Evolution in Graphics - Major Cringe

I was browsing through AFF, seeing if any of my old accounts left any traces and I came across one where I entered into a graphics contest and goodness - why did I do myself like that?

The first one was of my earlier works from 2015 and I was so confident that it looked good. Now looking back at it, it's so UGLY OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING AHH, I had to laugh for a bit. The one next to it is one that I made most recently (today) out of boredom, which in comparison is better than the first. It's just funny to me, seeing how much my style and skills have improved and changed XD

I can't even remember exactly how long I've done graphics (5+ years?? on and off). But seeing how much things has changed, this really serves as a hard reminder to me that these type of skills take practice and time. I'm quite hard on myself when doing something new as I always think I should do well the first time or else I give up entirely (which is NOT a good mindset) but as I'm getting older, I've been easy on myself more, so that bad mindset will fade away in some time hopefully. 

I guess my evolution can be resonate with those who's discouraged of their graphics being not the best quality or not like the aces of graphics here. It's okay, a lot of learning and practice goes a long way. ^^

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