Feeling a bit bored and in a moody mood to do plots!

Hello hello. 

Its me, Soy. 

During the busy week and lazy weekends I've found myself bored once again with the options I've been dealt with and find myself here again. I'm looking for new plot partners to do long literate plots with. I'd like to expand my repertoire and venture on to other genres other than romance and not safe for work themes (although still welcome!). I've been inactive lately and would like to rekindle my passion for writing. 

My muses are usually male but it doesn't really matter. Whatever you want. The platform I prefer is 1x1 Twitter or KKT although I'm free to use whatever platform you prefer. Mun is of legal age and works full time so please don't expect super fast replies on weekdays. I need all interested plot partners to be legal too. Other than that, nothing is off limits aside from plots with or consensual nonconsensual abuse/. Not my cup of tea ☕️ 

Want to get to know me more? Questions? Feel free to drop by my kkt @soyaluminum! 



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