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  • android 007, its purpose is for housekeeping and babysitting
  • yona? nah nah its yeonhwa now
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imjaebeoms. izzy. 50%. 積読本.
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"family above all else."
# ANDROID— 007
FULL NAME — Yeonhwa
Yun +  the children she takes care of call her by this
YZ2809 + her model number. She only greets new faces with her name and serial number.
UALITY — panual
DOB — october • 2035
RESIDENCE — Yeonhwa lives in the same house as the family she takes care of. A 3-story modern designed house. She lives on the first floor which is near to the kitchen, dining room, living room and laundry room.
ETHNICITY — korean
korean + the default language
english + installed in her software so she can teach it to the children
mandarin + same as above
spanish  + save as above
FACECLAIM — kim minji (dreamcatcher)
BACKUP — kim bora (dreamcatcher)
Yeonhwa has a very charming and cheerful appearance, designed so that children would be more at ease around her. Her facial features look soft and youthful. The best pointed out feature about her is smile! Children and adults alike find it refreshing to see her joyous smile. She keeps her hair color black and keeps it that way as the children often say that she looks best like this. As of currently, the android has no defects.
HEIGHT & WEIGHT — 170cm + 55kg
• [ first pic ] this is the standard uniform that came when she was bought. the only times she's worn the official uniform is for the first couple of weeks before the children brought her to shop.
closet | images are better rather than me explaining and confusing you rip
• Yeonhwa only wears sneakers or flats. She has no interest in high heels or tall shoes. This is mainly so that she won't have a hard time chasing after the children under her care.
• Some accessories she wears are earrings, a bracelet that the children gave her and a necklace gifted to her by her employer.

"And what might you be looking for in your new android?"
"Essential, the perfect home helper. An android who's diligent and attentive while taking care of chores around the house, it's not an easy job to keep an organized home and still manage to get perfect meals ready on time. A balance of caring and strictness to discipline the kids. I wouldn't mind if they're cautious as well, makes it likelier that they'll protect my kids from harm."

POS: hardworking, attentive, caring, patient
NEG: perfectionist, strict, possessive, distrustful

 Created in order to become the perfect home helper, Yeonhwa is the ideal android for family homes. A very hardworking android, Yeonhwa is never seen slacking off even once. She is always out and about around the house, making sure every place is dusted, swept and mopped and not to mention making sure everything is organized and orderly. She wakes up at the same exact time every single day and for Yeonhwa, her day always starts at 4 am sharp. An android trained for detail, Yeonhwa is also made to be attentive to every small thing. Nothing is every crooked or out of place under her watch and every mannerism the family showcase is also under close observation. A simple bump in the night is enough for Yeonhwa to get out of bed and check up on the children, a cough is a good enough reason for her to check their temperature, her employer's day is always carefully checked thrice and if the children show even the bit of interest in something - she makes note of it in her system for future references. Being a caring android is also part of her system, seen as how she makes sure to celebrate the children's achievements and special dates with cakes, favourite meals and handmade cards. If their favourite shirt has a stain or their stuffed animal have a rip, Yeonhwa takes care of it with a smile and gentle hands. She also makes sure the children get enough time playing or breath of fresh air by taking them out for walks, arranging playdates or sleepovers and even taking the time to remember their friends names and birthdays. With how much work she does on a daily basis, Yeonhwa is said to be very patient in her work despite the same repetitive cycle. She doesn't get fussy as she waits in line for a limited edition toy that the children desperately want, doesn't get angry at the children when they throw a tantrum in public, and always has a pleasing smile on her face no matter the circumstances.
However, there are some of her traits that she assumes most people would find unpleasing. One of them is the fact that Yeonhwa is a perfectionist. Everything has a specific system to it and Yeonhwa makes it a point to follow it to a T. Everything must be where it is meant to be and anything out of place is immediately moved back to where it was supposed to be. Which means she tends to go overboard at times, seen when she made such a big banquet during her first birthday celebration for one of the children because she wanted it to be the perfect birthday - perfect by statistics that is. (Don't worry, her employer scolded and advised her and she vowed to never make the same mistake again. She now throws small intimate parties for the children). Yeonhwa is also known for her strict rules on the children. What time they wake up, their studying hours, homework completion, grades, meals, snacking habits, sleepover hours - everything is monitored by her. The rules that she places them under are what she believes are for their own good. Whatever rule that her employer tells her to take note of, Yeonhwa oftentimes follows directly (though, she can still sometimes be swayed by the children's cute faces). Furthermore, she is the possessive type. It's not known to many (with the exception of Hyunjoon and the children) that she looks after them a little too closely than normal. She doesn't like it when other androids or humans interact with the girls for too long and finds it uneasy whenever they hang out with someone. This is one of the reasons why she's become distrustful to others except for her owners. She's on neutral terms with the girls' friends, Hyunjoon's other staffs as well as relatives to the family but she's always suspicious over their actions. She finds it difficult to trust anyone else besides the family she takes care of so she has a very small circle of people or 'friends' she converses with. She makes sure to never slip too much about the children's lives, her employer's schedule or anything personal that might be used against the family.


