Alright...uh, so it has been a while since I have been editing, and I really need some time to practice. So here I am, back at it again to try making something. I have been editing on and off since 2015, and it has been rough for me this year actually to practice my editing skills. For everyone information, I have no background knowledge in graphic designing nor do my major in college relates to them. I am just doing this for fun, and I do enjoy making them. While I do see improvements to my editing skills compared to my very first graphic, I feel like I am getting rusty (or out of practice)

So...where am I going with this??

Well, I am opening a graphic shop (again) YAYY!! I know there is a lot of graphic shops out there with many talented people making amazing graphics, but I would appreciate it if you guys give me a chance in making a graphic for your stories.

The shop will be operating in small batches. I will only be accepting five(5) requests per batch. For now, you can only request once per batch. I will open the shop as soon as I have done making the request stay tuned.

Like I have mentioned above, I am out of practice, so I really have to go back to basic. My strength is minimalist and typography. As for my weaknesses, I have a lot improve... I am bad at horror-themed, animated (gif), cute/fluff (I think-)

Here are some of my works:

Yeah, that's were some of my works for the past two ((?) I can't recall) years. I will open the shop soon, so do visit SEMICOLON GRAPHIC STUDIO once it open if you guys are interested. Thank you for your time, reading this. 
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