8 (eight facts about me)

8 Facts About Me (tagged by Queenmoona)


So, I've been tagged by a friend, so I'm doing this one haha. No really, I has fun reading the 8 facts about me, and I told myself, why not try, right?


Okay, so here goes...



1. I'm a coffee trash.
does that even make sense? hahahah. Anyways, I can't last a day without drinking coffee so if you're looking for a coffee buddy, I'm free hahaha. 



2. I'm low key dreaming of becoming a KPOP idol. XD
Like what the hell, right? hahhahaha. But really, at one point in my life (actually I still do) I dreamt of making songs and being able to sing it on stage but I'm never that confident. I joined the chorale group in our uni before but then the amount of attention for the members were never equal so it didn't last long with the other members deciding to leave T.T.

So, I'm now onto better things hahaha. Like, dreaming to be able to make my own song, and have my favorite groups sing it. >.<

Don't mind me, really. I'm just being crazy again.



3. I used to write to relieve mental stress.
Not sure about this myself (still not want to believe it) but I went into a mild depression.  Some already knew about this, and I've read at the net that I can write down my thoughts and so I tried it. That's how it brought me here ^^



4. I'm naive and deep all at the same time.
My biggest charm (i think) for me is my ability to empathize to people around me. However, my creates weakness is my naivety T.T. I was told a lot that because to emphasize a lot, people tend to abuse me. 

I dont mind it though, and like it that way. Because I wouldn't be me, if I wasn't the two, so yeah.



5. I've never been to fansigns and concerts.
I'm always low on budget so yeah. ha hahahha
I really really want to go to the concerts but I'm always short so it's a no-no, hahhaha.



6. I don't have an ideal type but I really really like Park Seonghwa (-/////-)
I believed I made it clear that I'm not into relationships and such but that doesn't mean I can't like persons. I'm still human, you guys hahahah. 



7. Boyfriend was the group to lure me into the KPOP world.
I was on 7th grade that time. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of 2ne1 before during elementary days, but that wasn't enough to make me stan almost all the groups I came across with, I only like 2ne1 and KDRAMAS and animes at that time. 



8. I love babies
I'm not even kidding hahaha. I'm watching YouTube videos of babies XD. I also love watching Return of Superman and Hello Baby (before). It's because of the way they smile and laugh and everything about them I guess, hahaha. That's also one of the reasons why I live reading parenthood concept in fics. 

Speaking of, can you guys recommend some for me? I prefer one character to be OC btw.


Is this good enough? I hope so. I don't know who to tag but you can make yours right now. 

Yes, you. You who's reading this! Let me know eight facts about you. ^.^



hahhahaha XD 

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