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it's the sEAAAAAA~
NAME: seo keumsan, 서금산
STAGE NAME: keumsan, 금산
NUMBER: 51, busan's area code
GROUP: #tarot // the tower - face of the group, triple threat [keigo, jisung, tba]
UAL ORIENTATION: a very much closeted gay
TALENT TWIN: ateez' san (vocal, dance), skz' i.n (rap)
LOVE INTEREST: lucien "luce" dubois, collab with ariel, @createthesound (#lusan, #coffeeandcroissant)
• seo keumsan the meme king
• isfj-t, turbulent defender, cancer sun, leo ascending, gryffinpuff, dauntless, waterbender
• july 16, 1999 / cancer
• energizer of the chaotic 99z
• jack of all trades
• duality king
• don't touch his shiba inu plushie or he'll kill you
• joins sora in bullying jisoo into asking sam the labradoodle out
• he's from a very conservative family so coming out to parents is a no no. the only person who knows is his sister and she's supportive, so #siblinggoals
• wants to come out to the boys as well but he's afraid-

lostboy is typing...
i regret everything
NAME: kyler wang/wang junyun, 王俊雲
STAGE NAME: kyler, 카일러
NUMBER: 18, the wang family's lucky number and kyler's birthday
FACECLAIM: allen ma (yeoreobun! did you see my bag-)
GROUP: #mlsm // hail - choreographer, lead vocal, lead dance [beomgyu, minjae, daehwi, mashiho]
TALENT TWINS: yeonjun (vocal, dance)
LOVE INTEREST: tyler "ty" min, collab with ariel, @createthesound (#tyky, #mutualcuteness)
• kyler wang, the sane one
• istj-t, turbulent logistician, virgo sun, libra ascending, ravenpuff, amity, airbender
• september 18, 1999 / virgo
• braincells of the chaotic 99z
• dance focused
• lost boy (bc of his 👁👄👁 expression, reference)
• in charge of "iness", think wooyoung

godsmistake is typing...
good morning lesbians, let's get this banh mi
NAME: nikh thanet wattana, นิค ธเนศ วัฒนา
NUMBER: 09, the lucky number in thailand
FACECLAIM: saint suppapong udomkaewkanjana
GROUP: #mlsm // thunder - main rap, sub-vocals [bobby, j-hope, haruto]
UAL ORIENTATION: definitely not straight- chan is his gay awakening
TALENT TWINS: skz' changbin (vocal, dance, rap)
LOVE INTEREST: bang "chan" chanhyuk, collab with ichii, @ichiiko (#chanick, #thechaoticgays)
• nikh thanet wattana, an entire mess.
• esfp-a, assertive entertainer, sagittarius sun, aquarius ascending, gryffindor, candor, waterbender
• november 29, 1999 / sagittarius
• leader of the chaotic 99z
• rap focused
• calls himself "try-lingual" bc he speaks three languages (thai, english, korean) but is losing abilities in all three
• disaster on admittedly very long legs
• personality is a mixture of changbin's "dark side" & yeonjun: changbin's "i am dark", then cut to yeonjun screaming "babam bABAM!" in that one vlive and ruining his voice, found it

jaelephant is typing...
but i didn't say no homo
NAME: nam jaehyun, 남재현
STAGE NAME: namhyun, 남현
NUMBER: 30, because... he doesn't even know the reason
FACECLAIM: lee hangyul (i'm in charge of thighs after yohan-)
GROUP: #tarot - main vocal, center (kr) [junki, jaehwan, tba]
UAL ORIENTATION: gay but for a certain person
TALENT TWINS: winner's seungyoon (vocals, dance, rap)
LOVE INTEREST: kim "milo" doyoun, collab with mr. booty, @buttfluff (#namlo, #bigdumbduo)
• nam jaehyun, big dumb
• enfp-t, turbulent campaigner, taurus sun, cancer ascending, slytherclaw, abnegation, airbender
• may 4, 1999 / taurus
• second-in-command of the chaotic 99z
• vocal focused
• big dumb, once tried to heat up a peeled hard-boiled egg by putting it in the microwave dumb
• former nhm media trainee, finalist on mixnine, 3rd place but debut got cancelled
• left nhm shortly afterwards and was scouted by sm
• adopted as a child by a social worker

tenminutesyounger is typing...
don't look at me, i'm the twin with the common sense
NAME: song minju, 송민주
STAGE NAME: minju, 민주
NUMBER: 89, representing august 9th, both her and mingi's birthday
FACECLAIM: jo haseul (jAGIYA-)
GROUP: #sns // sweetz - lead choreographer, main dance, sub-vocal [sana, chaeryeong, tba]
UAL ORIENTATION: bi queen, might even be pan, not her fault everyone is beautiful
TALENT TWINS: chungha (vocal, dance)
LOVE INTEREST: jung yunho, ateez (#yunju, #theteddybears)
• song minju, an entire teddy bear
• esfj-t, turbulent consul, leo sun, ravenclaw, abnegation, earthbender
• august 9, 1999 / leo
• twin sister of none other than song mingi (mingi: fix on!)
• she's the younger one by 10 mins and mingi always rubs it in her face
• dance and vocal focused
• former yuehua trainee, supposed to debut with everglow
• left yuehua on good terms, no hard feelings
• but after sns debuts, some antis figure out that minju was supposed to debut in everglow and chaos ensues, making up all kinds of about who replaced minju, going as far as saying yena will be replacing minju
• but sike, minju is best friends with yena and the rest of everglow-
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