts as well as about her when she was around too which made her laugh. She began playing small pranks of them and vice versa when they would hang out together. They would make her laugh as well as lift her spirits up whenever she felt down about how she felt about their group member.She would go support them whenever she was able to to show them all support. They are dorks but she loves them cause they are her dorks



Stage Name. Love or Sarang (you can pick)
Plotline. Petal 3 (main dancer, vocalist) Thorn 2 (lead dancer, vocalist)  


Vocal Twin. Jiho of OMG  (Haeyoon of Cherry Bullet)
Rap Twin. Seunghee of OMG (Eunbin of ClC)
Dance Twin. Yooa of OMG (backup: Haru of Nature or chungha)


Trainee years. 3 years (1 year at Dal Media and 2 at CUBE) 

Trainee Life.
Aera trained at CUBE for 2 years while she also was still in school. She juggled both her school work and trainee schedule the best she could. She was able to get high grades while sleeping little or sometimes not at all. She did her best to get good grades whlie practicing for evaluations that would be happening every month. 


Since cube wouldn't be debuting a girl group for awhile, the atmosphere there was a little calmer than she expected. They did have regular training hours and  would have weekly check-ins as well as monthly evaluations. Within her last year in Cube, she saw the competition ramp up since they rumors of the CEO's of teh company would be coming to evaluate the girls in training to see who would be in the running to be in the upcoming girl group. She was doing well but in time, she had a rival in the company. The rivalry became so aggressive that it lead to Aera not feeling comfortable in the company and procedded to leave and join Dal Media. Although Cube was her home and she would miss the place and her friends, she knew she needed a change so she could spread her wings. 


After Aera joined Dal Media, the ambiance helped her grow as a person and in training as well. She felt comfortable and it felt like home to her that she wanted to florish. She helped others with the knowledge she gained from her previous company as well as helping with dances to the other girls. She helped lift the mood for everyone when things got tough and in turn, got labeled as the mood maker of the group.



2016/ backup dancer for 4minute's Crazy and other cube groups.

2017 / stared in Pentagon's Violet



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Year / True/False / Scandal 

Year / True/False / Scandal


Love Interest

Name. Kang Hyunggu /kino of pentagon

Backup. Sandeul of b1a4



He is a hardworking individual whom others sometimes forget his age. he is very dedicated when it comes to something he is passionate about but also likes to have fun while doing it. He does think he is boring compared to his group mates but others say he is a very funny individual when he doens't mean to be. He is artistic and likes to make things from artwork, choreography to lyrics for future songs yet he is humble and dosen't let things get to his head since he knows he can always do better. 


First Meeting.

Hyunggu and Aera met in cube during a practice for evaluation. While Hyunggu just debuted in Pentagon under the name kino, Aera was just practicing to be able to debut in the future. He was at Cube late one night looking for a practice room to continue practicing for their upcoming comeback that would happen in the beginning of the new year. He heard music playing from down the hall so he followed the sound, stopping in front of an occupied room. Aera was inside practicing her dance routine for "Work" by: Rhianna when she paused the music so she could take a quick break before practicing again. As she was drinking water, she heard a knock on the door to which she said "come in." Kino walked in and gave a shy hello before looking around and asking about what she was practicing. Aera began talking to kino about the upcoming monthly evaluation before asking him if he would give her some feedback if possible. With a nod of his head, she smiled and said a quick thank you before restarting the music and beginning her performance. Once the performance was over, she paused the music and looked at him with a hopeful look on her face as she waited for his critique. He gave her comments about what she should fix as well as what parts he enjoyed. The rest of the night, he forgot about his own practice as he helped her with her evaluation performance as well as tweaking here and there. That was the start of their friendship. 


Love Story.

Not long after hyunggu helped Aera with her dance, they began meeting in the practice rooms to practice their routines, as well as hang out with one another. They would message the other person of their whereabouts so they would be able to hang out a bit during their initial practices. He wasn't at the company often during the day or if he was, he was usually at meeting so they weren't able to meet until his schedules would finish.He would surprise her with meals during their meet ups while also being mindful of the weighins they would have everyweek. Through all this, They became very close and he would often find ways to help her improve in her choreography or name drop her as someone he has noticed was improving since entering the company. He was the one who helped Aera be in Pentagon's Violet mv by giving the director and their management a list of trainees whom would fit the aesthetic of the mv. After that mv filming, the company was impressed with her acting they kept her in mind for future collaboration. after the monthly evaluation following the mv filming, the teachers were impressed with her dance moves that they kept her in mind when the company needed back up dancers for the groups at the company as well as kino's partner for couple dances. 


When Hyunggu found out she was leaving the company because of some rivalries in the company, he understood and supported her decision although he didn't want her to leave. They kept in though more often than when she was in cube. They met up often for tiktok or youtube videos, collabs when the companies let them and would always talk about one another when brought up on shows since many people as well as fans knew they were friends.


What the public didn't know though was they both had feeling for one another. They didn't want to ruin anything they had so they kept it to themselves... although for one of them, it would be hard to keep it secret in the future.     



Status. best friends .

Ending status. dating with one of them confessing in either a cute way or in a way that would be awkward if the other didn't know how to uplift the moment   



have matching braclets x

have eachother under the names of flowers. he is under delphinium and she is under sunflower.

are each other's critiquers as well as biggest fans. They like to make sure they hype the other up while also letting them know what to fix if needed. 

▪ always tell the other good night or good morning as well as cheering them on

▪ she is one of the first people who hear his new work while she always shows him her dance covers/choreography first.

▪ both join the other in tiktok videos often

▪when able to will drink tea together to help wind them down after a hard day. if they can't meet in person, they have a video call which helps them both relax

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