Back from the dead... and actually writing again.

Hi everyone,

It's been so many years and here I am, back again. So many things have changed. I started in AFF when I was in my first year of middle school, and now I've graduated from college and am actually working my first big girl job.

I realized though, after a really long, extended hiatus, how much I missed writing. For the creativity, the fun, the community. And I realize that while my writing has changed, deep inside I still love it immensely. 

So, I've decided to come back. Be warned, I tend to write exclusively with actors and actresses now because I tend to write on the more mature side. But hey, it's a new foray.

I've really missed you all - please reach out to me via comment/DM/wall-post, would really love to reconnect. Sorry I've been gone for so long.


And also...

I've actually started writing something new (and intend to update VERY often, because I now have a goal of putting up one chapter a week).

Alright, without any further ado:


Ships passing in the night -

Happy reading!


Please say hi to me though, even if you decide not to read. Really do miss everyone here.




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