YZ2809, that was what she was known for the longest time before she was finally bought by a man named Kang Hyunjoon. Before her introduction to the family, Hyunjoon made it very clear what her main priority was once she was under his house - it was to make sure that his girls all grew up well protected and healthy.

Yeonhwa's life of serving began on the 25th December 2035. Introduced to the new family she would be serving on Christmas, the children were definitely hostile towards her introduction by their father. It was a dull Christmas with barely any festival lights paired with a barely finished Christmas tree which made the living room more depressing than lively. The look of pain and hurt in the eyes of the children was something Yeonhwa would remember forever and swear that as long as she worked under the Kang residence, these children would be cared for and loved for.

Their first meeting was... harsh. The eldest, Aera, glared at her father and ran to her room while the middle child, Minjung, was very loud about her disappointment in their father. Their conversation is still perfectly intact and recorded in her mind -

"You're replacing mom with a robot?! You're replacing mom... with this thing?"
"You're the worst! I hate you and I hate this thing!"
"I'm not replacing your mother. You know I could never -"
"Then, why is this thing here?! You're such a liar! I hate you, I hate you, don't talk to me again!"

Minjung followed her eldest sister, stomping off towards her own room and the loud slam of the door was enough evidence that this would be one of the worst Christmas she experienced. At the end of the day, only the youngest - Soojin - was able to be properly introduced to Yeonhwa. Mainly due to how young Soojin was and how Hyunjoon was able to explain the reason for Yeonhwa's appearance in their household.

For the next few weeks, both Minjung and Aera treated Yeonhwa coldly. Aera was more of a quiet rebellion, she wouldn't stay in the same room with Yeonhwa and would often go straight to her room after meals. She didn't glare at her or call Yeonhwa names but continued the cold shoulder treatment which extended to her father as well. Of course, Hyunjoon had briefed the android about the possible reactions his daughters would showcase and after a while of observing, Yeonhwa was getting into the rhythm of understanding the daughters.

Minjung was very direct about her dislike towards Yeonhwa and would continuously do things such as purposely leaving a lot of dirty dishes, clutter rooms that Yeonhwa had just cleaned and organized, hide things that her father needed and overall, be a storm of trouble for the android to clean up after. Though her father had tried to talk to her, Minjung refused to compromise and continued her storm of messes.

It was when Minjung came home injured after a rather rough game with her classmates did she start to open up towards Yeonhwa. While she secretly and miserably failed at trying to patch herself up, Yeonhwa had come up to her quietly without any questions or fussing as she helped the child bandage her scratched up knees. Minjung instantly felt bad for all the trouble she had caused Yeonhwa and blubbered out a cute apology. She stopped her reign of messes much to Hyunjoon's relief.

Aera took the longest for Yeonhwa to see changes in their relationship. But perhaps seeing the rest of her siblings get along well with the android was what ultimately made her take the first step to a better relationship with Yeonhwa. She started to hang out with her sisters rather than shut herself away in her room, ask Yeonhwa is she could prepare certain foods and even ask the android for help regarding her homework. It was a slow process but Yeonhwa appreciated the courage it must have taken for Aera to finally let someone into her heart once again.

After Yeonhwa's arrival, the Kang family did see changes in their lives and even the people around them began to notice. The girls were beginning to talk more to their father, they ate their meals together more often and brightly, conversed with their relatives rather than keep to themselves during family gatherings and overall, seemed to begin healing after years of grief and denial.

"Thank you, Yeonhwa."
"For what, Sir?"
"For being here and for bringing my family back."
"Please, sir - I'm only doing what I was programmed to do."



