December Plans

I have completed NaNoWriMo for the year and let me just say...I am tired. It was fun and I enjoyed the story I have started and will work on for the next two years, but I am exhausted! 

So now, what will happen in December? What am I planning? Well, I have my MarkSon Christmas oneshot I am working on. This will be my sixth year continuing this story of them! Woah! I did not think I had done an annual Christmas story for that many years already. But yeah, that will be my December project. 

After November, I do not want to rush myself back into my other works along with the Christmas oneshot. I would like for December to be a relaxing writing month and a bounce back period so I do not burn myself out. 

So yes, December will be another month when I am not very active, unless I finish my Christmas oneshot early and then want to slowly work on something else. 

I plan to come back to my main story come 2021 so do not worry! I cannot wait to get back to my normal posting schedule...I have missed it. 

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