Conducts Of A Reader.

I will discuss about two issues/questions here. 


1. Why you shouldn't advice a writer?

I've been wanting to talk about these topic for a LONG time, but couldn't do due to being busy. 

Firstly, I would like to make it clear that it's based on my experience as a writer, there certainly might be people/writers who would possess different opinion than me. So, don't take it as a standard for all the writers out there. 

So, the issue is simple. It's about readers giving out their advice to writers about the next chapter or plot. Something like:

"Make this character do that!"

"I'm not satisfied with this, do it that way"

"(Please) Add more fluff/romance/anything in the next chapter!"

"(Please) Write a longer chapter!" 

"(Please) Add this scene in the future chapter!"

"I think you should do that!"

"(please) Do that!"


 These are the most common examples I can come up with at this moment. So I will try to explain y'all how it works when you are the one writing a story.

Most of the time, the writer has a plot drafted in their brains, it might not be detailed, but it still has a flow. And sometimes such advice can disrupt the flow of the plot they've been thinking, since they might feel- 'Am I doing it wrong?' 'Is it not going in a good way like I have assumed it to be?' 'Will the readers not like if I continue with my original plan?' 'Should I change the plot/plan in the upcoming chapter?' - such confusion. 

And such confusion actually undoubtedly leads them to garner insecurities about their plans and characters. And in extreme cases, writers may start getting the 'Writer's block' due to this. 

In easy words, it's kind of demotivating


Now, some may think that readers are free to provide any kind of opinion regarding the story and I am just overreacting here. And some of us might be doing it unconsciously or without any motive to demotivate the author, some of us might be just attached to the story and think about giving our own thoughts for the betterment of the plot.   

But, at the end of the day, the writer is the one who will write the story, and I believe it is really important for them to not let their flow of plans getting disrupted by anything. You might be doing it without giving it much thoughts, but it might leave a great impact on the writer's flow of plot OR on their confidence on writing or their creativity. 


However, there are writers who sometimes ask the readers for their advice on the upcoming plot, because they solely want to write what readers want or they might want to get more ideas from different individuals. In this case, YOU ARE DEFINITELY FREE TO GIVE YOUR ADVICE- since the writer has personally asked for it.


Now, I will talk from a reader's perspective, or mostly what cautions I maintain before leaving my opinion/comment on a fic. I have always been careful about the commenting anything, since I know reader's comment can impact the writer in many ways. 

So I mostly talk about the updated chapter, or the development from the beginning till the recent chapters (tbh this is what I look in the comments of my own stories, to basically know what the readers are feeling about this chapter I have just updated, or the improvement in the relationship of various characters, or some special scenes I have included, so I think other writers here also want something like this? Instead of getting seemingly intellectual advice from others!). 

The most I say about upcoming chapters is, "Would love to see how their relationship will develop!" "This incident MIGHT lead to that" "Hope they will be able to solve this issue" - I limit myself to only guessing, instead of directly telling them what they SHOULD do. 

It's okay to guess and ask any questions if you're curious or confused about something. EVERYTHING is actually okay if you're just cautious about few things- like not to downright start giving expert advice, or demand things, or directly/indirectly trying to nitpick faults that might lead the writer to feel disrespected+demotivated.  




2. Why you shouldn't demand for updates?



This is another crucial topic I've been wanting to talk about for a long time. And I have seen many writers facing this issue. 

We as a reader, should remember that writers here in this site, mostly aren't any professional writers. That means, they're either students, or job holders. And even if they don't do anything, just sit around at their home, THEY STILL HAVE A LIFE outside this site and outside writing. 

I know when we like a story, we tend to become less patient for the updates. It's natural. It's not our faults.

But what is faulty, is if we start to pester about updates.  

"Please update soon!/Update soon! I am waiting for the next update/ When will you update?/Hope you update soon!" 

Some might think it would make the authors happy. But in most of the cases, these are actually the MOST ANNOYING comments to a writer. (Especially if you leave such comments when they have just updated a new chapter!!!). And you mostly don't know them personally, you don't know the struggles they are facing in their personal life. 

So, if you leave comments like this, it sometimes appear as if you are feeling entitled to the updates, which seems quite disrespectful from your side. And it makes you look ungrateful in a way. 

You might've said it with a good and encouraging motive, but word-play is more intense for the writers because they are always playing with words. So some words come out with a negative vibe rather than sounding positive.  

I think the most we can do is, "Patiently waiting for the next chapter/ Can't wait for the next chapter but take your time!"




I hope I've explained them clearly from both writer's and reader's perspective. And if I might add, it's not only the way you think you should treat a writer. It's actually kind of like a life lesson, that every coin has two sides. You should consider other's perspective along with yours in every situation, it will help you understand things more accurately. 

Thank you for reading, hope everyone will try to understand it, instead of getting hurt or annoyed! :)

Have a nice day!❤



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