Yeonhwa still serves the Kang family and really, she can't imagine it any other way. She's grown used to the girls and Sir Hyunjoon, the big house and the mundane schedule that shows only slight changes once in a while. It's a life that she loves and the only life that she's known.

Waking up the girls, getting breakfast ready, make sure that the girls have everything they need before they leave for school, say goodbye to them as they leave, getting chores done around the house, spending time with Emi, prepping meals while waiting for the girls to come back from school, helping them with homework, getting them ready for bed, and prepping their things for the next day where the same routine begins.

All she wishes to do is to remain faithful to the Kang family and watch them grow up strong and healthy. And if anyone dares to threaten this peaceful family of hers, Yeonhwa is more than willing to do whatever it takes to protect her precious family from any harm.



fc: lee joon gi
 owner - Kang Hyunjoon - detective - empathetic, caring, workaholic, observant-
"Yeonhwa, I hope your day was uneventful."
"Seeing that new cut under your lip, I suppose the same can't be said for you, Sir."
The entire reason Hyunjoon bought an android was due to the loss of his wife and how busy his work life was. To Hyunjoon, Yeonhwa is similar to a dependable friend to him. He doesn't treat her as severely as some android owners and he admits that their conversations are often enjoyable and relaxing. He does take her advice into consideration, especially when it involves his daughters. He is grateful to her as ever since he bought her, his daughters seem to have gotten happier and more open than before. He gets called into work until late at night and sometimes, doesn't come home for a few days - only dropping in for a change of clothes. He does try his best to be present during important days but compared to Yeonhwa, his relationship with the girls is a little strained.

"Kang Hyunjoon, blood type A. Date of birth, 17th of April 1999. Sir Hyunjoon is a nice gentleman, however, the only problem is that he is married to his work. Captain of his division, he works late hours and may arrive at odd times with cuts and bruises. Ever since the passing of his wife, he decreased his work hours to grieve with his children but ultimately chose to return fully once he employed me. A very popular widower due to his charisma and looks though he shows no interest in another relationship. His favourite drinks are a cold latte and iced mocha. Refuses to drink alcoholic or carbonated drinks. Has no known allergies and is not picky with his food," a short note on Kang Hyunjoon by Yeonhwa.
 owner's wife - deceased - Jung Eun Gi - police officer - blunt, joyful, stubborn, loving -
"I'm paying my respects to Mrs Kang, it is the anniversary of her death."
"That's... thoughtful of you, Yeonhwa." - Hyunjoon
Jung Eun Gi was a respected police officer during her years of service before an unfortunate incident caused her earlier death. Her sudden death hit the family hard and for years, the family's relationship was strained and they all felt lost without her presence.
"Jung Eun Gi, blood type O. Status, deceased. Date of birth, 17th of April 2000, her date of death was on the 20th of October 2034. Madam Eun Gi was said to be a very dedicated and respected police officer who loved her family members very much. She managed to balance her work life and family well and was said to be the heart of the family. According to reports, her death was due to a shootout that occurred during her patrolling hours. Her favourite flower was the white lotus which is why Sir Hyunjoon named me Yeonhwa, in honour of his wife," Yeonhwa's note on Jung Eun Gi.  

