[AD] Serendipity


Characters: Lu Haeun (OC), Junmyeon, and rest of EXO
Genres: Romance, Royalty AU, Medieval AU, Imperial AU, Arranged Marriage
Story Link: https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1447760/serendipity

He was hers, there was no questioning that. After all she was his serendipity. It just took her a while to understand.
Lu Haeun had a normal life. Well, as normal as it could be as she was the daughter of the Duke Lu Wei and the sister of the General of the royal army, Luhan. However her life changed after a fateful encounter with the kingdom's beloved Crown Prince Suho. When she is told by the Emperor that he would like to wed her to the Crown Prince, she is scared, but unfortunately cannot say no. However, when war, politics, greed and their pasts threaten to break the two apart, she finally understands that her and Junmyeon were always meant to be.

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