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Hello! I'm Kris ( ̄ω ̄)/

I feel like I don’t have enough friends on here to do this, but Kai (Natsukio) is just the sweetest for tagging me in this and IT SEEMED FUN. So, yeah hehe. I hope people actually read this hehe.

1- I used to live in the Philippines until I was 8 years old (i think) and then I moved to Canada with my mom & I was finally reunited with my dad after 6 years :’< The very first memory I can remember was my dad saying bye to my mom and I before he left for the airport and him telling us he DID NOT want us to come and it makes me sad thinking about it :( I must’ve been so so so depressed that I still remember everything so vividly.

2- Throughout my entire life, I’ve only ever went to Catholic schools, and I’ve transferred schools 6 different times. I actually started going to school when I was 2 years old and I went to a school that was run by nuns! And I went to an all-girls private school until I moved to Canada (there were also lots of nuns there living in one part of the campus). Looking back at it now, uality wasn’t even a big deal there, considering Philippines is such a conservative, religious country AND I went to a Catholic school lmao. Maybe it was because we were so young that we didn’t really understand and we just liked who we liked. Or maybe we just never actually interacted with boys before. I don’t know and I don’t keep in contact with any of my friends from that school anymore :( and 10000% that would not be allowed there today :(

3- I have a cute little puppy! His name is Pluto and he is actually the love of my life!!! I love him a lot and the amount of money I’ve spent on him and his vet expenses. Holy . But, I don’t care I’d be willing to be broke just for him to be okay. 

4- I’m majoring in criminology. I had a choice to do forensic science or criminology, but in two different universities. My head was telling me to pick FS, but ultimately I chose what my heart was trying to tell me. I didn’t want to regret my choice, and I just know I’ll be happier taking crim in this amazing campus. OH! And for my future career, I either will go to Teacher’s College and become a high school teacher or continue my studies in uni and become a forensic psychologist. My problem is that… I will have to go to school for years and years to become a forensic psychologist. I don’t know, I just keep telling myself that I have time to think lol.

5- My ult group is actually NCT/WayV. I love love love love love love them. They’re just really amazing and talented and just sweethearts. It’s really hard not to fall in love with them because they’re such cuties!! Also, their songs SLAPPPPPP.

If you’re willing to give them a try, these are my CURRENT favourites (I like all of them honestly but this is what I give for now hehe):

Love Talk - WayV 

(my absolute favourite right now)


BOOM - NCT 127


Drippin’ - NCT DREAM


King of Hearts - WayV


Sit Down! - NCT 127


PLEASE I HAVE SO MUCH MORE!!! But, I don’t want to overwhelm hehe

6- I used to do all kinds of things when I was younger like singing, swimming, piano, ballet, hiphop, guitar, violin, drums. BUT, ever since I moved to Canada I stopped doing all of that :(. It got way way too expensive to continue doing all that here. Now, I only sing and play the guitar!

7- I can fluently speak Tagalog, English and French-Canadian. I can understand Korean and a little bit of Japanese. My mom is Canton, so kind of that too.

8- I’ve been a fan of EXO for a really really really long time. I was literally a fetus stanning them when I was like 10/11. My first ever heartbreak was hearing the news when Kris left. I was crying for weeks and then Luhan left, who was my bias at the time. I was so sad and especially when they won an award for Overdose and Suho was the only one on stage because the other members were too upset at Kris’ departure. LEMME CRY.

But, it’s all amazing now. All of them are really successful in their own ways and they all look very much happy and that’s all I wanted!!

This became long out of nowhere lmfao. But, if you’ve read until the end— THANK YOUUUU. I don’t really have a lot of friends on here, so I don’t know who to tag hehe. So, if you see this and would like to do it PLEASE DOOO. I would like to know more about you <3!

ALSO PLS, recommend me more exo reverseharem fics or reverseharem in general. I’m obsessed and I CANNOT get enough of it LOL.

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