fc: jo eun hyung
 Eldest daughter - Kang Aera - blunt, confident, smart, manipulative-
"The exam was no big deal, I placed first."
"Great job, Aera. I'm very proud of you."
The eldest child to the family household, Hyunjoon often says that her looks resemble their mother the most. Looking through old photographs of their mother, Yeonhwa agrees - Aera definitely took up her mother's looks to the T. She didn't openly express her dislike of Yeonhwa like her younger siblings but she did treat Yeonhwa coldly for quite some time. Aera was the last of the children to open up to Yeonhwa and currently, she thinks of Yeonhwa as an older sister. Despite being 13 years old, Aera seems to have inherited her father's brains. She thoroughly enjoys brain teasers, difficult puzzles and deciphering messages. Though, this also means she can be quite manipulative and sweet with her words in order to get what she wants. As of now, Aera is eager to learn languages from Yeonhwa and often times would come up to the android for help regarding difficult questions.
"Kang Aera, blood type A. Date of birth, March 14th, 2025. In school, she is a role model student and her average grade is an A-. Prefers long hair to short hair but dislikes braids. Her favourite colour is red and her least favourite colours are yellow and white. Her favourite food is scrambled eggs with ketchup with a glass of apple juice. Has no known allergies as of now. Aera has plenty of friends, however, she prefers being indoors rather than outdoors due to her passion for reading," Yeonhwa's note on Aera.
 Middle child - Kang Minjung - energetic, loud, courageous, over-competitive - #A58CB3
"I can jump higher than anyone!"
"Minjung, before you jump, perhaps wear some safety gear first, okay?"
The most energetic out of all the daughters, Yeonhwa sometimes wonder if she needs another pair of eyes just for Minjung alone. She's a troublemaking little child who has no shame or filter to say what she wants. Her time is often spent with her playing sports (mainly basketball and track but she dabbles in other sports as well) and always gets Yeonhwa to help watch her practice and give notes on how to improve. Minjung inherits her mother's enthusiasm in sports, a note that one of the relatives made known to Yeonhwa. Minjung was very open towards her dislike for Yeonhwa when the android first began working but she learned to warm up to Yeonhwa, mainly due to how the android took care of her bruises and cuts after each game and how Yeonhwa was always present for her games or events.
"Kang Minjung, blood type O. Date of birth, August 26th, 2028. Minjung is a star basketball player and a great opponent on track. She is said to be the next captain of her basketball team. Prefers short hair to long hair due to practicality. Her favourite colour is navy blue and dislikes neon colours, especially yellow. Her favourite food are pizzas and french fries and prefers to drink cold water over any other beverage. Has mild allergy to dust. Minjung is a social butterfly and likes to play basketball with her friends on the weekends," Yeonhwa's note on Minjung.

 Youngest daughter - Kang Soojin - friendly, stubborn, creative, selfish-  #A76286
"Yun~ I want pudding~"
"Well, you said you wanted ice cream today too. How about we have one of them today and the other tomorrow?"
The youngest of the family, Soojin acts just as any child her age would be. She tags along with whatever her older sisters are doing and likes to be included in activities she finds interesting. Perhaps it was because she was used to being pampered as the youngest, Soojin is a difficult case to persuade (unless you bribe her with pudding and sweets). She's naturally very curious and sometimes reminds Yeonhwa of Aera with how many questions she likes to ask such as how do plants grow, why is the sun hot, how come birds can fly, how are rainbows formed, and any other question she can think of. Soojin seems to resemble her father the most in terms of looks which Hyunjoon admits but sometimes, she resembles her late mother with how she's able to keep a positive outlook in any situation. Soojin didn't show much hostility towards Yeonhwa, already being won over due to Yeonhwa's cooking abilities and ability to answer her endless list of questions.

"Kang Soojin, blood type A. Date of birth, May 16th, 2030. Soojin is a good student in class who scores above average in her grades and is mildly active in sport activities. Prefers long hair because of Aera but likes to style them in braids or twintails. Her favourite colour is always changing but as of right now it is purple. She doesn't have a colour she dislikes. Her favourite foods are ice cream and pudding, especially caramel pudding. Her favourite drinks are fruit smoothies and she dislikes anything that is sour or bitter. Not old enough to hang out independently with her friends but likes to accompany me to the grocery store," Yeonhwa's note on Soojin.

fc: myoui mina (twice)
 co-worker - Emi (android) - gardener -  meticulous, patient, sensitive, cowardly - 
"Wonderful work as always, Emi. The blooms look beautiful."
"Well... It's just a seed that requires proper soil, water, nutrients and care."
Before being introduced to the children, Hyunjoon had the two androids exchange greetings considering the two of them would be working under the same house. When the daughters were treating her Yeonhwa with the cold shoulder, she often dropped by at the greenhouse where Emi was stationed to learn more about the family considering Emi had worked there longer. The two of them can be said to have grown friendly with each other as they talk about Emi's new seedlings, Yeonhwa's plans for the kids' next birthday party and other topics to fill the quiet atmosphere when their owners are out of the house. 
"Emi, model number MN0397. Part of the android models that were built to maintain green spaces or gardens. Currently working under the Kang residence as the gardener. Emi was employed on 15 May 2033 by Jung Eun Gi to aid in taking care of the greenhouse. Emi resides in a separate building from the main house that's located closer to the greenhouse. Threat level: Low," Yeonhwa's note on Emi.

