My fellow Shawols, how're ya feeling about SHINee's latest comeback~?

Hey, you guys it's been a bit!

So, SHINee's obviously back and it's a whole slew of emotions I've felt/been feeling from seeing them together again; from seeing the Don't Call Me mv, live stages, listening to their album, seeing promotional videos they've done and all that. Like the comeback was amazing imo (but when does SHINee not have an amazing comeback?!) and I have a more legit-like review of their album that I posted on my K-pop tumblr: Right here~


So like, I'm so proud and happy to see their continuous improvements/experimentation...tho ofc I miss Jonghyun and his presence and voice so much bruh. Like especially during a time where SHINee's back?? It's such a...bittersweet feeling sometimes to see SHINee together again imo.


But yeah, what about you all? If you listened to the Don't Call Me album, what were your fav song(s)/least fav if any? What'd ya think of the mv? Or the live stages for Don't Call Me and Heart Attack? Your feelings about the comeback in general?


Let me know with a comment please (⌒▽⌒)☆~




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