On reading your own story

So I recently returned to the world of AFF. I haven't been here for the last three years. That being said, I decided to finish writing a few chapters that I started. During that process, I forgot what some of my stories were even about, which is crazy because I wrote them. However, when I figured it out, it dawned on me that I was a pretty good writer. I'm not sure I could say good enough to release a book. But I'm older now so we shall see. 

My main point was to wonder if anyone else goes through their old stories and read them. It's a weird experience for me sometimes. It's like I know how the plot goes but at the same time, it feels like I've never read the story before. Which is how I feel with my very first story, Noir. It's a rollercoaster of emotion but also I wonder why I could never just write simple fanfic. 

All my plotlines had to be 'the couple never worked out,' or 'the MC has a horrible experience and the love interest does nothing about it,' or in the case of my other story, Jingle, it's 'fans can be scary and try to harm celebrities.' 




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I do lol
But in my case I wrote some of my stories when I was young (in middle school), and let me tell you the cringe I felt when reading them. It was just soo.....I don't even know how to explain my thoughts on them xD
I literally had to go through some of them and edit it and change up some things so it wasn't so illogical

Like I'm definitely a better writer now. I improved so much and am really good at writing in regards to research and academic writing (uni did me well xD), which in turn made me better in creative writing
I re-read some of my stories, those that I'm proud of, kinda often, I guess. Not much the older ones, though I've re-read those as well. Each time, I find both cringy moments that I've gotten over (either (sub-)plots or general grammar/word mistakes, etc) but also phrases, ideas, etc. that I'm really proud of and sometimes wonder how past-me came up with them
I love reading my own stories. I actually really love the ideas and always gets a little surprised I managed to write it like that lol. Sometimes I cringe and find typos and bad English because I was in a hurry. Sometimes I go back and edit even if it’s years ago, just so I won’t be annoyed with the same mistake next time I read the story. Idk, I really love my own stories so I don’t feel awkward re-reading them.
I do go back and read my stories because I kinda selfishly wrote the stories that I would want to read, it’s just a bonus to post them here. I have mine all in google docs so when I want to read a story of mine I just open the app and go at it. I think reading your own stories is great because sometimes when I’ve written ahead o get to read that part when no one else can, it’s like a fun secret until I post it.