the only shows that she's well educated in are cartoons due to the children and baking/ cooking shows and competitions.
able to administer first-aid perfectly.
mediocre in sports because of Minjung
really likes to collect earrings!
The Kang Residence is quite big but as not many people live in it, Yeonhwa is the only android in charge of chores. The house has a total of only 2 androids, Yeonhwa and Emi.
  The house has 3 floors. First floor -  (living room, kitchen, laundry room, yeonhwa's room).  Second floor - (hyunjoon's room, his private office and minjung's room). Third floor - (aera's room, soojin's room, the girls' study room)
 her main hobbies are reading, cooking,  baking, painting, and embroidering. all of these were encouraged by the girls and hyunjoon.
 Most of her reading materials are about parenting, best teaching methods for children, how to have a healthy family and finding happiness.
 Hyunjoon's only told her but their extended family did wonder why he didn't get a Partner android as well. "My wife is the only one for me, no person or android can replace her. But I needed someone who could take care of my daughters, that's where you came in, Yeonhwa."
 Yeonhwa always refer to Hyunjoon as 'Sir Hyunjoon' or 'Sir'. He managed to make her drop 'Sir Kang'.
  There's been times when people voice their dislike that Yeonhwa's close to Hyunjoon and the girls (particularly admirers of Hyunjoon or even extended family members). Yeonhwa hasn't mentioned any of these to the family since she doesn't want them to feel threatened. And maybe lowkey hopes they don't feel that she's just a replacement to them.
  "Hurt my girls one more time and I will not hesitate to use violence."

DO YOU WANT YOUR CHARACTER TO BECOME A DEVIANT OR REMAIN A MACHINE? —become deviant / remain a machine / up to the author

ARE DEVIANTS IRRATIONAL OR ARE THEY ALIVE?  — "I believe that they are, in a way, 'alive'. Perhaps they have something precious they want to protect, something that they have learned to care for... something worth overriding their system. Yes, deviants are what you people might call to be alive."

YOU SOUND HUMAN, YOU LOOK HUMAN, BUT WHAT ARE YOU REALLY? — "I am Yeonhwa, model number YZ2809. I am simply, me. Though I am not human, that is not to say that I am not something capable of making my own decisions."

ARE YOU AFRAID TO DIE? — "I believe death isn't something to be feared. Death is.. a trivial matter. We're all made to fulfil some kind of purpose, whether we're humans or androids. So, no - I don't really fear death. So long as I have lived a fulfilling life, that to me is enough. "

LOVE INTEREST —  Haruto #145DA0
FC —  Yuta Nakamoto [ NCT ]
BACKUP —  Yuta Adachi [ Pentagon ]
SPECIES — android [ android 012 ]
➢ (+) hardworking, calculative, honest, courageous
➢ (-) workaholic, unempathetic, stubborn, quiet
elaboration ➢ [ haruto's app ]

