Hello everyone!

I've been away for a few years now and finally made it back here. I've also been less into Kpop quite for a while now.

The reason is, all the groups I grew up with are disbanding or inactive (due to military service etc.), or someone dies... and I can't find me new groups which kinda affect me like the others did before... 

I don't know, maybe I've grown out of it, or maybe I feel odd in the new fandoms.

Well, anyway, I'm going to continue "From Dragons to Unicorns" in a few days from now, so please keep an eye on it and check it out! ^w^

If there is anything I missed out, please let me know!

PS: can't wait for GD's comeback!!!

~stay healthy, wear your masks and be safe~

Until then, 

~The BlackBlooded~

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