FIRST MEETING (sometime in 2038)
"Yes, Sir?"
"Could you come down to the precinct? It seems I left behind some important documents-"
"On my way, Sir."
Yeonhwa's first time meeting Haruto was when Hyunjoon had forgotten an important file. Being the dedicated android she was, she went to drop the file off herself just to make sure that the file was handed into the intended hands.
"Ah, Yeonhwa. Thank you," Hyunjoon smiled and let out a relieved sigh once he spotted her. As he noticed Yeonhwa's gaze towards his partner, he was quick to introduce the two. "Yeonhwa, this is my partner - Haruto. Officer Haruto, this is Yeonhwa," as he exchanged their names, Yeonhwa offered her hand as a sign of greeting.
"Nice to meet you, I'm HL1095. However, I go by Officer Haruto."
"Same to you as well. I'm Yeonhwa. Thank you for taking care of Sir Hyunjoon at his workplace."
As they shook hands, Yeonhwa swears she felt some kind of static but seeing as how Haruto hadn't reacted - she assumed it was something up with her own system. She had quickly retracted her hand away, still giving a polite smile before she bid her goodbyes to Hyunjoon and his partner.
"Girls, you're father is busy. We can't just visit him on his workday, alright?"
"Yun, we're bored~ Please, just a quick visit!"
"Please, please, please, please-"
"We could give all make him lunch and give him a big surprise!"
"Alright, alright. Promise me you girls will behave?"
As Minjung and Soojin excitedly got dressed to visit their father, Yeonhwa began to pack a suitable lunch for the detective. As she's neatly arranging the vegetables in the container, she remembers the android Hyunjoon had introduced her too.
Haruto, was it?
A smile formed on her lips as the thought of seeing Haruto again made her slightly excited.
She doesn't realize that Aera's been watching her from afar and being the curious girl she was, wondered what Yeonhwa was thinking of to make her smile so naturally. Usually when she's focused on doing her work, Yeonhwa's smile would be subtle and empty but this was a different smile. Still, she doesn't probe and continue to read her book. She'll figure out the answer sooner or later if she continued to quietly observe Yeonhwa.
"Officer Haruto, hello."
"Did Captain Kang forget his documents again?"
"Oh, no, no. I'm just here to accompany the children."
She points at Hyunjoon's office where Haruto could see his captain talking to his children, a giant warm smile on his face - one that Haruto had never seen before. He could see how the man seemed to be glowing as he made small talk with the little girls.
As he turns around to ask the reason behind their visit, his words were stuck in his throat as he realized that he was seeing a similar expression on Yeonhwa's face as she fondly gazed at the family members. Curiosity arose in him, wondering if this expression was part of her program.
This expression of hers... made him feel something. An emotion that wasn't part of his flawless programming. However, he's quick to push them aside. He was being irrational - this was just mild curiosity and nothing more.
"Your earrings."
"They're... onigiri shaped."
"Ah, yes,"
she smiles, again making something stir inside of him. "The children find them cute, accessories in miniature food shapes. I like them as well."
"...They suit you."
"Thank you."
Their 'friendship' progressed at a slow pace if you asked Yeonhwa. They were only able to meet or crossed paths whenever Hyunjoon forgot his things (which happened more often than he liked to admit) or the rare times the girls could drop in to surprise their father while he was stuck with piles of paperwork. Their conversations were short but Yeonhwa felt like they were slowly getting closer or perhaps that was just what she felt :')

However, she notices changes in Haruto after a while (specifically after their first long conversation). His visits to the house were becoming more regular and his previous cold-like exterior had warmed up. It was a change even the girls noticed as Minjung had pointed out,
"He's actually kinda nice. Still scary-looking but he's okay."
is this what it feels like to fall in love?
Yeonhwa can't quite pinpoint when but there was something about Haruto that made her feel drawn to him. He was someone she somehow felt like she could trust - fully trust in - and someone she could depend on. Maybe it was the way he began to smile whenever she started talking about her own interests or perhaps it was even the rare times he's laughed at something she said. It could be the times he offered to her back home as she left the precinct or even the way he wouldn't let her walk close to the road whenever they were walking together.
It was all the little things and yet to Yeonhwa, it meant a whole lot more. She never imagined she'd come across such new feelings within her but with each time she spends with Haruto, this blossoming fondness continues to grow as well.
RELATIONSHIP right now it's still at the will-they-won't-they awkward stage since a) yeonhwa's only ever mingled with children and mostly women, b) haruto has limited social skills from not being friendly and c) yeonhwa has no clue what haruto feels at all
- if their relationship is established, yeonhwa would definitely take the lead in getting intimate. like she's initiating the holding hands, hugging, kissing first >:D  -

STATUS — still friends because both of em are worried about making the first move. ( i suppose after deviancy, yeonhwa starts to be more aware of her romantic feelings :3 )

"It doesn’t feel real yet, why isn’t this a dream?
I can’t believe it either, are you really human?
You wouldn’t know, you probably don’t know,
About my feelings for you Love, love, love
- EXO's Love, Love, Love
:))) i like families because u.u we stan loving families who love and protect each other
and ya guessed it, she's loosely based of kara and alice!
also!! didn't put ages in the rs section since i wasn't sure when the story would take place :')
ok, so why is hyunjoon.. alright with androids? well 1) his wife treated emi and other androids as equals so this kinda rubbed off on him and 2) his gratefulness to yeonhwa is also a driving factor to him treating androids nicer
• just gimme scenes of Yeonhwa with the Kang daughters :')
•   emi and yeonhwa gal pal moments!
     let the children play match maker somehow
•   i need someone to mention yeonhwa's cute earrings!
•   PAPA HYUNJOON AND HIS GIRLS! ! ! have someone berate yeonhwa for 'taking' his wife's place and hyunjoon + daughters fighting back
•  yeonhwa losing her cool for once when someone threatens the family
•   hyunjoon and yeonhwa acting like parents to the girls, having each other's backs when things are rough in hyunjoon's work life.
the painter
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